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IDF, Palestinians clash in East Jerusalem; one critically wounded

A Palestinian resident has been critically injured by live IDF fire in Issawiya, East Jerusalem, according to Palestinian sources, among them my family members who live there.

Clashes in Issawiya, East Jerusalem on Dec 3, 2010 (photo: Mairav Zonszein)

Clashes erupted late Tuesday when the Israeli army entered the town in order to arrest a resident on charges of throwing stones. The arrest caused heightened tensions in the town and dozens of young residents gathered to confront the soldiers.

The clashes between the soldiers and the residents concentrated in Hai Abeid, which is downtown Issawiya, and continued until the early hours of the morning. According to witnesses, over a dozen Palestinians were injured. One of the wounded residents was hit with a rubber-coated bullet in his head and is currently in critical situation.

The Israeli border guard reported two injuries of Israeli soldiers who were taken to Hadassah hospital.

The army has deployed more soldiers to the area and the current situation is still tense.

Confrontations between the Israeli army and residents of Issawiya are very common, especially when the army enters the town. In the past two years dozens of residents have been injured and arrested and one child was killed from inhaling tear gas.

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    1. AYLA


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    2. Joel

      Yes, devastating. And worst of all; probably seen by many as “business as usual”, hardly worth note on page 14.

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    3. Jan

      Will there be any criticism from our bought and paid for Congress of this and other crimes commited by the IDF? Not on your life. They are under the boot of AUPAC and prefer re-election to justice and peace. Shame on them.

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    4. I wish I had words that could mean something. But I don’t. One reason why I am so very glad that those of +972 exist. While each report may seem futile, I believe one day the wall will crack….if you keep facing it with the facts.

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    5. Laila

      The cover photo on the main 972mag page is from Nabi Saleh, this one on top of the piece in from Essawyeh true!

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