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I was arrested for hiring a Palestinian tour guide

After the police ineptitude and harassment experienced today, it is clear that in certain situations, Palestinians are simply guilty until proven innocent

Last week  my tour company, MEJDI, received a tour group from Washington DC. The group members are all part of the same Jewish congregation, and are here on a trip lead by their rabbi, who was inspired by our narratives-based approach to tourism. This morning we took the tour group to the Mount of Olives for a view of the Old City of Jerusalem, and spoke to them about the political and religious narratives of the city. While the tourists were wandering around and taking pictures, a policeman with another woman in civilian clothing approached our Palestinian tour guide, asked for his identity card and tourism license, and arrested him.

Each of our groups has two guides, one Palestinian and one Israeli. Almost all of our Palestinian guides come from East Jerusalem, because of the severe shortage of permits for Palestinian guides based in the West Bank.  This guide, who for security reasons will be called “HJ,” is a resident of Bethlehem, and is the first West Bank guide we hired to lead our groups in Israel, in tandem with an Israeli Jewish guide.

HJ is a good friend of mine and, apart from being a fully licensed tour guide, is also a dedicated peace activist, who has been interested in MEJDI’s alternative tourism initiative for a while. He called me last week to let me know he finally received a permit to work in Israel, and would therefore be able to work with MEJDI. Friendship aside, I double-checked HJ’s permit and legal status and then hired him for the current tour.

When the police saw HJ’s green identity card (ID’s issued by Israel are color-coded; Israeli citizens get blue IDs, Palestinians get green ones), they were visibly  overcome by excitement and a big smile appeared on their faces. They behaved like they made a big catch. They ignored the fact that HJ had a travel permit and a license to work in Israel. I actually heard them say:”Even if he can work in Israel, he couldn’t possibly be a licensed tour guide.” HJ’s tour guiding license was also disregarded.

I tried to explain to the officers that HJ was legal and can work in Israel according to my understanding of the permit. I even called HJ’s lawyer who assured me of the same. But by then, the officers were more interested in their next arrest: Myself.

The police officers decided to arrest me for hiring HJ. I was accused of employing an illegal alien. I tried to reason with the officers but I was speaking to deaf ears. There seemed to be no hope in explaining anything. We were both asked to turn off our phones and not to make any phone calls to anyone, including lawyers. We were also told to stop talking to each other.

Fortunately, because we have two tour guides for each tour, our group was able to continue their tour with the Israeli guide, without major disturbances.

We were promptly asked to sign a paper which indicates that we were not beaten up at the time of our arrest, and we were whisked away to the police station in East Jerusalem, where we waited for about an hour as they processed our arrest. Eventually they  took HJ to the interrogation room.  In less than five minutes the interrogator stormed  out of the interrogation room enraged and began yelling at the arresting officer: “He is legal, why did you arrest them? Release them now.” I was rather relived to have finally met an Israeli police officer who knew how to read a permit issued by the Israeli authorities.

Before leaving the police station, we were both given our IDs’  back, but HJ’s magnetic card was missing. Every West Bank Palestinian that wants to obtain a working permit must also apply for a magnetic ID card from the Israeli Civil Administration in the West Bank. When we asked the police officer about it, he said that he lost the card. He shrugged off our request for a statement stating that he lost the card so HJ can apply for a new one without major delays and interrogations. He told us to go away and not to cause any problems if we don’t want to get ourselves into trouble. We knew we had to leave.

This incident puts me in a difficult situation. What do I do next? Do I still hire HJ and possibly other West Bank guides despite the danger of police harassment? Or do I let this incident induce me to boycott Palestinian tour guides?

As a businessman, I cannot allow such situations to happen again to any of my tour groups. It affects the professionalism of my business. But at the same time I cannot let discriminatory police officers win this battle. Is lawful and respectful treatment of Palestinians too much to ask for? Are Palestinians guilty until proven innocent?

In our business, we refuse to let the conflict generate more hatred or propaganda by or against any side. That is why we have both Israelis and Palestinians accompany the group for the entirety of each trip. Our groups meet with Israeli and Palestinian politicians, activists, and artists alike. We hope these tours generate more supporters for peace. We will find ways to overcome the new challenges while keeping to a high professional level, and we will continue to implement this mission regardless of the hostile environment around us.

