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In the Bizarre US debate, head of Mossad, IDF chief, would have been "anti-Israeli"

Former head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, has called this week for the Israeli leadership to accept the Arab peace initiative. He has also ruled out an attack on Iran. According to almost every news source in Israel—from centrist Yedioth to Haaretz—Former head of Mossad coordinated his messages with former Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazy and former head of Shabak, Yuval Diskin. All three are concerned from Netanyahu’s poor judgment.

It is important to note that Dagan is (or was?) a member of the Israeli right – his first dip in politics was as a leader of a public movement objecting a withdrawal from the Golan Hights.

However, in the strange US debate on Israel, all three security officials would have been deemed anti-Israeli. Andrew Sullivan nails on his Daily Beast blog:

So, Mr Romney, has the former head of the Mossad just thrown Israel under the bus? And Mr Bret Stephens, is Dagan an “anti-Israel” head of the Mossad? Or was the hysteria of the last month entirely manufactured to prevent an Obama second term and buoy Netanyahu’s support at home? There is no strategy for Israel in the AIPAC mindset. Just knee-jerk defensiveness and a major role in leading Israel to self-destruction.

(One thing Sillivan might have gotten wrong in his post: when Dagan speaks of the Saudi plan, I believe he is talking about 67′ borders with land-swaps, but in a 1:1 ratio.)

Check out also the Emergency Committee for Israel’s flip-flopping on Netanyahu’s speech – serving as another prove that when a Republican says “pro-Israeli”, he actually means “pro-Likud”, “pro-settlements” & “pro-occupation”

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    1. max

      Noam, you claim that the Republicans would view Dagan’s statements as ant-Israeli, and as a proof you show that Andrew Sullivan claims the same… care to provide the rationale instead of replicating the claim?
      As a side note, Dagan referred to (not accepted…) the Saudi plan, not the Arab plan: they’re different.

      Reply to Comment
    2. @Max: no shortage of quotes from Republicans against 67 borders. Sullivan mentioned some, and as for the rest, you can google it.

      Reply to Comment
    3. max

      With all due respect, Noam, you’re dodging my question: where’s your proof (and I honestly don’t know that there isn’t any) that the Republicans would deem Dagan’s statements as anti-Israeli?

      Reply to Comment
    4. max

      Noam, thanks. Now I understand that in your opinion Dagan’s talk is similar to Obama’s.
      So we have fundamental different understanding of either Dagan’s or Obama’s texts

      Reply to Comment
    5. abban aziz

      At what point did Dagan become anti-Israel?

      Sullivan is not a reliable source when it comes to Middle East politics. Since his departure from the Atlantic things have gotten a bit better there definitely.

      Considering the performance of the Mossad in recent years, it makes sense a troll like Dagan ran things. Reckless assassinations in Lebanon, dubious bombings of Syria – and suggesting Israel accept the “Saudi peace plan” which everyone in the real world knew was a publicity stunt to distract from Saudi Arabia’s complicity in 9/11.

      Funny thing is – bombing Iran is pretty much a demand by most of the Arab nations with the exception of Syria. Remember all the wikileaks of Arab Muslim kings crying to Obama about bombing Iran and letting Israel bomb Iran?


      Reply to Comment