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IDF soldier passes IDs of Jewish girls who socialize with Arabs to anti-assimilation NGO

A female IDF soldier who is often stationed at checkpoints is apparently very disturbed by the fact that some Jews and Palestinians actually hang out. The soldier turned anonymously (on Facebook) to Yad La’achim a religious organization whose mandate is to “save Jews from assimilation,” in the hopes they can help her prevent this from happening in the future by talking some sense into these young women. As she wrote to them:

Hi, I speak with true pain, as a soldier working at checkpoints and every Friday night Jewish girls pass through in minority cars [common euphemism for Arabs]. I would be glad if you could come and stand with me at the checkpoint for at least an hour and try to appeal to the hearts of these poor Jewish girls… Every time I see such Jewish girls, I try to hold up the vehicle and check the background of these Arabs [euphemism gone], and in between I take the Jewish girls aside for a short talk (which doesn’t always help). So perhaps you will succeed, because it’s really painful to see the daughters of Israel going with these Arabs.

The response by Yad La’achim (highlighted) on Facebook:

God willing, we have contacted the charming soldier and from now on she will report to us on every such girl, after she checks her ID.
h/t Ofer Neiman
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    1. XYZ

      Islam, like Judaism, opposes intermarraige, however, Islam restricts this prohibition to Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men. They have a different way of dealing with the intermarriage problem than Yad l’Achim does, which is to try to talk to these Jewish girls. They Muslim method is referred to as “family honor killings”.

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      • Menil

        And the father that threw both his children from a building last week, was it the “Jewish way” of solving marital problems, or when a Jew kills his kids it’s “an accident” or what? Unlike when a Muslim does it, then it’s a “Muslim method”?

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      • I care

        Racism. Blatently approchaing the worse there is. if this is not ethni cleansing I don’t know what is . Jim crow south in the mid east that US tax payers fund. A “democracy” sure.

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        • Vadim

          You forgot fascism and apartheid.

          “if this is not ethnic cleansing I don’t know what is”

          You don’t know what ethnic cleansing is.

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          • Gearoid

            Covering for a racist now?

            Do you fascists never learn? Or do you truly see nothing wrong with such disgusting, bigoted statements?

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          • Vadim

            I said nothing to cover for anything. If this actually happened, then it is indeed disgusting and illegal.

            The comment I replied to almost used ALL the relevant words, so I reminded him something he missed.

            But it’s great that you came along and found a reason (as if you need any) to call me a fascist.

            Note that you just took the side of someone who said this is ethnic cleansing.

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          • Vadim, this stuff does happen. I don’t know if you saw, but two weeks ago Lehava announced the launch of a new hotline, encouraging people report on Jewish/Arab couples: http://www.timesofisrael.com/hotline-lets-callers-inform-on-jewish-arab-couples/ Callers can also use the number to obtain the details of the men involved, so that, to quote the Lehava chairman, “every person can explain in his own way to the Arab man that he is better off dating Fatima from the village rather than Yael or Einat”. When I saw that, especially the veiled threat of violence, I did wonder about the legality of this. It’s quite troubling that Lehava can encourage people to commit such gross violations of privacy, with the threat of vigilantism thrown in there as well, and be so unafraid of a legal reaction that they actually issue a press release about it. Compared to that hotline, what this soldier has decided to do looks pretty tame.

            Very recently, I flew from Ben-Gurion and had my own (mild) taste of this overzealous preoccupation with ‘mixed’ relationships that is so dear to some officials’ hearts. . I got the usual questions from the security officials, but afterwards I was taken aside for a second round, which began with, “Your boyfriend brought you to the airport, right? He’s Jewish, right?” The official asked about my halakhic status, if I plan to convert, whether my partner’s family is religious and what my partner believes, what religion I practise, what we intend to do for our children (!), and do I know how complicated mixed relationships can be for children? This pales in comparison to the intrusiveness faced by Jewish/Arab couples, and it doesn’t have the same sexist element (the anti-assimilation organisations are always an awful lot more interested in policing what Jewish women are doing than in the romantic lives of Jewish men), so I’m not making a direct comparison. But it was still a little startling that this man felt he had the right to administer couples counselling at the airport, based on his personal disapproval of my choices, in the knowledge that I was in a situation where I couldn’t just refuse to answer or walk away. And he was doing this in his capacity as airport security, just as the woman who contacted Yad l’Achim feels that prying into people’s intimate lives is an intrinsic part of her army role. It is a real problem that people in positions of power are able to do this and get away with it.

