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I'm Israeli, and I want to be blacklisted for boycotting settlement products

I don’t know what sanctions the Israeli government can impose on me for boycotting products made in the settlements, but I’ll accept them proudly.

By Eitan Kalinski

Jewish settlers clean the newly harvested grapes at a winery in the West Bank settlement of Gush Etzion, September 8, 2014. (Gershon Elinson/Flash90)

Jewish settlers clean the newly harvested grapes at a winery in the West Bank settlement of Gush Etzion, September 8, 2014. (Gershon Elinson/Flash90)

Israel’s Minister for Strategic Affairs, Gilad Erdan, this week recommended to Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon that a special committee be set up to put together a blacklist of companies, organizations and individuals that call for a boycott of products made in West Bank settlements.

I, the undersigned, am not a limited company nor an organization; I am a private individual who has personally undertaken not to buy products from the settlements.

It’s written in the draft regulations sent by Erdan to Kahlon that sanctions will be placed on anyone who commits not to buy products and services from “areas under Israeli control.” It would be my honor to make the list: in my opinion, it’s a respectable whitelist of citizens who recognize the right of the Palestinian people to establish a state of their own alongside the State of Israel.

I don’t know which sanctions you could place on me, a citizen who is on the threshold of his ninth decade. But I guarantee you I will proudly accept any sanction that the Treasury decides to impose on me, because I am determined to continue not buying products made in the settlements.

Eitan Kalinski is a retired Bible teacher. This article was originally published in Hebrew on Local Call. Read it here.

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    1. carmen

      KOL H’KVOD Mr. Kalinski – that’s been my practice for years.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Itshak Gordin Halevy

      I purchase mainly products coming from Judea-Samaria because I am a proud Jewish patriot. At a meeting in Tel-Aviv we cancelled a dinner in a restaurant because they did not have wines from Judea-Samaria. With several friends we have begun to boycott French goods. Real Jewish and real friends of the State of Israel have to act that way.

      Reply to Comment
      • Tommy Goldberg

        “we have begun to boycott French goods”

        Would I be correct in assuming that you support people’s right to boycott products from Israel and/or “Judea-Samaria” as an equally valid form of expression?

        Reply to Comment
    3. i_like_ike52

      Which settlements are you planning to boycott, those post-1967 like Beit El and Kiryat Arab, or post-1948 like Yafo or Beersheva, or post-1917 like Tel Aviv? The Arabs no distinction between them, so how can you?

      Reply to Comment
      • Yael Petretti

        I’m also an Israeli and am with you, Eitan Kalinsky. It is our right and our moral duty to speak up against the very UN-Jewish behavior of the State of Israel in regard to the Palestinians. I will not give my hand to the stealing of Palestinian land.

        Reply to Comment
    4. R5

      State should and I hope will exempt all Israelis, to deny you the opportunity of acting as useful idiots.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Ben

      Erdan’s bill: Absolutely flagrant denial of free speech and liberty, a totalitarian measure.

      “But trust us, we are the only people on earth who know how to properly run an ethno-theo-demo-cratic state, a unique form of government god has entrusted us with. We are different from other humans. Thomas Jefferson didn’t really know what he was talking about, had scant understanding of human nature. Meanwhile, you will buy products and you will like it. Big brother is watching you.”

      Reply to Comment
      • R5

        totalitarian – big word. Might want to look those up before making a fool of yourself using them incorrectly.

        Reply to Comment
        • Ben

          You’re very fond of dictionaries but thanks, but I don’t need to look it up. I’m using the word correctly. Here’s your homework assignment. Look up “categorical” versus “dimensional.” Compare and contrast. A government in my view is not simply categorically totalitarian or not. Totalitarian measures seep in gradually, and these measures vary on a continuous dimension of severity. These steadily ramping Israeli practices (just check out the article on the surprisingly shallow ideologue, Asa Kasher, the newly appointed “ethics” commissar–wow) will not just someday miraculously become totalitarian when they cross some magical threshold and reach the zenith of totalitarian excellence exemplified by the Communist China, the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. But anyway we can simply agree on the first part: “flagrant denial of free speech and liberty.”

