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In wake of stabbing attacks, Bibi says protesters 'can go to Palestine'

In second stabbing attack in one day, a young woman is killed, others injured in a West Bank settlement bloc. Attacks come amid police shooting of Palestinian citizen of Israel, deadly vehicular attacks and protests in Jerusalem.

Individual Palestinians carried out two separate stabbing attacks against Israelis on Monday. In the first attack, an 18-year-old from Nablus allegedly stabbed an Israeli soldier outside a south Tel Aviv train station. In the second attack, a Palestinian man reportedly stabbed three Israelis, killing a 25-year-old woman, in the Gush Etzion settlement block outside of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.

Following the first attack, which is the fourth such lone-wolf-type attack in recent weeks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the wave of violence and related protests among Palestinian citizens of Israel with an unusually blunt message denying the right to demonstrate.

ZAKA volunteers collect blood from the spot where an Israeli soldier was stabbed Monday outside a Tel Aviv train station. (Photo by Yotam Ronen/Activestills.org)

ZAKA volunteers collect blood from the spot where an Israeli soldier was stabbed Monday outside a Tel Aviv train station. (Photo by Yotam Ronen/Activestills.org)

“We will fight against the incitement being lead by the Palestinian Authority, we will act decisively against the rioters who are calling for the destruction of the State of Israel. To all those who demonstrate against Israel and in favor of a Palestinian state, I say something simple: I invite you to move there; we won’t give you any problem,” the prime minister was quoted as saying.

In a statement over the weekend Netanyahu stated his intention to try and revoke the citizenship of demonstrators who call for the destruction of Israel.

In recent weeks, two separate vehicular attacks left four Israelis dead in Jerusalem. Following the second attack, in which the attacker was shot dead at the scene, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich effectively gave a green light for security forces to kill suspected perpetrators of such attacks. Two days later, Israeli police killed a young Palestinian citizen of Israel who had attacked their vehicle; in CCTV footage he can be seen fleeing when he is shot. That incident led to widespread protests and a general strike.

Updates will be added here as they come in.

10:00 p.m.:
The soldier who was stabbed in Tel Aviv succumbed to his wounds.

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    1. Bruce Gould

      Newsflash – yesterday, June 16, 1976,

      At least 12 people are reported to have been killed in a series of violent clashes between black demonstrators and police in several South African townships.
      Angry youths threw stones and beer bottles at police, as a protest against the compulsory use of Afrikaans as the main teaching language in black schools turned violent.

      The violence spread from one end of the city to the other, with fires in Soweto reaching Alexandra, a township in the northern outskirts close to some of the rich white suburbs.


      Reply to Comment
      • sh


        Reply to Comment
      • Richard

        “[…]as a protest against the compulsory use of Afrikaans as the main teaching language in black schools turned violent.” Yeah, down with compulsory Hebrew as the main language in Arab schools…oh wait the foundation for this analogy is baseless, nevermind.

        Reply to Comment
        • Yeah, right

          Richard: “oh wait the foundation for this analogy is baseless”


          Richard doesn’t appear to understand the meaning of the word “analogy”

          Here, let me explain it to you: if you oppress someone then they will eventually explode into violence, and the spark that finally ignites that violence can rarely be predicted in advance.

          The Afrikaaner govt would never have imagined that something as esoteric as “what language is to be used in the classroom” would be the spark, when So Many Other Indignities were accepted meekly.

          Likewise, this lamentable Israeli govt has been piling humiliation, dispossession and degradation upon the Arabs of East Jerusalem for years, and they have accepted it meekly.

          No longer.

          But who would have predicted that this would happen over something as esoteric as “Jews elbowing their way onto the Temple Mount like they owned the joint”.

          Richard, matey, you wouldn’t know an analogy if it walked up to you and planted a big wet kiss on your noggin’.

          Nor if it said “Hi, remember me?” before kneeing you in the goolies.

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    2. Joel

      Innocent Jews are being knifed to death, and you reserve your criticism for Bibi.

      Why not blame the victims while your at it?

      Reply to Comment
      • It’s because of netanyahu and GOI policy there are deaths of innocent Palestinians and Jews. Why not see the obvious while you’re at it. Israel is the titanic and netanyahu can’t see the iceberg dead ahead because his crew, Bennett, Feiglin, et al, are telling him “more steam, more steam!”

        Reply to Comment
        • Hold up. Israel is the titanic and netanyahu sees the iceberg dead ahead and his faithful crew, Bennett, Feiglin, et al, are telling him “ram that SOB, more steam, more steam!”

          Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            It is good to see that you have internalized that name “manic”! It is the mark of Cain on your forehead and will follow your psychotic self wherever you go (and your numerous comments already provide a proof of that).

            Reply to Comment
          • Hey Bitch!

            Reply to Comment
          • Brian

            Odd isn’t it? The sudden absence then the snarling reappearance. Psychiatric hospitalization?