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          • Vadim

            Vicky, you are absolutely right. This preoccupation exists and I find it disgusting (to put it mildly).

            But please note that this does not exist in a vacuum. It exists inside a conflict raging for more than a hundred years. With the other side behaving no better (again, to put it mildly again). For that reason, the preoccupation is extreme when it comes to Arabs and rather mild when it comes to everyone else.

            I do not deny there’s a general dislike for “assimilation”, it’s just very mild (or non existent) in the cases I know.

            I do not wish to excuse our behaviour or to make it look better than is – just wish to show a broader pictures for those that are less familiar.

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          • Vadim,

            If Vicky does have an Arab boyfriend he could well be an Israeli citizen. This would mean the State is trying to interfere with a citizen’s life prospects based on race. To say that there is a 100 year war removes this possible citizen from the roles. It is unwise to claim that 20% of your citizenry is at war with the State.

            The attitude she describes can have real life consequences. It is hard to be ever alone. If two people have found one another, they do not need, nor deserve, State interference in their hope. This attitude is not necessarily mild in outcome at all. And it is classic Jim Crow: State mediated racial segregation. This case must have been some level of official policy. The IDF case of this post might be rouge, but, if so, if the IDF does not interdict her behavior it becomes official policy as applied. If the State cannot prevent these cases without real immediate threat (no violence or weapons involved), how can the State deal with cases where violent control is over applied?

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          • Vadim


            There is no official policy of segregation. Not in the IDF and not by the state. Stop inventing and theorizing.

            The cases of the soldier and what Vicky describes are symptoms of another issue with Israelis. The habit of getting into other people’s business. You meet people on the streets which start conversations and immediately ask about personal stuff, people give unwanted remarks about how I dress my child and why he’s probably cold. Unfortunately it’s never cold in Israel.

            There is nothing wise or unwise about stating there’s animosity between Jews and Arabs. Some people in Israel choose to ignore it, to call it racism (when it comes from the Jewish side) and some people like you (that live far away) can theorize that’s not wise – but the fact remains. Given the length of the conflict and the stakes – I’m surprised the level of hatred is as low as it is.

            During my service in the IDF I was sent to protect places (both inside the green line and outside it). I was trained by Druze marksmen in the range, I spent nights with Beduin guys that patrolled the area, I served on a base whose commander was a Druze. Please forgive me for not taking your theoretical claims about about official policies of segregation seriously.

            Think of it this way – imagine that during WW2, 20% of Britain’s population was German. They would openly support Hitler and would constantly speak about how they don’t accept this to be a British state. I don’t claim WW2 is like what’s going on now, nor do I claim that Israeli Arabs are our enemies. In this case – wouldn’t you think a certain level of animosity would be possible? Would you call it Racism?

            It all comes down to this. Not a general racism or xenophobia, not a policy of segregation – but a feeling of animosity or hatred (depends on the person) towards those that are perceived as enemies.

            Reply to Comment
          • Greg, my partner is a Jewish Israeli. The official was concerned because I’m not Jewish myself, meaning that hypothetical children won’t be. (If my partner were Arab, I wouldn’t have gone near the airport with him – I would have got more than unwanted life coaching if I had.) I’m not directly equating this incident with the situation Arab/Jewish couples face; it’s not the same. I just wanted to demonstrate the ability that soldiers and security staff have to give their personal prejudices an airing.

            Vadim, the problem definitely doesn’t exist in a vacuum and it extends far beyond the conflict. Proprietorial attitudes towards women can be found the world over, and during ethnic/national conflicts they become infused with an extra shot of racism. There is a lot of interesting research on the way that struggles for control over territory are paralleled by a fixation with control over and access to women (also seen in the arguments made about African migrants, which paint them as a rape threat). This explains the way Lehava and Yad L’Achim focus on women. It’s not a uniquely Israeli thing, and it doesn’t have all that much to do with Judaism, although some people might put it in religious language. The one major distinctive thing about the incident described in this article is the fact that it happened in a checkpoint manned by armed Israelis to process Palestinians. Palestinians have no right to privacy when they pass through those places. There are people in Ramallah who will have the exact same attitudes as that soldier, but they can’t interrupt someone’s day and interrogate her because they don’t happen to like what she’s doing. They can’t demand people’s IDs and pass on the details they find there to anti-assimilation groups (whose supporters include MKs). The soldier’s prejudice is only one half of this story; the other half is the power and the institutional framework that enable her to make other people feel it.

