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IDF confirms: Settlers shot, tied up and beat Palestinian near Nablus

Last week I posted videos taken by the spokesperson of B’Tselem, Sarit Michaeli, showing a confrontation between settlers and Palestinians near the village of Urif, in the Nablus region. You can see in the videos settlers setting fire to a Palestinian olive grove, and hear gunshots. A third clip shows a wounded Palestinian being evacuated from the area (see the report and watch the videos here). At the time, Michaeli told me that local Palestinians also said that the wounded man was  beaten – after he was shot – by the settlers. There was no footage backing this claim.

Tonight (Saturday) an army investigation confirmed the Palestinian account of the affair (something that doesn’t happen very often): According to the IDF, the Palestinian man was shot by the emergency squad of the settlement of Yitzhar, then tied up and beaten by a few teenagers. According to the Israeli media, the settlers claimed that the Palestinian man was armed, and that a knife was found on his person.

The emergency squad of every settlement is made up of local residents, armed with IDF guns. Their job is to help protect the settlement from attacks, but they have no legal authority and are not supposed to carry out arrests. Yitzhar’s settlers were involved in the shooting of another Palestinian, also caught on video, a week earlier. +972’s Haggai Matar posted that clip, which clearly shows that the settlers were in no danger when they shot the Palestinian man.

Following the two incidents, the army confiscated the weapons of several settlers. So far, no arrests have been made.

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    1. aristeides

      “So far, no arrests have been made.”

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    2. XYZ

      As I posted earlier, please keep up posted on what has happened to the supposed settler perpetrators. As I noted, in the incident 2 weeks ago, the fellow who was supposedly shooting a Palestinian for the fun of it was clearly identifiable, after he and his friends allegedly set fire to Palestinian-owned fields. Has he or others been arrested? If not, why not? Is B’Tzelem or others groups following these investigations?

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    3. How to reveal TOTALITARIAN

      Do you want to know how will look your freedom when leftists or islamists will take power? Try to publish opinion which differ from theirs on this or other their site. THEY WILL NEVER PUBLISH IT

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    4. Left acceptable and understandable

      This site seems collected bunch of Israel enemies who seek Israel destruction. They live in parallel reality and don’t tell you what really happens, so, listen:

      A 20-year-old Golani Brigade soldier was killed Friday in a shootout with a Gaza terrorist.
      The terrorist tried to infiltrate the western Negev from Gaza and was eliminated during the predawn hours of Friday morning. According to a preliminary investigation, the terrorist took advantage of fog around 4:00 a.m. to go through a hole he cut in the security fence near the Kissufim crossing.
      A Golani unit responded to the scene and identified the terrorist who opened fire at the soldiers, killing one. Soldiers fired back, killing the terrorist.

      Different story.

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    5. Richard SM

      The first report by Ma’an News Agency last Saturday afternoon suggested as much at the time:

      “Najeh al-Safadi, 22, was handcuffed by a guard from the illegal settlement of Yitzhar who threw him to the ground and shot him while other settlers kicked him, a relative said.”

      Source: Ma’an “Israeli settler shoots Palestinian in West Bank” Published Saturday 26/05/2012

      One wonders why no arrests when it seems the general circumstances and nature of the assault was known at the time.

      One also has to wonder what sort of people beat-up someone suffering from a stomach gunshot wound. They would have got the victim’s blood on themselves by doing this. Maybe that doesn’t matter to them.

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    6. Do you know any Israeli

      Who may shot somebody with no reason?
      It was definitely defense if it was done.
      Pathological one way story selling – this is what you guys doing.
      Interesting, how much Saudis pay to you and how many hands this money come through prior to getting to you. Yet beleive it is not direct bribe, but indirect is not any better.

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    7. I have a feeling three of the above (“How to reveal totalitarian”, “Left acceptable and understandable” and “Do you know any Israeli”) are by one and the same person.

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    8. Erik Henderson

      “So far, no arrests have been made.”

      If recent history hold true, there will be no arrests, no matter how ugly the crime. Burn there crops then shoot him and beat him, next comes the land theft. Palestinian have no real police and the Israeli cops don’t care about indigenous peoples.

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    9. Dregen Jelencovich

      I think Rowan is correct. All three of those posts suffer from the same shoddy standard of English as well as the same petulant nonsense.

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    10. sh

      No footage of the beating, no arrests. But wasn’t there footage of the emergency squad? And surely the emergency squad is knows who fired the shot that hit the Palestinian. Or were several shots fired?
      Any news about the Palestinian’s injuries and how he is doing?

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    11. Rafael

      Look at the desperation of the Israeli trolls. They must be hurting, their butts…

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    12. Rafael

      The second Rafael wasn’t me.

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    13. Rafael

      And the second RW is probably not him either.

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    14. Right, Rafael, that was not me. It is an almost universal rule that posters who impersonate other posters are banned. They’re very easy for the site owners to identify, because the site software records their IPs. It’s usual to ban them because once they get going they take malicious glee in pretending to argue with themselves under other people’s names, and fill whole threads with pseudo comical garbage. But I have limited faith in the comments philosophy here. Frankly, I think the +972 team are good journalists, but lousy editors.

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    15. Piotr Berman

      Veena Malik definitely violated rules of tsniut http://www.rediff.com/movies/report/veena-malik-goes-nude-complete-with-isi-tattoo/20111202.htm . I wonder what would happen in Israel if an actress posed with ShaBak initials on her arm, a lot of hair — and nothing else? Or in USA, for that matter.

      By the way, I post from two IPs usually. However, to post, I must type my e-mail, and Rowan is definitely using a different e-mail for his/her posts than the second RW. Is it possible to prevent posts that use the same visible name as another poster? And disallow multiple names from the same IP?

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