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WATCH: Jerusalem soccer hooligans attack Arabs at shopping center

Last Monday, a mob of Beitar Jerusalem football fans rioted at the Malcha Shopping Center. Notorious for their racism, the fans’ chants often include “MAH-vet l’araVEEM” – death to Arabs; this can be heard in the amateur video below, starting from 2:36.

As Haaretz reports, hundreds of  Beitar hooligans swarmed into the mall following a game at the nearby Teddy Stadium. They “hurl[ed] racial abuse at Arab workers and customers and chanting anti-Arab slogans, and filled the food hall on the second floor.” Then they mobbed three Arab women eating with their children in the food hall, yelling epithets and spitting on them. Some Arab men employed as cleaners came to the women’s rescue; they had only their broomsticks as weapons, but succeeded in chasing the hooligans away – albeit temporarily. But then…

… a few minutes later [the Beitar fans] returned and assaulted them. “They caught some of them and beat the hell out of them,” said Yair, owner of a bakery located in the food hall. “They hurled people into shops, and smashed them against shop windows. I don’t understand how none shattered into pieces. One cleaner was attacked by some 20 people, poor guy, and then they had a go at his brother who works in a nearby pizza shop and came to his rescue.”

The attackers also asked Jewish shop owners for knives and sticks to serve as weapons but none consented, witnesses said. Avi Biton, Malha’s security director, sent a force of security guards in an attempt to restore order, but they were outnumbered. He called the police who arrived in large numbers about 40 minutes after the brawl started. At about 10.30 P.M., they evacuated the mall and the management shut its doors.

Source: Haaretz

Gideon Avrahami, the director of the mall, called the riot “…disgraceful, shocking, racist incident” and apologized in person to the Arab workers. Avi Biton, the mall’s security director, promised to increase security measures when the next Beitar game was played at the nearby stadium.

Meanwhile, amongst the Israeli media only Haaretz newspaper published a report about this incident – even though it occurred five days ago. One would think that a major race riot in Jerusalem’s largest shopping mall, patronized by Jews and Arabs alike, would garner some significant local media attention. But no.

More shocking and insidious is the fact that, even though the riot was recorded by the Malha shopping centre’s CCTV cameras, no-one has been arrested. Why not? Well, said the police, because no-one filed a complaint.

Okay, let’s try a little thought experiment here. Imagine that a few hundred Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel rioted at the upscale Ramat Aviv mall in northern Tel Aviv. Imagine that they were fans of the Arab soccer team Bnei Sakhnin, that they waved team jerseys and scarves as they chanted “death to Jews” in Arabic and cursed and spat at some nice middle class Jewish women sipping cappuccinos with their children and sharing pains au chocolat at the Arcaffe. Imagine that they ran around the mall, asking for knives to attack the cleaning staff that was trying to protect the women from being attacked. And that they slammed some of those cleaners into plate-glass shop windows.

Imagine that all of this was was recorded on the Ramat Aviv shopping centre’s CCTV cameras.

And then imagine the police announcing to the media that they had not made any arrests because no-one had filed a complaint.


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    1. Peter

      Actually Lisa, mobs chanting death to the jews are pretty much the norm in the middle east and to a certain extent the rest of the world. Perhaps not in Ramat Aviv mall but certainly in the malls and streets of many other countries, including most recently Toulouse, France.

      Im not saying what happened was justified or legal, but rather that it is not the norm, it was an isolated incident. There are not large groups of rowdy Jews that routinely patrol shopping malls hunting arabs.

      So seriously, get a life

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    2. Kamal

      Thank you for writing about this and also reversing the scenario to reveal just how shameful the police inaction in this case is. We must condemn such acts of racist violence no matter who the perpetrator and no matter who the target.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Tina Lekas Miller

      Great article Lisa. Thank you for writing about this event that has been shamefully ignored. Your analogy was excellent.

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    4. Arieh Zimmerman

      Peter may be missing a point or two; questions might be asked why Peter is not more disturbed by the mob violence, or how he relates to the fact that only HaAretz saw fit to publish news of the event.
      He writes, “..mobs chanting death to the Jews are pretty much the norm in the middle east”. However, most of those incidents do not involve damage to Jews as they are largely non-existent in the greater part of the Mid-East.
      Tribalism and atavistic race hatred are not unknown in our history, nor the history of any other race, religion or whatever.
      There is no reason, non whatsoever, to pass over the horrific Betar primitive proto-pogram.