            I also have to say that what I experienced in the airport felt different from the usual interest in other people’s business. That can be annoying, but it’s usually well-meant, even friendly, and I certainly never feel singled out by it. There have been a handful of occasions (the airport being one of them) where unfortunately this hasn’t been so.

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          • Vadim

            Vicky – first of all I agree with most of what you say. Several things I would like to note though –
            1. African workers are nothing new in Israel, there have been such for years. This new wave is different. It’s not that we’ve suddenly become racist – it’s that they behave differently.

            2. I don’t feel Rape is especially mentioned. It’s just one of the 3 violent crimes – murder, rape and burglary they allegedly commit more.

            3. The same people in Ramallah (or in Israel) will do more than pass her ID. It’s called Honor Killing.

            Reply to Comment
          • I used to work in a women’s shelter in the UK, a protected address, where women would be sent after being violently attacked by a partner or relative (almost always male). Some of them were lucky to have escaped with their lives and the Crown Prosecution Service was preparing an attempted murder charge. Two British women are killed every week by a male partner or relative. And when I talked to these women, the same themes emerged again and again: partner had got jealous over her behaviour to another man, brother had decided that she was giving him a bad reputation by being a slut, father didn’t approve of her relationship choices. These women came in all ethnicities and religions and colours, the one commonality in colour being that some of them arrived on our doorstep a little bloodstained. When it happens in white British society, it’s called domestic violence. When it occurs in a Middle Eastern or Asian community, it’s honour crime. This happens in Ramallah. It’s a serious problem. But it’s also happening in Jewish communities in Israel, so using it as a counterweight to IDF behaviour doesn’t work. It fails as a counterpoint for another reason: a woman at risk from her family due to her relationship choices may not even have the right to travel down the road freely, let alone to move to live with her partner. Unless she’s privileged enough to have contacts abroad and is affluent enough to get there, she’s trapped. Palestinian women are occupied twice, bu societal misogyny and occupation policy, which is why using them as a fig leaf for the racism enacted by the army is particularly unfair to them.

            When I made my point about African migrants, I was thinking particularly of the rhetoric used by politicians like Yishai. If you look at their statements on the migration issue then there is a disproportionate focus on women. I don’t think this sort of racism is new; it’s to be found wherever nationalism is. It’s just that in the past (especially in the Intifada years) there were other things to take the headlines.

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          • Vadim,

            The State has no business getting into people’s business in the way you describe. If this latter business employs racial categories to segregate lawful behavior (such as partner choice), then allowing agents of the State to so act while on duty violates your Declaration of Independence. State supported racism often employs cultural norms. The police in the US, North and South, would suggest you don’t rile the locals (e.g., walk with a different race)or turn their heads away upon encountering racial slights; and the police would perform such themselves without administrative consequence. When such behavior is not reformed by the State, it becomes de facto State policy. No one has to sit down and say “let’s do this,” for it is already being done. I think the young female IDF of this post fits this description nicely. I focus not on her, but on the State allowing this behavior to continue once known. If this means I’m making up a theory half way across the world–I am not the only one.

            In WW II, the US interned Japanese, both immigrant and American citizens by birth (the full force of what the latter means might not be clear to an Israeli, as it involves the 14th Amendment). Even so. many young men volunteered for military service, sent to the European Theater. Upon exiting the camps, inmates found their property gone, their careers lost. Not until the 1980’s did Congress declare internment wrong. I understand Israel has been in some sense at war its entire existence. Conscription does not cover Arab citizens (with their approval). This absence enhances a feeling of other, as you say a “feeling of animosity or hatred (depends on the person) towards those that are perceived as enemies.” It enables a natural application of race in stations of State action, as in this IDF soldier. I understand a military conscription is an absurdity now, but a national service draft might obscure the State race lens. In your lived examples, you note non Jews who do serve in the military. Another “theory” from half way across the world.

