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IDF, Hamas exchange Twitter threats

A window into the childish, murderous thinking on the leaderships of both sides.

Via Alex Yudelson.

Israeli politicians line up behind assault on Gaza Strip
Gaza operation will be declared a success, until the next war

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    1. The Trespasser

      The only difference is that IDF is not threatening.

      “blessed hands” and “hell gates” does not impress much, given than every single Hamas operative is feasting until the end of operation.

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      • Jack

        Obviously they are not only threatening but taking real action with missile, tanks and drones.

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        • rsgengland

          I am wondering if you have forgotten , or some how did not notice that missiles and mortars with real explosives in their warheads , have been directed at Israeli civilians for quiet a while now.
          How would you like Israel to
          respond ?
          With powder puffs .
          At least Israel attacks the perpertrators of these attempted atrocities (Hamas and its henchmen).

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