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    5. eyal Molchansky

      it happened and happens every few days on the light train in jerusalem. they chant “death to arabs” and harass arab passengers. if there are cops they just observe and do nothing.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Paul

      @Peter – I wans’t there (were you?) but what I saw reported from France was thousands of people coming on to the streets in symptahy with the murdered Jewish children and adults in Toulouse, and politicians including the President condemning the attack. Not mobs chanting ‘death to the Jews’. Also the police acted pretty decisively.

      Heartening, just as it is positive that the Mall administators condemned the Betar racist thugs.


      Reply to Comment
    7. By the way, the claim that arrests and indictments can’t be made absent a victim’s complaint is false. I myself was convicted of “threats” against Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (over a blog post, not heavy breathing on the phone…), who did not file a complaint with the police and whom we were not allowed to summon as a witness.
      Jerusalem District PD Chief Nisso Shaham is proving that the Kahanists managed to get to him. Said high-ranking porker was marked as an enemy of the Jehovah-nazis when, during the disengagement from the Gaza Strip he was recorded saying “shit on them” regarding the militant settlers and their threats of violent resistance.
      When he was appointed Chief of the J-M district, some had naively hoped that a new era had begun for a force that had been accurately dubbed “Kahane’s Police” by songwriter Chaim Cheffer back in the 80’s and hasn’t gotten a damn bit better since. The Judonazis of course raised a big ole wail when he was appointed, but as I say some had hoped Shaham was exactly the sort of guy to blow off their hostility and do his motherfucking job. Did I mention the word Naive?
      So now Nisso is cowering from the feared wrath of the racist scum that populate Teddy Stadium’s east-side bleachers, and walking around the streets of Jerusalem with Satan’s spunk dripping from his rectal orifice.

      Reply to Comment
    8. “Actually Lisa, mobs chanting death to the jews are pretty much the norm in the middle east and to a certain extent the rest of the world. Perhaps not in Ramat Aviv mall but certainly in the malls and streets of many other countries, including most recently Toulouse, France.”

      This is a particularly repugnant form of lie. One man in Toulouse committed a vile unpardonable crime, but I saw no footage of anyone chanting Death to Jews in Toulouse. Either provide such or apologize to the people of that city, who overwhelmingly reacted to the crime in a manner opposite to what you claimed. Thank you.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Bill Pearlman

      I’ve seen way worse at Yankee – Red Sox games back in the 70’s. I do like the bouncing up and down thing. Seriously though a bunch of young guys get tanked up at a game and then go out and cause trouble. Hardly unheard of and not the fall of society. They closed the mall and sent the cops in. And evidently the mall isn’t exactly a no go zone for Arabs.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Peter- As Rechavia pointed out, your comment is a lie – every word of it. Next time you write a similar comment, it will be deleted. If you try again after that, you will be banned.

      Reply to Comment
    11. John Yorke

      Cause and effect. One thing follows another and there’s not much anyone can do about it.

      Even if the police did prosecute whoever was responsible, would that stop it from ever happening again? Most unlikely; that’s just not it works in these cases. In fact, nothing seems to work, otherwise incidents like this would never occur in the first place.

      Comment edited by moderator.

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    12. Philos

      Bill & Peter, what the hell is wrong with you guys? It’s a vile act. It doesn’t matter who it was perpetrated against. Jesus, Moses and Mohammed not everything despicable that a Jew does requires automatic defense. Jews can be bad and condemnable people so condemn them when it is completely warranted. Damn it!

      Reply to Comment
    13. Lauren

      How absolutely frightening for the victims. Attacking women and children is shameful and cowardly. I’ve made a point of staying away from malls and public transportation as much as possible. There are too many incidents like this and I don’t feel safe. When you teach hatred to children, they grow up and act out the hate as though it’s acceptable. I say alcohol fueled this mayhem.

      Reply to Comment
    14. Bill Pearlman

      Philos, I’m not defending anything. What exactly do you want to happen here. All I’m saying is that soccer fans running wild isn’t unique to Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    15. Peter

      You are right, it was a lie, they dont chant death to the jews, they just slaughter them for being jewish. Sorry for the under exaggeration and the use of an analogy to illustrate a point.

      This was a soccer crowd, hyped up and exercising mob mentality. Nothing deeper. No conspiracy to undermine arabs, no illustration of a deeper, darker blackness running through Israeli society, no deaths or tragedies.