            Finally, what happens in Ramallah is immaterial for freedom of association of Jewish women. The young IDF soldier can join the group she contacted, but not when acting as an agent of the State; she can witness to women outside her time as a soldier. It is strange to say that because there are women in Ramallah one can deny Jewish women freedom of association, and again note that in principle the man such a woman is told not to see might will be an Arab Israeli citizen.

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      • Ed

        But this isn’t a story about Islam vs Judaism so your comment is irrelevant. This is a story about alleged abuse of power by a IDF soldier.

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      • Maud

        The fact that some people are even more hateful than you never made you an angel. And stop the whole “Jews” and “Muslims” thing. People are unique. Just like these soldier is pretty uniquely stupid.

        Reply to Comment
      • XYZ, you have mistaken group solidarity for intelligence.

        Ed, above, is right.

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        • Shmuel

          Actually Ed is not right. Nor is anyone who only wants to talk ONLY about racist Israelis but NOT about racist Arabs in the context of the Middle East conflict.

          Why am I saying that? Because people who only point at Israel have an agenda. Their agenda is to discredit Israel and all Israelis so that their job to politically isolate Israel would be easier.

          Those who care about racism point out racism and complain about it no matter who the perpetrators are, instead of trying to silence those of us who DARE to mention that racism is rife amongst Palestinians. And in fact some of their racism causes some of us to have a backlash and brings out the worst in us too. And yes, I know it works the other way too. At least I realise that racism is a complex topic, particularly in the context of a 100 year WAR and NOT as simplistic as some leftist propagandists here would like you to believe.

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          • An officer of the State has admitted interfering with the free association of its citizens with no evidence of crime; she has, moreover, invited a private organization to her station to the same end. This violates the guarantee of full equality of social and civil rights irrespective of race provided in your Declaration of Independence.
            If these Jewish women had been with Jewish men, the women would not have been taken aside, nor the private organization asked to intervene. Ed, above, said “This is a story about alleged abuse of power by a IDF soldier.” And that is exactly correct.

            As to the 100 year war, these men might be Israeli citizens themselves. It is foolish to consider c 20% of your citizenry at war with you.

            Nor does it matter if reverse racism exists for the case at hand. Equal protection is in the instanced case. An appeal of reverse racism does not permit an officer of the State to abuse her station; nor does it permit the recruitment of private others to enhance that end. The law truncates any mutual racism cyclic feedback; that is its power. Racism in private arenas does not warrant State supported racial exclusion in reply.

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          • Shmuel

            Greg, I have no problems with clamping down on Jewish racists.

            I do however have a problem with people, like Ed, and many others here, who tell other people to effectively shut up when we remind everyone that Palestinian Arab racism towards Jews is at least as prevalent.

            And it is worse than that. The very same people jump up and down when Israeli soldiers turn up to administer the law against Palestinian Arabs who commit or plan to commit racist acts against Jews. Why do they babble about “occupation”, “fascism” instead of supporting the arrest of such Palestinians who commit or plan hate crimes against Jews?

            Reply to Comment
          • I find nothing in Ed’s comment to support your interpretation. XYZ began this by saying Muslims are worse, then walked away, “Muslims are worse” is pretty standard for him. Ed noted that the present case is not about Judaism vs Islam, but a charge against a soldier’s abuse of station, which the piece indeed is.

            As to your greater point, I would privilege neither the hatred of Jews nor Palestinians. I have no doubt that some Palestinians engage in race hate acts. Some journalists of this site may say that the occupation reduces the responsibility of such acts. As a follower of nonviolence and the law I cannot say this. But I was a supposed social scientist, and I believe hateful acts can have causes. There are two intertwined problems: the interdiction of immediate hate no matter its genesis; and an inquiry into how such genesis can be subverted over time. We are all subject to this genesis, sometimes uncomfortably so.

            In the case at hand, the soldier’s action instills further resentment, but vastly more important, it fails equal protection, the rule of law, and your Declaration of Independence. Bringing in an outside organization to further her cause is especially egregious, as it attaches State authority to these outside agents.

            But this in no way obviates hate acts against Jews. Abusing Jews is exactly like abusing Arabs, and if one condemns only the latter, one is essentially condoning the former.

            One thing about nonviolence: it takes no side. Removal of abuse it its goal. And that means people on all sidea will sometimes hate you!