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    1. Mariel

      As a tourist, I would have increased respect for a company that continues to hire Palestinians from the West Bank in spite of potential discrimination. To me, it’s not so different from pre Civil Rights era in America, when segregation was the norm, and hiring an African American was reason for hassles both from the private sector and the law, both for the employer and employee. To me, this does not showcase a lack of professionalism on your part or that of your company, but rather showcases the reason you do what you do, as an advocate of peace.

      That said, I can understand how this creates problems for a tour group when the leaders are detained. My thought would be, as often as possible (understanding that costs may prohibit this), hire a Palestinian from East Jerusalem as well as one from the West Bank. However, I understand this may not help, and may create unnecessary trouble for both Palestinians as well as yourself.

      I would encourage you not to let this one incident cause serious changes in how you run your business. What documents could your Palestinian employees carry that might make it easier to replace lost or stolen travel documents? Photocopies, receipts, additional ID, etc.

      Your story highlights the reasons you travel with two guides that are so different. As an American tourist, I would choose your company for this reason, but if you were to stop hiring Palestinian guides I would look for another company to travel with.

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    2. David

      If you DON’T hire qualified tour guides in the future, that was the goal of your harassment and it will have succeeded.

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    3. Louis

      Hire, hire and hire again… File a complaint on the magnetic card the police ‘lost’… and get the Rabbi of your group to write a letter of outrage to the chief of police, the Minister of Internal Security and yes to the Bibi himself… And then they should talk about it back home…

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    4. It would seem that the war between Israel and Palestine is being fought many different ways, by many different people. In doing so, it makes it impossible for there to be peace, as there can be no coherent application of it, when the policeman on the street will treat it differently than his supervisor, or one government official from another.

      You must continue to do what you do, and you must continue to document the excesses of those who seek to continue to maintain the fissure between both sides. Peace is more important than self.

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    5. Debra

      No. It does not affect the professionalism of your business and no client would think that it does.

      It does affect the professionalism of the police.

      I assume your Israeli guides fully understand the aims of the business and are also professional enough to continue despite the harassment of their colleague.

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    6. Marjorie Frank

      I am 100 per cent in agreement with Louis. I’m going to do the same in regard to the restraints I was under as an American/Israeli when our synagogue was on tour with you in East Jerusalem Aziz.

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    7. simon cohen

      i would imagine that this incident is a slice of reality for the tourists involved. Isn’t this what they are in Israel ? Why whitewash the reality ?

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    8. Marie

      You must not let them intimidate you, and try to bully you around. These are tactics design to scare and make people fearful of Palestinians. Stay behind your friend and support him. We need more people to stand up to all these tactics. Maybe then PEACE will be achieved.

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    9. Get a major newspaper to write it up, with praise for the officer (perhaps named) who could read a permit, some other sort of comment for the arresting officers and their training, and a MAJOR POINTER to the { loss/destruction + non-immediate-replacement-and-no-letter of the magnetic card }, which — I imagine as a USAer — is a bit like life’s blood to a Palestinian, whether or not Israeli.

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    10. Sylvia

      Jerusalem and area are under alert until tomorrow based on general (not precise) intel.l.igence that an attack might be imminent. Perhaps this is what explains the zeal of that police. Expect more thorough searches etc within the next few days.
      Having said that, you should have insisted on getting a signed statement that the magnetic card was lost. The next best thing is for your friend to report the loss of the card immediately in the same office that has issued it.
      I don’t think it is a pattern, I think it’s the combination of bad luck (meeting that specific police person) and the current circumstances.

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    11. Apa

      Sylvia – what are you saying? Harassment of Palestinians at the hands of police overstepping their boundaries or applying law based on ethnicity is NOT common in Israel and the occupied territories?

      Reply to Comment
    12. this is apartheid

      Reply to Comment
    13. Ben Israel

      It is truly unfortunate for the Palestinians that their chosen leader, Arafat, and his FATAH people decided to try to knock Israel out by carrying out a long series of suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks that killed or wounded THOUSANDS of Israelis, including not a few Arabs. This poisoned the atmosphere of the so-called “peace process” and created a lot of suspicion that still exists. Recent events are merely reinforcing that suspicion. These events can not simply be forgotten and it is not possible to claim that Israeli suspicioins are merely “racism”. I think Palestinians should look at their own leadership when trying to determine who is responsible for situations like this. It is irresponsible to simply pretend this background does not exist.