      Stop trying to make it so. There are exceptions and norms in all societies. This was an exception not a norm. Stop trying to make it anything different.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Steve

      This entire story sounds exaggerated:
      From the article: “One cleaner was attacked by some 20 people, poor guy, and then they had a go at his brother who works in a nearby pizza shop and came to his rescue.”
      Really? How can 20 people attack one guy? THere isn’t even enough physical space for that to happen.
      And if they were really “attacking” the cleaner, and then his brother, what happened to them? THey aren’t dead and apparently they weren’t put in the hospital, so how serious was this “attack?”
      They probably just pushed a few people. And maybe spit a few times.
      Pretty awful behavior, but I don’t believe all this “attack” stuff.

      Reply to Comment
    17. sh

      Tell us where in Toulouse a mob went out on a rampage shouting death to the Jews, Peter! – A Breivik went on a shooting spree and you just took a ride on it. – But let’s say for argument’s sake it did. Do you really think Toulouse’s democratically elected (named Cohen, btw) mayor, or the management of wherever it supposedly took place would have neglected to intervene?
      Those who didn’t already know learn from Rechavia Berman that even in our particularly democratic Israel the police doesn’t require a complaint to intervene or investigate. We know, too, that any Israeli mall, not least an upscale one like Malha, employs security guards. Nevertheless, we see that from customers thru staff to management, the only people who attempted to protect the Arab women under attack, were the mall’s no doubt subcontracted cleaners. Arab cleaners.
      Truth is, this kind of thing on a smaller scale happens regularly all over the show and when it’s wearing Beitar accessories, people attribute the excesses (with accompanying regretful grimace like the ubiquitous Pearlman’s) to football alone. It’s a lie. The troublemakers on Jerusalem’s trams, those who damage property and paint Death to Arabs and other racist graffiti all over the country are nothing less than present-day equivalents of the Brownshirts of the 1920s. Their principal affiliation is not to soccer, but to the late Meir Kahane and his living acolytes.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Bill Pearlman

      So let me ask you a question. What do you want to happen here. Should everybody on camera be arrested? And btw Steve has point. In my experience 20 on 1 attacks end up with a dead or severely injured victim. This story doesn’t mention that.

      Reply to Comment
    19. aristeides

      Yes, everyone identifiable should be arrested and charged with mob action. Rioting football hooligans are indeed common. Letting them off free because they’re Jews and their victims are just Arabs is pure Israel.

      As is diminishing the problem and telling those who are outraged to “get a life.” I’m sure our Jewish supremacists here would be outraged if their outrage over the Toulouse shootings were met with “get a life. It was an exception, not a norm. Get over it.”

      Reply to Comment
    20. Bill Pearlman

      If living in Israel is so oppressive to Arabs how come they are not fleeing for their lives. BTW I checked the archives of 972 for the story of the two soldiers who got beaten in Haifa by twenty Arabs. Who ended up in the hospital. And one of them had a swastika carved into his head. Didn’t find anything. Why not?

      Reply to Comment
    21. Bill Pearlman

      Comment deleted. This thread will not host conspiracy theories. No more warnings.

      Reply to Comment
    22. Peter

      Listen guys, I grew up and lived through apartheid South Africa. I saw the pass laws, the separate hospitals, buses, park benches. I have lived racism and observed the actions of the South African police.

      I have also been on the Champs Elysee the day France won the world cup final in 1998 and observed the actions of French football fans. I know the difference between the two.

      So let me reiterate, get a life.

      Reply to Comment
    23. aristeides

      The celebrations after France won the World Cup in 1998 were held up as a high point of racial harmony.

      “Most remarkable of all in the hours that followed the match was the way in which an entire country, which until now had rarely taken pride in its sporting heroes, came together in celebration. The Champs Elysées was awash with beer and champagne as all races and social classes danced and drank until dawn. Almost without exception, French people of a certain age now refer to the match in the Stade de France as the defining moment of their late 20th century.”

      This example doesn’t add to your weak credibility.

      Reply to Comment
    24. Bill Pearlman

      I guess the defining moment of the mid 20th century was vichy.

      Reply to Comment
    25. Bill, you must have misunderstood. This wasn’t one gang of fans attacking another. This was fans attacking janitors at the mall. These punks lunched people living far less well than them, going about their miserable exploitation wage jobs.

      Reply to Comment
    26. dickerson3870

      MY COMMENT: The fruit does not fall far from the tree!