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          • Shmuel

            Greg, if this site would be more balanced and would present articles not just about Israeli wrongs but Palestinian/Arab wrongs as well, then I would agree with you entirely.

            But alas, this site is not balanced. It is dedicated, to demonizing Israel only.

            I therefore fully understand XYZ’s desire to introduce a semblance of balance to the conversation in which he reminds everyone about Palestinian racism. And consequently, I disagree with Ed’s attempt to silence him.

            If you disagree with me about the imbalance of this site (+ 972), then I defy you to show me a single article critical of Palestinian actions in the last week. ALL articles presented in + 972 write about what Israel does wrong, none describe Palestinian wrongs. Yet you and Ed are critical of XYZ because he attempts to remind people that Palestinians are at least as bad? Frankly, I find your criticsm of XYZ for it a bit rich!

            Reply to Comment
          • Shmuel

            Just look at the effect of this magazine’s demonization of Israel even on some of the posters in THIS article. Here is a sample of some of the epithets that they hurl …

            “Racism blatantly reaching the worse there is …”

            “Do you fascists never learn?”

            “Kul Klux Klan style …”

            “If this is not apartheid …”


            Yet you guys object to one little reminder by XYZ about the racism of Palestinians? Heck, if he would not have made the comment, I would have. Howzat?

            Reply to Comment
          • Ed

            I did not attempt to silence anyone. I think that it doesn’t add anything to the debate to reply “the Palestinians do it worse” in every situation, as some commentators do here. There is a very specific issue being discussed in this article, it would be interesting to hear more reactions to this issue rather than the usual partisan comments. I’m sure everyone is aware that there are also problems in Palestinian and other muslim-majority societies, there are many other blog posts available about such issues, or maybe you could even write one yourself Shmuel ya akhi.

            Reply to Comment
          • Shmuel


            I did not say that this situation should not be discussed. I said that Palestinian racism should NOT be ignored either.


            Where exactly did you see me saying the equivalent of:

            “I have been hit, so let me hit you. I have been abused, so let me abuse you. My neighbor is worse than me, deal with him, not me.”



            If I were you, I would not talk about agendas. Your agenda is to demonize, margilanize and vilify Israel so that it can be easier to politically isolate Israel, then introduce Nazi like boycotts of Jewish businesses, so that Israel can be weakened then brought to it’s knees (your wet dream). That is why you and many like you are so desperate to concentate ONLY on what some Israelis do wrong, make it look like ALL Israelis are the same and insist that we should never talk about what MANY Palestinians do wrong too because that would interfere with your agenda. Let me assure you, your dream will not happen. You are doomed to a life of frustration and disappointment.


            Again, what I and XYZ said is: “ok you want to talk about this? …. Well then don’t forget about that either …. ”
            (XYZ, please correct me if I said the wrong thing on your behalf)

            Are you guys saying that the world will collapse if we talk about Palestinian racism too?

            Reply to Comment
          • I was referring to the relativization of harm, which is what XYZ was attempting. He made no comment on whether an IDF soldier should do what was detailed, but merely says “they are worse.” Since the State has no power over these worse conditions, they act solely to obviate action on what the State does itself. They are worse, let us be.

            This post, and Vicky’s comment, above, are both instances of Jim Crow: State motivated segregation. Vicky’s story is remarkable. She is pulled aside at Ben Gurion airport and asked if she had a Jewish boy friend, and did she know the difficulties facing mixed race children. I can see a single IDF soldier going rouge as detailed in this post, but Vicky’s story reflects clear policy. Since an Arab boy friend might well be an Israeli citizen, here the State attempts to control relationships among its own citizens. That is Jim Crow.

            Reply to Comment
          • I have been hit, so let me hit you. I have been abused, so let me abuse you. My neighbor is worse than me, deal with him, not me.

            Once again, an officer of the State has abused her station against your Declaration of Independence. She has invited a private organization to enjoy the protection of the State to this end as well. The State can not be allowed to do this. That is what judicial review is for.

            I reiterate that group solidarity is not in itself intelligence. 972 focuses on abuses of State power. Cite other addresses in your comments if you feel corrective involving other stories is needed. Pretending an abuse is unimportant because there are other abuses elsewhere is no corrective.