      Reply to Comment
    14. Corey Gil-Shuster

      Police abuse is an epidemic here. I personally know of 4 cases of police abusing their power against citizens (all Jews) including beatings and false arrests. We have lost all faith in our police system.

      Reply to Comment
    15. Deïr Yassin

      I think Ben Israel made a mistake and posted on a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with the content of his comment.
      Oh, his usual propaganda, you say ? And that he’s basically a racist ? Yeah, I guess you’re right. But then let’s see on the positive side of it: a comment with no hint to the Left…
      Basically, he’s saying that Arabs have the right to harass Jews wherever they come across them, because Ben Israel’s settler-friends are harassing Palestinians.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Ben Israel

      My comment is totally relevant. All the myriad security regulations and the cutting off of the West Bank from Jerusalem, plus suspicion of Arabs in general flow DIRECTLY from the terrorist campaign the Palestinians choice for leader, Arafat, brought them.

      I also see you are ignoring Noam’s demand for an end to personal attacks. Maybe since you are a “progressive” they can be overlooked at 972.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Deïr Yassin

      @ Ben Israel
      “My comment is totally irrelevant”
      Thank you for confirming ….

      Reply to Comment
    18. Danny

      Ben Israel, your comments are totally inappropriate and smack of outright racism towards Arabs. I venture that if someone said something along your lines against Jews you would be totally offended by it, and rightfully so. Just like I hope not all Israelis are judged by the actions of the settlers, so I do not judge all Palestinians by the actions of Hamas. Unfortunately, too many Israeli policemen think along your lines.

      Reply to Comment
    19. Deïr Yassin

      @ Directorjob
      Ben Israel has already used that mantra dozens of times, and he in fact writes ‘thousands of killed AND wounded’.
      I just want to cut the grass under Ben Israel, his only reason for being around on a ” Far Left Wing, Arab loving” blog is to divert from the topic of Aziz’ article: anti-Arab discrimination, and your missing the ‘wounded’ would be just another opportunity for him to dump his proto-fascist Hasbara.

      Reply to Comment
    20. Most of the above sounds like good advice, but our post author must bear the emotional cost if he follows it. We don’t.
      Ben Israel’s comment and reactions to it shows, I think, how the events of 2000-2 are either heightened or discounted in our naratives. I venture that people like Ben Israel will want to know what if it all happens again. The other side knows that if you focus only on that no one will move. How do we handle fear? By pretending it is not there? If you want peace, you will first have to accept some deaths, and prepare for that. If you want the kind of fortress protection logic prevalent in Knesset discourse, then you will have to accept some deaths. Death, here, is in a sense a constant. The only leverage I see is what one does after the deaths. Do people talk about that? I know not; I am not an Israeli, Arab or Jew.

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    21. @Mariel

      I wanted to share the dilemma because I know many tour companies face it. We are not going to stop hiring Palestinian guides because the mission of our business is to present the narratives and voices of the people of this land.

      however, we will be thinking about how to avoid police harassment. We will work on revising our plan of what to do in similar situations especially as our business grow

      We will continue in our dual narrative tours and provide both a Jewish Israeli and a Palestinian guides to lead trips together. There is no better way to learn about life, history and conflict here than learning it directly from both sides at the same time.

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    22. Taoist


      Poor B.I., he can’t connect the dots, but don’t be hard on him, he somehow got lost on his way to PR training, and spilled his lesson upon us.

      A total non-sequitor, eh?



      OTOH, being Israel the only, ehem, “democracy” in the ME, when the police arrest someone, aren’t they supposed to show their badges with their names and numbers? Or am I fantasizing?

      Can they be sued for wrongly arresting someone, or is that a pipe dream?

      Does it mean the police is a repressive force, not a security force for all citizens?

      What kind of a “democracy” is that?

      It stinks of bigotry, racism, and moral turpitude.


      Reply to Comment
    23. David

      Aziz, I think a lot of people would love to know the reaction of members of the American Jewish congregation which was visiting “the only democracy in the Middle East.”

      Reply to Comment
    24. Taoist

      @ DIRECTROB,

      There is another side to that coin, the number of Palestinians killed in the same period.



