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IDF evicts Palestinians from their land, arrests 15, including mother with baby

The Israeli army arrested 10 Palestinians and five Israelis in the South Hebron Hills today (Saturday) while they were trying to reach Palestinian-owned land next to the illegal outpost called Mitzpeh Yair, in the southern West Bank.

Palestinian resident of West Bank being arrested with her 1.5 year old child (Ta’ayush activist)

Palestinians being arrested in South Hebron Hills, January 19, 2013 (Ta’ayush activist)

According to Guy, an Israeli Ta’ayush activist who filmed the video below, the Awwad family from Umm al Ara’is was accompanied by Palestinians from Susya and Israeli activists to try and reach their land, since in recent months the army has been increasingly preventing them from doing so.

As soon as they got there, the IDF soldiers declared it a “closed military zone” for reasons that are unclear and require no explanation. Before giving the dozens of people there even five minutes to evacuate, they simply began making arrests. A Palestinian woman carrying her child who approached her husband while he was getting arrested was immediately arrested as well:

According to reports from Israeli activists, most of the 15 arrested were released a few hours later without being questioned or charged with anything. The mother, (whose child is already back with the released father) and an Israeli activist, are both still in custody and apparently being held on accusations they resisted arrest and/or assaulted an officer.

The settlers who live in this illegal outpost often harass Palestinians in this area while they try to cultivate their crops and graze their sheep. It has been going on for years. However, it is not just the settlers but the army, who not only doesn’t usually stop them, but closes off the whole area on a regular basis – in direct contradiction of High Court rulings that the army must both act to allow Palestinians access to their land and protect them from settler violence.

The IDF’s Civil Administration seems to have targeted this area as a “disputed territory,” systematically issuing “closed military zone” orders, which force all the Palestinians to evacuate the area or face arrest. This, despite the fact that the Civil Administration itself recognizes the area (In Area C of West Bank) as Palestinian-owned land and even though no settlers have provided any evidence otherwise. Without being able to work their land, these Palestinian communities cannot maintain their basic livelihoods, let alone enjoy freedom of movement and their basic human rights.

Oh and when Israeli elections take place on Tuesday, remember that these Palestinians can’t vote to try and get better representation in the next four years and improve their lives – since they have no such right to do that either.  


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    1. aristeides

      The settlers want the place for themselves. The IDF serves them.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Many mothers with their very young child would act similarly. There seems to be a growing (or maybe just now noticeable to me) disconnect between population passivity control (an IDF mission) and a lack of decency which simply inflames memories. Perhaps the young woman soldier did not like what she was doing.

      “the army, who not only doesn’t usually stop them, but closes off the whole area on a regular basis – in direct contradiction of High Court rulings that the army must act to not only allow Palestinians on their land but protect them from settler violence.” : Judicial power (and the jurisprudence which evolves with it) has been trumped unilaterally by “security.” The IDF has become, in fine, an independent branch of government. The occupation is not a bright line insulating Israelis from the consequences of such immunity. I believe there is accumulating evidence that the judiciary is atrophying in the actual application of justice.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Aaron Gross

      The video seemed to jump in at least two places. Was the footage posted here edited? If so, what was cut out? If not, why did it seem to jump?

      Reply to Comment
    4. Joel

      The hotheads get arrested, than their women start to wail, than the mother’s cries set the babies to crying too.

      Banal theater.

      Reply to Comment
      • Anne O'Nimmus

        You are banal in your pathetic dismissal of people naturally upset at being denied access to their OWN land. When YOU are evicted, even from from your stolen home, I doubt you’d go peacefully, any more than other “settlers” do.

        Reply to Comment
        • Joel

          Evicted? The activists and neighbors didn’t own the land that the military was closing off.
          I don’t even know that anyone was evicted. The article said that the landowners repeated returned to the land to farm it.
          Even Mairav uses the term ‘evacuate’ way down at the end of her article.
          And when did ‘evacute’ and ‘evict’ become synonymous?

          Reply to Comment
    5. rsgengland

      Pictures here look pretty similar to the ones taken when Israel evicts Jews from certain locations.
      No violence.
      No injuries.
      Prior warning.
      Court cases etc before the removal.
      Time for Abbas to get back to the negotiating table.
      But we all know that that is not what the Palestinians have ever wanted.
      And Abbas and Hamas have both overstayed their elected terms.

      Reply to Comment
      • directrob

        Somehow your post does not fit the article. Where are the court cases etc before the removal?

        You also seem to suggest that these civilians loose access to their farm land because Abbas does not negotiate.

        Reply to Comment
        • rsgengland

          This area has been the focus of court cases in Israel for ages.
          And yes, I am implying that Abbas’ lack of negotiations is the cause of this .
          If Abbas sits down to negotiate,
          this type of incident takes on a whole different color.
          And also may lead to an Independent Palestine.
          Why would Israel negotiate with someone who lacks authenticity, by remaining in power long after his ELECTORAL MANDATE HAD EXPIRED.

          Reply to Comment
      • In collective racial sin, the small fingers pay for the (non)actions of the big leaders. Everything is a manefistation of a racial bloated monster. Rights do not exist in such a world.

        So the courts don’t have to hear anything.

        Reply to Comment