            A soldier has admitted to abusing her station (unless the Facebook post is fake) and Yad La’achim says it will accept her invitation to further abuse. What Muslims do or do not do elsewhere is immaterial to this. The abuse of State power, moreover, here affects young Jewish women as well as Arab men. It is then as much an abuse against Jews. Your State is abusing Jews for racial ends, against the equal protection of the law. Deal with this.

            Ed did not silence, he simply pointed out that the attempt at redirection, so not dealing with the post, was spurious. XYZ attempted to silence by redirecting to events immaterial to the reported event.

            Young Jewish women here have been abused by State power in the name of race. That is racism, with State sanction. It should stop.

            Reply to Comment
          • aristeides

            And you, of course, Shmuel, are entirely without an agenda every time you deflect criticism of Israel by pointing at Palestinians.

            There is no equivalence in the situations. Israel occupies Palestine. Palestinians don’t occupy Israel. There are no Palestinian checkpoints stopping Israeli cars, no PA soldiers ordering Israelis out of their vehicles to be abused.

            Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            >There is no equivalence in the situations.

            Yes. Israelis do not think that Palestinians have no right to live here.

            Reply to Comment
          • aristeides

            Many Israelis think exactly that.

            Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            Prove your racist claims.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ed

            You make a claim about Palestinians, Aristeides makes the exact same claim about Israelis, then you cry racism? Don’t you see how ridiculous that is?

            Besides it is easy to prove that many Israelis don’t believe that Palestinians have a right to be ‘here’ … just consider long-standing Israeli policy towards the return of Palestinian refugees.

            Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            >You make a claim about Palestinians, Aristeides makes the exact same claim about Israelis, then you cry racism? Don’t you see how ridiculous that is?

            Fact #1
            In wide Palestinian society any peace with Israel within ANY borders is a treason. Hamas is standing firmly on that. Fatah plays a good cop, but no Fatah leader ever will sign any kind of permanent agreement.

            From the river to the sea
            Palestine must be free
            et cetera

            By the way, did you ever hear about ancient kingdom of Flestimia? No? Me neither. However, any Palestinian kid would tell you that Flestimia was situated on the east of the Mediterranean Sea and was conquested by Babylonians, Macedonians, Greek and finally destroyed by Romans nearly 2000 years ago.

            Fact #2
            In wide Israeli society there is a clear understanding that peace with Palestinians must be reached, be it 2 states – one Jewish and one Palestinian or 1 state – Jewish or a kind of confederation.

            Basically, it is the root of the problem – Jews are insisting to have own state, Muslims are against.

            Reply to Comment
    2. Always count on XYZ for intelligent Hasbaroidism (aka Hasbara)

      Reply to Comment
      • Marcos

        You do not know what Hasnara is apparently.

        Reply to Comment
    3. Catherine

      Any IDF soldier promoting anti-miscegenation, Ku Klux Klan style, should be fired on the spot.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Danny

      If this is not apartheid (albeit an informal one), I don’t know what is. Make no mistake about it – the behavior exemplified by this soldier is one that comes directly from the top, all the way to the PM’s office. If Obama cared about racism, he would refuse to meet with Netanyahu until this kind of racism was dealt with and discouraged.

      Reply to Comment
      • maxim reider

        “the behavior exemplified by this soldier is one that comes directly from the top, all the way to the PM’s office.”

        Sheer bullshit. How do you know? Was that Bibi who told it to you?

        Reply to Comment
    5. un2here

      When Jews and Palestinians hang out, they are not likely to be into religion – which makes any rabbinate decree empty and void.

      Reply to Comment
    6. maxim reider

      Quite often, the 972 makes a fuss of nothing, like here. The described situation is something very marginal and here it is blown out of proportion. Young Jews and Arabs do not meet each other to often, so this is nothing much to talk about. That said, the religious establishment (and the poor brainwashed soldier girl comes from the religious background) IS racist.

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    7. מיכאל

      זה קישקוש, אלו יד לאחים עצמם שמזייפים את הכאילו חיילת הזו.
      ברור לכולנ שאין תופעה כזו ובערב שבת בכלל אין אפשרות לאף פלסטיני לעבור את המחסומים עם מכונית, מעבר לכך המחסומים הופרטו ועובדים בהם עובדי אבטחה מטעם קבלן שאינם חיילים

      Reply to Comment
      • Maxim

        Michael, why do you write this in Hebrew and not in English?
        “This is bullshit. Yad le-ahim just fakes and invents stories. No way that a Palestinian car will cross a block post on Friday night. Also, they have been privatized and are now operated by private security companies and not by soldiers”.