      Israelis and Palestinians Killed in the Current Violence

      At least 6,430 Palestinians and 1,084 Israelis
      have been killed since September 29, 2000.

      American news reports repeatedly describe Israeli military attacks against the Palestinian population as “retaliation.” However, when one looks into the chronology of death in this conflict, the reality turns out to be quite different.

      Source: B’Tselem, The Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. (Visit their statistics page, last updated Oct. 31, 2010.)



      Figures are irrelevant for B.I., and he sees these figures, he would say the reason for so many Palestinians killed, is they live too close to each other…

      If the whole thing weren’t so sad, I’d be laughing.

      “Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure.”


      Reply to Comment
    25. Philos

      I hate to be a cynic, Abu Sarah, but which country are you living in??? I mean, c’mon we all know here that the police are all ex-Magavnik a@@holes with the same brain development as jellyfish. Arsim and frechot with badges and authority….

      Reply to Comment
    26. OZ

      “arsim and frechot”…. I suggest you dig into your own personal “baggage” for prejudices and racist tendencies…

      Reply to Comment
    27. Jay

      @Ben Israel

      I agree with Deir Yassin that your initial comment does not address Aziz’s dilemma. I keep rereading Aziz’s post in search of one of any number of valid complaints and assertions: that the police officers were racist (your comment contains the first mention or implication of racism), that they were wrong in profiling HJ, that the enactment and enforcement of the myriad security regulations that you defend as necessary are illegal, that the regulations themselves are immoral or excessive, that the suspicions they are designed and presumed to alleviate are well-founded, or even that the police were acting illegally (or immorally) by satisfying their own suspicions (regardless of the reasons for their suspicions) by detaining HJ and demanding to see his documents.

      Would you agree that he and HJ were unjustly and unfairly arrested and interrogated?

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    28. Mark

      Aziz, I am very sorry that this happened to you and HJ. I know that you will continue to do the excellent work that you do. I think that one of the most important voices here should be the American tourists especially the rabbi. As you well know, it is important for American jews to be more aware of the realities of what happens in Israel and to be willing to stand up and speak about these things. I hope that the rabbi is talking about this to his congregation in Washington.

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    29. walt kovacs

      so the israeli beat cops goofed up and it was immediately fixed by their superior

      nothing to see here

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    30. Ben Israel

      What I see here are different approaches to getting Israel to give up the West Bank. Some of you think that by screaming every day that Israelis are “racists” and whatever other epithets they can think of and Israel had better do what the “progressives” want, Or Else (BDS, for example). In other words, make a lot of threats.
      Others think that the best way is to convince the Israelis that the Palestinians want peace and will agree to normal, peaceful relations with Israel. I have pointed out here that the Palestinians and their “progressive” supporters don’t believe in the second approach, they prefer the first. Some even believe the first approach is best when accompanyed by terrorist attacks, in order to ratchet up the pressure even more.
      Has the first method delivered what its adherents want?
      Maybe if Aziz told us what he thinks of ways the Palestinians can convince Israelis, and I mean the bulk of Israelis who are NOT HADASH supporters, but of the center-right, that they really want peace instead of droning on and on and on about their well-known grievances, that this would help do the trick?

      Reply to Comment
    31. Sylvia

      “I mean, c’mon we all know here that the police are all ex-Magavnik a@@holes with the same brain development as jellyfish. Arsim and frechot with badges and authority”
      Before you come posing as champion of human rights, you should take care of that swastika sticking off your chest.

      Reply to Comment
    32. Ben Israel

      While we are on the subject of “justice”, I came across this article from a couple of months ago about the stalled investigation of the murder of Juliano Mer Khamis. There have still be no arrests. Now, he was a “progressive” loved by all the other “progressives” and considered a symbol of supposedly non-violent “resistance” against Israel. He worked hard to raise the political conciousness of Palestinian youth through his theater. Yet he was the victim of numerous threats and finally he was killed. Read the article:


      Note how they say his theater was not well-received in the Jenin camp and that it was more of a tourist attraction for foreign “progressives” than a symbol of resistance to the local residents. It seems that Juliano was viewed as a something of a troublemaker by imoportant people. I also find it instructive that the Palestinian Authority is not willing to excercise its power to solve a case that one would think would be viewed as important.
      Now, how are Israelis viewing this from the side supposed to conclude that the Palestinian Authority “really” wants peace when they can’t even bother themselves to solve the murder of a close ally and friend of the Palestinian revolution?

