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Ignorance is funny: “Female” Adam Sandler spray-painted

The status of women in Israel is a hot topic these days, what with our former president Moshe Katsav going to jail yesterday for rape, with Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz joking about singing girls in the army, women sitting at the back of the bus, and ads in Jerusalem and other orthodox neighborhoods where women are not shown. The list goes on.

One of Israel’s leading bloggers (and a personal favorite), Ido Kenan, got hold of a funny picture on this last topic. It seems that if you want to take Israel back to  Medieval times, your cognitive skills will also take step backwards, as this photo aptly demonstrates.

(photo: Ofir Bloch)

It’s a picture of an ad for Adam Sandler’s new film, Jack and Jill, taken somewhere in Jerusalem. The talented graffiti artist thought it was best to adhere to his rabbis, and spray painted the face of the woman on the ad.

Little did this ignormaus know, that Sandler plays both the man and the woman in the movie (identical twins).

(photo on right: Ofir Bloch)

Kenan couldn’t have said it better: “Dude, you sprayed a dude!”

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    1. He’s not an ignoramus. He spray-painted a cross-dresser.

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    2. Oh, my bad. I feel much better now, knowing it’s just a cross dresser.

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    3. Henry Weinstein

      Folks, the crucial question is:
      Imagine the same film poster with an actress instead of an actor, which picture would be spray-painted according to you if you were the spray-painter?
      Logically both pictures to my opinion, but who knows…

      Reply to Comment
    4. Henry Weinstein

      “So spray-painting toxic chemicals on women’s pictures is Haredim”, I was thinking going to the toilets.
      “Ok, I’m spraying for the mentally-sick”.
      Then I had a vision in the toilets, Bibi the Archangel spoke to me:
      “The spray-painter is a male orthodox Praying Mantis”, he said.
      “Is he educated?”, I asked.
      # It makes sense.
      Tags: Spraying a Prayer, In Spray We Trust, Spraying Tag, Bullshit

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      His only mistake was not spraying over the title and release date of the Adam Sandler film in question.

      Reply to Comment
    6. hi Ami,

      I don’t think you should feel better for misinterpreting what you saw.

      Homosexuality is considered a bigger To’eva than being a woman. Being openly gay even worse than one who hides his “perversions”. Moreso one flaunting it by dressing as a woman.

      A poster normalizing homosexual behaviour would be right on that spray-painter’s to-do list. He’s not being ignorant. You’re ignorant of his background and guiding principles. By your secular standards, Adam Sandler is neither gay nor normalizing homosexuality – he’s just silly. As is the spray-painter.

      My interpretation – not as funny, perhaps. What with all the actual violence against participants in gay pride parades and unsolved murders in a gay center of recent years. Perhaps this was not a mistake by some idiot who couldn’t read that “Adam Sandler is [both characters]”.

      Reply to Comment
    7. @arnon – i was being sarcastic.
      it actually doesn’t matter why he spray painted adam sandler. it’s primitive no matter how you look at it.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Terry Turner

      Arnon, I think -you- might feel a bit surprised for your interpretion of what you saw.

      Cross-dressing has absolutely ZERO to do with homosexuality. Most cross-dressers in the world are heterosexual men.

      Cross-dressers who mimic the appearance and style of various singing and movie stars are entertainers, and their on-stage performances may or may not indicate sexual orientation.

      Transexuals (born with a male brain because of a surplus of testosterone exposure before birth) or born with a female brain, tho in both cases their personalities do not match who they truly are. Transexuals may be heterosexual or homosexual, just as men and women are in ordinary people.

      AND some relatively few gay men affect female mannerisms and dress, and other gay men are attracted to that femme style… Just as some gay women affect male mannerisms and dress, and some gay women are strongly attracted to that, the butch style.

      So what does cross-dressing, wearing the clothes and assuming the mannerisms of the opposite sex mean? The answer is, It Depends.

      Whether the spray-painter thought he was covering a committed sin or whether he followed the notion that the only way women should be seen is behind a heavy veil (either the Muslim kind where they are still allowed to be present or the extreme Jewish view where the Secretary of State of the US is photo-shopped out of a historical photo) is really beside the point. Ami is right in saying that (be it Muslim or Israeli) it is taking Israel back to Medieval times.

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