        Reply to Comment
      • Only some checkpoints have been privatised, by no means all or even most. It’s the norm to have roadblocks manned by soldiers on the Bethlehem-Hebron road. Qalandia is always full of Magav and military police. Bethlehem’s checkpoint 300 is privatised but IDF still turn up there quite frequently. There is no blanket closure of checkpoints on erev Shabbat. The full closures tend to happen only on Jewish holidays, so yes, the situation described here is more than plausible.

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    8. dickerson3870

      RE: “IDF soldier passes IDs of Jewish girls who socialize with Arabs to anti-assimilation NGO”

      MY COMMENT:If G_d had meant for Jews and Arabs to mix, he wouldn’t have made it possible for them to learn each other’s language!
      Oh, wait. . .

      Reply to Comment
      • dickerson3870

        RE: “IDF soldier passes IDs of Jewish girls who socialize with Arabs to anti-assimilation NGO”

        MY COMMENT (CORRECTED): If G_d had meant for Jews and Arabs to mix, he would have made it possible for them to learn each other’s language!
        Oh, wait. . .

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    9. Mairav Zonszein

      Actually @Maxim, it is precisely because Arabs and Jews don’t meet each other often that it is important to report this – and, as you said, the combination of militarism and religious extremism is a root of racism here, and thus well worthy of the report.

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      • Banshee

        Mairav, say, before I got married, I would like to meet Arab girls… Do you think how long I would’ve been dating one until I got murdered?

        The dating between Jews and Arabs in Israel is always Israeli girl and Arab boy.

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      • Maxim Reider

        Mairav, I don’t see any connection between the two parts of your phrase. “It happens rarely so it’s important to report.” Maybe you should also add that this is a marginal phenomenon? That this has nothing to do with segregation laws? I don’t know whether you are a journalist or not, but why not to give a more balanced picture? Have your heard of many cases like that? Have you read a comment by Michael (in Heberw) who claims that this simply is not true, just a Yad le- ahim’s fake? Do you know what exactly has boosted this organization’s activity? Do you remember a murder of a man by the name Karp who was beaten to death in the heart of Tel Aviv by a bunch of Arab youngsters, a Russia Jewish girl among them? have you ever heard of Jewish girls from poor families who found boyfriends among Beduins? In a few cases it ended up rather badly. Granted, what people from Yad le-ahim write is a pure racism, but the situation is far more complicated.
        Of course there is racism in our society, but I don’t think are on the right way. And again, as somebody has already written here, there is a 100 history of bloody conflict between the two peoples – this is the background and the every day reality

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      • Maxim Reider

        Combination of religious extremism and militarism is the root of the racism here… I said it? Really?
        Mairav, in my previous comment I asked if you are a journalist. This was my mistake. Sorry

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    10. sh

      She writes that she delays the Palestinian men the Jewish girls are with – has the bottom of their cars searched – specifically in order to get a chance to take the girls aside and give them a little sermon about their behavior.
      Does the kind of threat to Jewish security she perceives this to be also figure in the official IDF rule book for conducting intensive searches or is the whole procedure entirely up to the discretion of the soldier who happens to be on duty?

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    11. etinzon

      I feel bad about calling them an “NGO”. It’s like calling the Somali shabab an “NGO” because , hey , they are not a government organisation either.

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    12. The Trespasser

      Muslims are killing their female relatives for dating wrong men.

      Don’t see why is is wrong for Jews to do the same.

      Fight racism with racism, so to say.

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    13. Mikesailor

      Trespasser: Apparently you don’t get a lot of dates with an attitude like that. So, Jews should kill their female relatives for dating “wrong men” because you allege that Muslims do such actions? Are there any other truly stupid comments you would like to make?

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      • The Trespasser

        >Apparently you don’t get a lot of dates with an attitude like that.

        As a matter of fact, there is a Palestinian woman whom I would gladly date, but it is not possible simply because she would face most severe consequences should her family find out. Treason is punished by death, you see.