            Reply to Comment
      • Nick Panagopoulos

        Bibi and the current government have brought this on their own people. If you look at Netanyahu’s action of the last five or six years, there are platitudes for peace: Netanyahu makes demands of the PA and when the PA agree to them, Bibi adds on more. Settlements continue to be built, right after the PA agrees to Netanyahu’s conditions yet to restart peace talks, Netanyahu’s position is negotiations without ( PA ) pre-conditions ! It is a Catch-22 for the PA and then more settlements are built housing right wingers who harass their Palestinian neighbours and protected by the IDF. While I sympathize with the victims on both sides, it comes as no surprise to me that violence by Palestinians is increasing. Don’t be surprised if there is another intifada and if it comes to pass, Bibi will blame the PA but the fact is Bibi’s government policies and bad faith will be the direct cause of current and future violence

        Reply to Comment
      • Danny

        Netanyahu is not the victim. He is directly responsible for this situation. In a normal country he would be deposed of his powers.

        In a normal country.

        Reply to Comment
      • CigarButNoNice

        @Joel: “Innocent Jews are being knifed to death,… Why not blame the victims while your at it?”

        New here, are you? I’ll explain the way it ticks with the anti-Zionist scum:

        There are no innocent Jews in the Land of Israel, except those who have renounced Jewish national rights in favor of the Arab narrative; and Jewish inhabitants of the Land of Israel injured or killed by the Arabs are not victims but aggressors who’ve gotten their comeuppance by the “resisting natives.”

        Don’t try to appeal to the anti-Zionists to common human values, Joel, for those are only demanded of the Zionists, and to be set aside by the anti-Zionists themselves for the Manichean struggle between “evil Zionist invaders” and “good Palestinian natives.”

        Just as the Arab colonists’ physical war against the Jews fulfilling their national rights in the Land of Israel is total, so too is the Leftist’s propaganda war against Zionism total. Do not expect sympathy, understanding, “contextual lightening circumstances” or the slightest forbearance from the anti-Zionists; it’s their way—confessing Zionism to be a sin and asking for clemency—or the highway.

        And the reaction they deserve by any Zionist Jew who can see is nothing less than an opposite and equal one.

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    3. Netanyahu has the blood of thousands of palestinians and jews on his hands. When a country is in crisis, a moral leader would dial down the rhetoric, demand calm and lead by example, and never tolerate vigilantism/revenge killings. Netanyahu clearly is not nor has he ever been the person for this job.

      Reply to Comment
      • Brian


        Netanyahu’s escalating rhetoric is a sign he’s losing it

        The prime minister is helpless in the face of the terror wave, the riots in Jerusalem and the impending deal between Iran and the West. All that’s left for him to do is issue press statements.

        Barak Ravid:

        …But the prize for extremist aggression goes to the Internet commenter from the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem, one Benjamin Netanyahu.

        It began Saturday night, when the first task Netanyahu gave new Interior Minister Gilad Erdan was to look into stripping the citizenship of Arab Israelis who acted “against the state” or assaulted policemen. Then, at Sunday’s cabinet meeting, he attacked the Israeli left when he told Environment Minister Amir Peretz, “For you guys, if you haven’t evacuated [settlements], you haven’t done anything,” and “For you guys, the only initiative is to jump off a cliff and capitulate.”

        But the climax came during Monday’s Likud faction meeting, when Netanyahu said that any Israeli, Jewish or Arab, who “demonstrates in favor of a Palestinian state [in Israel’s place] or calls for Israel’s eradication” should go live in the Palestinian Authority or Gaza Strip. Suddenly the statement by his patron Sheldon Adelson, founder of the Netanyahu mouthpiece Israel Hayom, that it wouldn’t be so terrible if Israel weren’t a democracy, sounded more relevant and frightening than ever.

        Netanyahu’s growing extremism illustrates above all that elections are approaching. The prime minister is watching his one electoral asset – his image as someone who knows how to fight terror and deliver quiet – go down the drain. And he understands that in the battle against Lieberman and Bennett for leadership of the right, if you haven’t spoken aggressively, you haven’t done anything.

        But politics aside, Netanyahu looks like someone who is genuinely losing it. On one hand, there’s the wave of terror attacks and the worsening security situation in the West Bank; on the other, there’s a genuine intifada in Jerusalem; on the third, there’s growing international isolation; on the fourth, there’s the impending deal between Iran and the West. Netanyahu has no answer for any of these, nor is there anyone he can blame. So all that’s left for him to do is issue press statements.

        In recent weeks, Netanyahu’s conduct has increasingly recalled that of his mentor, former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir. Like Shamir, Netanyahu champions the status quo. Like Shamir, he’s been beset by a serious crisis with Washington and a wave of stabbing attacks. And, also like Shamir, he’s liable to find himself out of a job after the next election.

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