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IDF sends text message to Gaza mobile phones: 'The next phase is on the way'

The Israeli army is sending text messages to mobile phones in Gaza with a warning in Arabic: “The next phase is on the way. Stay away from Hamas elements.”

Using Instagram, Twitter user @RanaGaza tweeted a photo of the message on her father’s mobile phone.

Arabic text message sent by the Israeli army to mobile phones in Gaza

During the 2008-9 Israeli military assault on Gaza, the army sent thousands of similar messages to mobile phones in Gaza. But according to several friends and acquaintances who were there, the messages were often either false alarms or designed to sow panic. “What do you do if you receive a message warning you to go a safer place if you are already in the safest place in Gaza, or if you have nowhere to hide?” one friend asked rhetorically.

This same woman — a journalist — said that often the text messages would warn of impending bombardments that did not happen, in a sick version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.


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    1. Terry E

      It seems like terrorism to me. The Boy who cried wolf was trying to elicit sympathy and help. These messages are designed to create fear and terror.

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      • The Trespasser

        You are right – no warning messages should be sent.

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    2. Alison

      It’s only seen as a negative when someone is involved in unsavory activities. It is designed as a warning for innocent civilians to stay away from possible targeted locations. If it’s too frustrating, I guess the IDF should just stop warning civilians, and whatever happens happens. Like that?

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      • Sabeen Ijaz

        The question is not whether these messages should be sent or not, the question is about the attack as a whole. As me and you lay down in the comfort of our houses, bounded by these secure walls and facilitated by all the basic fuel required to run a human life, our these people are striving for their lives in Gaza. As our parents put us to sleep in front of their eyes contently, a helpless parent mourns his child’s death in Palestine. Just because it isn’t happening to us in this point of time, doesn’t mean it can never happen. Israel has broken 65 UN resolutions & has faced no consequences until now. On the other hand Iraq just broke two and became a subject of massive invasion, torment & destruction. Where have all the human right activists gone now? All the leaders brag about MALALA YUSUFZAI who was wounded by mere two bullets & flown to the UK immediately. And it doesn’t cease there. They carry on to celebrate all sorts of Malala Yusufzai days & Hours & Seconds in recognition of her so called efforts.. Then why don’t they question this grotesque? Does every one on this earth need to do something extraordinary to claim their right to life? Heinous creatures in power are perpetrating lives of innocent people & we sit here, helpless, quiet & dismayed;the minuscule amount of us who are slightly bothered updating their Facebook statuses & the others way too busy to give a damn..

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    3. Syed H

      Israel not only terrorises world with fire-power but also by twitter, facebook and social media. I wish you could write about Israel’s terrorism and the cause of Palestinians.

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    4. Mark

      The messages are NOT designed to spread fear. When the actual bombardment didn’t happen it was most likely because it was decided to cancel it due to too much probable damage to civilians (so called “collateral damage” in army jargon).

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    5. Ed Frias

      Sabeen Ijaz must be a comedian.
      So your saying that Israel should do just nothing.
      They should just let Hamas fire hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians.
      Even the PM of the Moslem Brotherhood Egypt couldn’t get Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israeli civilians.
      Its not to hard to figure out here.
      If Hamas stops firing rockets, then Israel wont respond back.

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    6. Franco

      The day that all Arab / Muslim countries agree to be UNITED and take action all together as ONE… then…. problem solved.

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      • A. Kuperblum aaa.seo@gmail.com

        I almost can feel your lust for the Jewish blood.

        Good, good.

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    7. It is a controversy. We should pay tribute to those people who have been killed.

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