      Reply to Comment
    33. Deïr Yassin

      @ Ben Israel aka I_love_Ike_52

      If you have nothing to say about what happened to Aziz and his friend from Bayt Lahem, you’re NOT obliged to comment.

      Reply to Comment
    34. Fuad Saba

      I hope your tourist group understood completely what happened and the next time they think of Eretz Yisrael they will remember this Apartheid event and not just the rosy bullshit propaganda they are fed everyday. I think it is hilarious that a Palestinian “guide” needs to have a license to do anything at all in the land of his people and ancestors but that is how far your “democracy” has come. So a bunch of people from Poland, Russia, Germany etc., probably most of them descendants of Khazars, get to discriminate against a real son of the Holy Land and you have second thoughts about hiring him? If that is the case, you already are part of the problem.

      Reply to Comment
    35. Taoist

      While we are on the subject of “justice”,…


      Well, that royal “we” doesn’t apply to you, since you are here only for the subject of propagandizing your anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian hate-mongering, regardless of how off the mark and out of context your comments are.

      You’re the king of non-sequitor…but we understand, is not your fault, you’re just doing a poor job trying to further dehumanize a people, on a salary.


      Reply to Comment
    36. Ben Israel

      Didn’t you guys invade the country in the 7th century out of Arabia? After all, the non-Jewish population calls themselves “Arabs” which is based on the place of origin “Arabia”, and the religion is Islam, which came out of Arabia. The Arabs here speak Arabic, a language that came out of Arabia. They don’t speak Canaanite or Philistine which was an Indo-European language. Wasn’t it you guys who drove much of the Jewish population out of the country with your discriminatory jizya tax and dhimmi regulations in the years after the Arab invasion, possibly the biggest act of militarist imperialism in history?

      Reply to Comment
    37. Tania

      I don’t understand why so many of the comments here are abusive. Why not just deal with the facts and address those, rather than get personal? I would also hope Aziz Abu Sarah will highlight unfair treatment by Palestinians as he does Israelis if he comes across crooked Palestinian border police officers!

      Reply to Comment
    38. Pauline Coffman

      Thank you for describing this mess so completely. I recently co-led another group that hired a Palestinian tour guide. We had no trouble. I’d say we spent equal amounts of time in the West Bank and in Israel…Hebron, Nablus, Nazareth, Golan Heights, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa…I was amazed that we were not challenged at all. We traveled just before the kerfuffle around those coming to participate in the Bethlehem gathering. Please hire Palestinians again! And thank you for your efforts.

      Reply to Comment
    39. Taoist

      Didn’t you guys invade the country in the 7th century out of Arabia?


      How far back in written history is this guy going to take us for a ride, on the account of a bigoted event, part of the daily behavior of the Israeli Border “Police,” to show how horrible/terrible Arabs have been to “poor” Israelis, and justify their racist harassment on Palestinians, and in this case, those who dare to hire them?

      Please wake me up when we get to the proto-fascist “Magavnikim” period, I mean, the proto- Neanderthal…



      Reply to Comment
    40. Shulamit

      Aziz, I hope you will write a follow-up about what happens regarding HJ’s magnetic card.

      The police clearly shouldn’t have arrested either one of you, and they seem to have tried to recover some kind of negative impact on you two, by “losing” the card.

      Doing such a thing is unconscionable. Who will you be reporting this illegal action to? And how will HJ get a replacement card?

      Reply to Comment
    41. Palestinian

      So according to Shylock Ben Yehuda , all Arabs come from Saudi Arabia only bcz they speak Arabic and the vast majority are Muslims ?! Which means Egyptians , Palestinians , Jordanians , Iraqis ,Syrians ,Lebanese people,Sudanese people, Tunisians , Algerians,Libyans, Moroccans and Mauritanians are all originally from the KSA !!!! And not just that , our fiend Shylock Ben Yehuda and his bouncer Avigdor Liberman are the real descendants of the Jews who lived in Palestine once before(after stealing the land from the Canaanites).And yesterday , I met king Richard the 2nd in my backyard.
      I am curious about Arab Christians and Jews ? Do they come originally from Saudi Arabia too ? maybe they converted to Christianity and Judaism under the terrible oppressive Islamic rule :S Maybe thats why the Turks no longer speak Arabic , lucky them , Israel recognizes their origins in Turkey .Another point , arent the people who inhabited the Arabian peninsula are descendants of Isma’el(or Ishmael as they call him) who is the first son of Ibrahim(Abraham) ? Shylock khabibi you are drowned in a swamp of delusions, lies and myths.It takes courage to save yourself from yourself.Bekafi Kizib( enough with your lies)