      FROM WIKIPEDIA [Betar]:
      (excerpts) The Betar Movement (בית”ר, also spelled Beitar) is a Revisionist Zionist youth movement founded in 1923 in Riga, Latvia, by Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky. Betar has been traditionally linked to the original Herut and then Likud political parties of Israel, and was closely affiliated with the pre-Israel Revisionist Zionist splinter group Irgun Zevai Leumi. It was one of many movements and youth groups arising at that time out of a worldwide emergence of fascism.[1] Some of the most prominent politicians of Israel were Betarim in their youth, most notably Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Menachem Begin, the latter of whom idolized Jabotinsky.[2]…
      . . . The group initially praised Mussolini for his anti-communism and fascist principles, leading it to adopt the black uniform shirt of Italian fascism for a short period. Mussolini’s invasion of Abyssinia, however, was seen as “cowardly” by Betar and led them to break with him shortly after.[8]…

      Reply to Comment
    27. dickerson3870

      P.S. ALSO FROM WIKIPEDIA [Ze’ev Jabotinsky]:
      (excerpt)…In 1930, while Jabotinsky was visiting South Africa, he was informed by the British Colonial Office that he would not be allowed to return to Palestine…
      …During his time in exile, Jabotinsky started regarding Benito Mussolini as a potential ally against the British, and contacts were made with Italy. In 1934 Jabotinsky and the Revisionist Zionist movement set up the Betar Naval Academy in Mussolini’s Italy, which operated until 1938…

      Reply to Comment
    28. John Yorke

      Comment deleted by moderator. Repetitive.

      Reply to Comment
    29. Bill Pearlman

      Rechavia, I get that. And no, I wouldn’t exactly put this in a commercial for Jerusalem. What I’m saying is that 20-30 year old guys running wild after a sporting event and causing trouble isn’t unique to Israel or Betar Jerusalem. This happens after games all over the world. And the “death to the Arabs thing” so what. Its called free speech, something that Ahmed Tibi and the Islamic movement in Israel avails itself of all the time. Ethnic epithets, try New Jersey when I was growing up. I don’t see this has some big societal thing, I’m sorry. Last but not least there are more then a few left wing organizations in Israel who would be happy to push the case of Arabs being assaulted by Betar Jerusalem fans. Where are they, where are the “victims” of this supposed mob assault?

      Reply to Comment
    30. Abigail

      Comment deleted at writer’s request.

      Reply to Comment
    31. Bill Pearlman

      What can I tell you Abigail. Unlike leftists I like a good debate. BTW I got banned from mondoweiss. Not a problem.

      Comment edited by moderator.

      Reply to Comment
    32. John Yorke

      Comment deleted by moderator.

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    33. Bill Pearlman

      Also, I DON’T believe that Israel is the center of evil in the universe. That puts me out of step at mondoweiss.

      Reply to Comment
    34. John Yorke

      Comment deleted by moderator.

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    35. Piotr Berman

      It may be a puzzle why soccer matches are often followed by riots and tennis matches are not, but it is not a new or rare.

      What is most puzzling is the reaction of authorities: mall security and police. As a student, I once had a misfortune of observing a “micro-riot” (a bloody brawl) in a cafe. The manager locked the entrance (and the kitchen, I guess) and called the police which came in few minutes, some culprits managed to escape and the rest were arrested (they were to involved in beating each other up).

      From the description of events, one may guess that windows in the Jerusalem shopping mall are bulletproof (“amazingly strong”), which makes sense as a security measure in Israel. Mall security could apply the same technique as the cafe I have seen: lock all the doors, get the hooligans arrested. After a game, police should have some units on high alert, so responding a bit faster than in 40 minutes.

      Then it is very strange that mall management did not file a complaint, and that police NEEDS a complaint in a case of a brawl in public place.

      Reply to Comment
    36. Jogortha

      Thank you Lisa for posting this. The reactions on the comment section show a deeply ingrained racism in some. it’s interesting that some commentators are unable to say: “this is wrong & unacceptable.” Instead, they add “But”. Had the victims being Jews there would be no buts, no howevers.

      Reply to Comment
    37. “Really? How can 20 people attack one guy? THere isn’t even enough physical space for that to happen.”

      I love these. The pseudo-scientific “it never happened” proof. I hear David Irving is looking for a research assistant, boychick. He’ll love your methods.

      I guess gang beat-ins never happen either. There simply isn’t enough space!

      Peter, I love how chants of “Death to Arabs” by hundreds (not 20-30, hundreds) of hate-mad maniacs attacking a far smaller group are merely “free speech” to you, and a matter of “so what”, but you go to extraordinary lengths to falsely accuse entire cities of doing precisely that as proof positive of their evil (and of much worse. When proven that “they” never chanted death to Jews, you simply tarred all of “them” with the murder itself). That is just so cute. Take your pick: Logic skills bordering on Down’s Syndrome or a fundamental lack of intellectual honesty?