        >So, Jews should kill their female relatives for dating “wrong men” because you allege that Muslims do such actions?

        I’m only saying that if Muslims in general and Palestinian Arabs in particular are allowed prevent their female relatives from “intermingling” than there is no reason why Jews should be disallowed to do that.

        >Are there any other truly stupid comments you would like to make?
        You don’t know enough to make any judgment of my comments.

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    14. … it’s really painful to see the daughters of Israel going with these Arabs.

      Not even going with “Arabs” but “these Arabs”… the untouchables. Projection with anterior resonances that are a little disturbing to say the least.

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    15. JohnW

      Yes, these things only happen in Israel and the soldier’s scare stories to the Jewish girls are slways without foundations, right? Wrong! Just read this:

      “This story is all too common: Muslim men marry non-Muslim women in the U.S., then take the children and go back to their Muslim country. The child is forced to live as a Muslim and never sees his or her mother again. But Nashwa El-Sayed and her mother fought back. I hope Nashwa does start her foundation to help victims of international abduction, and that she faces it squarely as largely a problem of Islamic supremacism. That kind of foundation should already be up and running. It is the kind of thing our government should be doing, if it had its priorities straight”


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    16. John

      What would The Moslems do if one on their women tried talking to a Jewish Man?

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      • It would depend if they were the sexist type of man who uses phrases like ‘their women’ and ‘our women’. Men who don’t see women as group property tend not to mind what said women are doing.

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        • The Trespasser

          “our man” and “their man” is ok.
          “our men” and “their men” is ok too.
          “our soldiers”, “their land”, “our food”, “their water”… these does not seem to be a problem.

          but “our women” is sexist.

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          • If you think women are on a level with land and water, then you have just powerfully illustrated the point I was getting at. “Our fields, our water supply, our roads, our women”? No. Women are not property or a resource. As for ‘our soldiers’, it’s interesting that you chose that as an example, given that Israel’s twelfth-graders are seen as a national resource, pretty much. It’s not like saying ‘our students’ or ‘our colleagues’, which implies a personal relationship rather than some collective possession of a bunch of people whom you don’t even know.

            ‘Our men’ and ‘their men’ would be equally problematic if people actually used that phrase in this context, which they don’t. No hotline has ever been set up to encourage people to report on the romantic activities of Jewish men. What inevitably happens in discussions like this one, following an example of such outright misogyny, is that people (almost always men) cry out, “Well, they’re just as bad, they don’t treat their women any better!” And I don’t doubt the existence of identical attitudes in the OT. I am sure that some Palestinian and Israeli men would absolutely love to sit down together and discuss arrangements for keeping each other off their front yards and ‘their’ respective females. (Lehava once even expressed some backhanded sympathy for Palestinian men who have this desire.) But the fact that other men can be controlling sexists too is only a functional excuse if you are yourself a controlling sexist man, and for people who don’t quite fall into that category it’s only a comfort if you’re prepared to turn a blind eye to such behaviour (maybe for the sake of protecting your politics). For any woman with her eyes open, of any religion or ethnicity, it’s no comfort at all.

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          • The Trespasser

            >Women are not property or a resource.

            As a matter of fact, women ARE a resource. The only one which can produce new humans.

            >No hotline has ever been set up to encourage people to report on the romantic activities of Jewish men.

            Because hot line is not really needed. Arabs have their own deadly-effective means to ensure that their women (sic) are kept at their place.

            >For any woman with her eyes open, of any religion or ethnicity, it’s no comfort at all.

            Until women are the most precious resource on Earth, the alleged comfort (or lack of thereof) is of rather little concern.

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          • People are often made into a resource, both men and women; the draft does that; slavery did that. And the claim/use of women as a resource of “the people” has been part of much of human history. At one time, one “people” could be removed or eliminated for the good of the State or its governing “people.” I would think Israel beyond that now. So too with the use of women.

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    17. COM

      “As a matter of fact, women ARE a resource.”

      As a matter of fact, you’re a resource of constant bullshit

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    18. charles-jerusalem

      To everybody,
      The journalists reports about one soldier, one unique person standing at a checkpoint.
      Things have to be relativised, one racist and a bit ignorant person is not representative of a nation, especially when visibly there are many israelis visiting the west bank for ties mending purpose according to this soldier.

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