          Reply to Comment
    6. Barry Meridian

      If Eitan Kalinski doesn’t want to buy goods in the Jews ancestral homeland of Judea and Samaria that’s his problem not mine.

      Reply to Comment
      • Average American

        You know what? My ancestral homeland is Ireland. I’ll bet there are some damned non-Irish businesses there. We need to protect our glorious pure Irish State for Irishmen Only. Don’t you know we suffered so much in the Potato Famine, we had to migrate away, so we should get lots of special treatment for that forever. And you have to buy from our Irish businesses or we’ll cry about it. Fecking ridiculous.

        Reply to Comment
        • AJew

          “I’ll bet there are some damned non-Irish businesses there”

          Really? And they call the Irish people colonialists who need to be kicked out because they don’t belong in the Irish ancestral homeland? Of course not. The Arabs however call the Joooos of Israel colonialists who don’t belong in the Jewish ancestral homeland.

          Hey Average! Hasn’t your mother taught you not to compare apples with oranges when you try to build an analogy? Hasn’t she told you to compare apples to apples only?

          Your lame Irish analogy to the Joooos of Palestine is comparing apples to oranges.

          Reply to Comment
    7. AJew

      “I am Israeli and I want to…”

      Let me finish his sentence properly:

      “…lead with my chin. I want to be an extreme leftist lemming.”

      Oh well. It takes all kinds. We too have our share of fools.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Average American

      I’d like to remove a misconception about these “settlements”. These are not campy frontier outposts where people hunt animals for food and shiver around a fire at night. They are sprawling cities. The “settlement” enterprises are not quaint cowboys selling something out of the back of a covered wagon. They are full blown industries. It’s big business. So the point that brings this back to the article is that these industries need sales, and saying you can’t NOT buy from them funnels sales to them. It’s plain old capitalism packaged to the Israeli people (excuse me, to Jewish people) as some kind of grand symbol, or glorious vindication, or some bull like that. It’s just for the money.

      Reply to Comment
      • AJew

        Yes, Average, 100 million Jooooos live in settlements and soon they will steal you too. Be afraid…. be very afraid…. the eeeeeevil Jooooos are comin’ to gobble you aaaaall up!!!! ?

        Reply to Comment
    9. Itshak Gordin Halevy

      Absolutely not. It is a question of countering a boycott.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Ben

      Halevy: “we have begun to boycott French goods”

      Goldberg: Would I be correct in assuming that you support people’s right to boycott products from Israel and/or “Judea-Samaria” as an equally valid form of expression?

      Halevy: Absolutely not. It is a question of countering a boycott.

      Questions: What entitles Israel to an exemption from consumer boycott as a valid form of expression? Why is it acceptable to boycott French but not Israeli goods? What gives you a right to boycott French goods if you do not accord the same right to others to boycott Israeli goods?

      Reply to Comment
      • Itshak Gordin Halevy

        We are proud Jews and proud Israeli citizens. In my group of friends we really like French luxury products (bags, shoes, perfumes, etc..). However we have taken the decision to boycott France because its authorities agreed to mark Israeli products. We will stop our boycott as soon as France takes its boycott away. Good news: the ambassadress of France has protested. French exports to Israel are more important than Israeli exports to France…

        Reply to Comment
        • Carmen

          I’m a woman who happens to be jewish. WFD. I buy products that aren’t from the settler system and as buy european and american products for most of my needs, which is actually very simple. I rarely eat out because I want to be in control of what goes in my food. On the rare occasion I embibe, Italian wines are delicious and don’t have that awful apartheid after taste. I don’t have plans on stopping until Palestine is free. 🙂

          Reply to Comment
        • Ben

          Halevy are you capable of a straightforward, honest reply? I haven’t seen evidence of it yet.

          Reply to Comment
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