      Reply to Comment
    42. Aziz

      The group didn’t want to leave and decided to show solidarity by staying with us. However I asked them to continue their tour as planned and after we were taken to the police station they continued with the Israeli guide on their trip.

      Reply to Comment
    43. rivka warshawsky

      I am so ashamed. My country behaves like a third world country, ignorance and pettiness and general disrespect

      Reply to Comment
    44. Ben Israel

      Who is Shylock Ben Yehuda?

      Reply to Comment
    45. Deïr Yassin

      @ “Ben Israel” aka “I_like_Ike_52”
      He’s the police officer that arrested Aziz and his Palestinian friend. I even think his name is mentioned in the article.
      What ? You didn’t read the article, that’s not necessary to dump your crap here ?

      Reply to Comment
    46. Palestinian

      I guess my message was conveyed ….

      Reply to Comment
    47. Ben Israel

      No, the reference was to me and my comment about the history of the Arab conquest of the Middle East. Didn’t even get my name right. You don’t even read what I write.
      I am curious why you insist on writing insults and attaching malicious nicknames (Shylock, hasbarist liar, paid propagandist) on your comments about us few right-wingers who write here. What do you think it is going to accomplish? Why do you assume I am paid to write what I do? Don’t you think anybody really thinks this way. Whe do you think HADASH is not in power in Israel?
      I have never made ANY personal attack on you or on Arabs as a group yet you end up vilifying us as racists and other things. I also note none of the other Jews, except for Noam Sheizaf has ever taken exception to what you do. This certainly has been a lesson in the propaganda techniques and mental makeup of the Far Left. I find it encouraging if you feel you can’t argue your point and have to hurl curses and meaningless insults instead.

      If you want to try some new politically-correct “progressive” curses and insults, try these from the time of the purge trials in the USSR:

      Reply to Comment
    48. Palestinian

      P.S Shylock is a name not an insult.

      Reply to Comment
    49. Deïr Yassin

      @ Ben Israel
      Reading your comment, I’m asking myself if everything is all righ. I wonder what Hadash has to do with the rest of it, but as you’re obsessed with the Far Left, I guess you had to put it somewhere.
      One of the traits of a genuine racist is putting the ‘Other’ into one big indistinctive box just as you’re doing here
      > Where did I call you Shylock ? Oh, you think “Palestinian” is another of my pen names ? Or what one Palestinian says is the responsability of another. From there to collective responsability, there’s only a step.
      Why do you talk about “the Jews” ? Holy Mary, you try to cover behind “the Jews” ? We know that trick.
      > I think you mix up people. I remember Noam made a remark to you, Bosko and Taoist a couple of days ago, but what have I got to do with it ?
      > I have also told you many times that I’m not Shirin. You on the other hand have admitted when Leonid Levin mentioned it, that you are in fact “I_like_Ike_52”. I don’t have more than one pen name, why should I ? Why do YOU have various pen names ?

      You have never made any personal attacks on me or Arabs as a group ? Most of your comments are basically racist. You specifically wrote that I endorsed/celebrated – or whatever the verb was – the killing of the Fogel children. Where on earth did you get that from ? From your sick mind where all Arabs are blood thirsty murderers. “It takes one to know one” !
      I don’t argue with you because you’re IMHO a racist, an extremist, a manipulating liar, and you’ve just said on another thread that you don’t care if John Hagee is an antisemite as long as he’s useful to you, so I’ll add: you’re a lunatic too. Call it what you want but you asked me why, and I’ve answered. And then of course you’re a troll, you don’t give a damn about the articles, you just want to dump your racist crap. An irrational biped in short.
      And you’ve already posted that link.

      Reply to Comment
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