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IMAGE: Lapid and Bennett in an illegal West Bank outpost

The two winners of last week’s Israeli elections, Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, are seen in this picture on a tour of the West Bank, which Bennett, as head of the Yesha Council (the settlers’ political organization), took then journalist Lapid. The picture, which was posted on Twitter by Channel 10’s West Bank reporter, Roy Sharon, was taken in 2010 at the illegal outpost of Kida. Also seen in the picture is local Kida resident Yair Hirsh.

Yair Lapid (second from the left) and Naftali Bennett (to his left) at the West Bank outpost Kida (photo: Roy Sharon)

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    1. XYZ

      I am glad to see that Lapid, after expressing hostility to the Judea/Samaria settlement movement in the past, is learning about how important it really is and how it is vital to strengthen Jewish settlement there if there is ever going to be peace. That is because a Jewish willingness to remove settlements broadcasts a message of weakness, making extremists feel that “if they are going to give up Kida today, they will give up Tel Aviv tomorrow”.

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    2. aristeides

      If that’s what it takes.

      Reply to Comment
    3. rsgengland

      The West Bank is ‘disputed land’.
      Legally the West Bank/Judea and Samaria were part of ‘THE BRITISH MANDATE OF PALESTINE’.
      After 1948/9 ‘JORDAN ANNEXED THE WEST BANK’.
      After 1967 Israel controlled the West Bank.
      Jordan formally announced that it no longer had any interest in the West Bank.
      That left Israel in de facto control of the West Bank until Oslo.
      The West Bank is disputed territory,
      as it has belonged to whoever has controlled it since its last ‘INDEPENDENCE’ as a Jewish State nearly 2000 years ago.

      Reply to Comment
      • aristeides

        If the West Bank is disputed territory, so is the land now called “Israel.” It may belong at the moment to the Israelis, but that may well change again soon.

        Also, there was no independent Jewish state 2000 years ago. There was only some form of independent Jewish state intermittently, between conquests, for a couple of hundred years in all its history. A crumbly foundation.

        Reply to Comment
        • Dan

          Couple of hundreds of years is still hundreeds of years more then there was a Palestine”.

          A “crumbly foundation” is better then no foundation at all.

          Reply to Comment
          • aristeides

            Too bad the descendants of the original Jewish kingdoms are now being expelled by foreign conquerers.

            Reply to Comment
      • Rauna

        It belongs to the indigenous people of that land ie The Arabs.

        4000 years ago Europe/America probably inhabited by many tribes and that don’t give these tribes the right to claim that Europe/America belongs to them just because their ancestors lived there once. What make you jews so special?

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