      I get the feeling you shoulda staid home in S.A. with your Afrikaaner friends.

      Reply to Comment
    38. Marcus

      For a very longtime I thought that it was the Arabs and Muslims who had a racism problem in the Mideast conflict. It’s clear now that there is plenty of racism on the Israeli side. This attack is a lynch. the fact that no one died (thank god!) doesn’t change it one bit. it is wrong, it is racist, and it is inexcusable. To relativize it, or try to “put it in context” is as despicable as the act itself. Shame on those who can’t see that.

      Reply to Comment
    39. John Yorke

      3.5 deletions in one commentary. Something of a record for me, if I’m not mistaken.

      And all I want to do is try to end a conflict that’s been running on for these past 64 years, shows very little sign of termination and, in fact, seems to be gearing up for an even more intense session with some Iranians very shortly.

      If only these matters could be concluded as easily as they are started.
      Now wouldn’t that be something, an item worthy of retention and not deletion?

      Reply to Comment
    40. Failure to investigate towards prosecution suggests two things:
      1) Those assaulted endure a greater standard of personal harm than others in the community.
      2) Which implies that many acts either go unreported or are ignored upon report. That is, the null response of the police is a measure of their behavior elsewhere, which feeds back into a passivity or fear of speaking on the part of victims. Frankly, rape used to be treated this way in the West generally a few decades ago and before.
      I cannot believe the Israeli judicial system doesn’t have a failsafe for police inaction. But I know not.
      Lastly, Peter and Bill, above, document a hasbara purity which I find increasinly difficult to read. Harm elsewhere does not legitimize harm here (generically), especially when the State could easily intervene to correct matters. Peter and Bill are much as the police response: see no evil, hear no evil, everything is good.

      Reply to Comment
    41. Mikesailor

      For Greg Pollock: What Israeli judicial system? They are part and parcel of the problem. When they rule against the state or IDF they are roundly castigated and then ignored. Their ‘rulings’ are rarely enforced and they will grasp at whatever ‘legal’ fictions are produced by the State in the name of ‘Zionism’. If you don’t believe it, look at all the rulings they have made against torture or settlements or the route of the ‘Wall’ and notice that they never hold anyone in contempt for violations of their ‘orders’ and will accept any delaying tactic offered.
      As to Peter and Bill, notice the pure BS excuses offered for the rioters. If you ever wonder how the Hutus massacred Tutsis in Rwanda, or how most other ethnic genocides are excused by their perpetrators, you have only to look at the mindsets they espouse. Excusing and even approving despicable actions against others because they are the ‘other’, and should not be considered ‘human’. Is there any crime to great that they would not find an excuse for the perpetrators? No. As long as the criminals are of their ilk. I wonder if they have taken the hasbara courses, and received credits. If they are the poster children for Zionism, then woe be unto the so-called ‘Jewish’ state. For with friends like them…..

      Reply to Comment
    42. Aaron the Fascist Troll

      I’d like to see a moratorium on, “Yeah, but what about _____.” And also, “Yeah, and _____ is just as bad (or worse).” If you want to say the incident’s not remarkable or newsworthy, OK, I guess that’s to the point. But the moratorium on “but what about” would apply equally to Arabs beaten by Jews in Jerusalem and Jews murdered by Arabs in France, and to all other incidents like this which all of us – repeat, all of us – deplore.
      So, some Jews get murdered in France? I humbly request, not a word about children in Gaza, please. Arabs get beaten up at a Jerusalem shopping mall? Please, let’s not hear about something that happened to Jews in France or in Arab countries. Yeah, I know I’m connecting them right now myself, but that’s a meta thing. And I know I’m concern-trolling and that this ain’t gonna happen, but hey, I can dream, can’t I?

      Reply to Comment
    43. Arieh Zimmerman

      There are a small number of corespondents who apparently are not terribly upset by the gang-bang at the mall.
      If the gang had been Arab, and the victims Jews, I suspect that their responses would have undergone a 180 degree turn-about.

      Reply to Comment
    44. John Yorke

      It doesn’t matter how major or minor these incidents are. They are a reflection of the society in which people live and, as such, they must degrade any society, no matter how integrated or tolerant it may see itself.

      Unless this case is handled with the utmost concern, one that is seen to deliver some degree of justice, then it massively feeds the prejudices on both sides, reinforcing stereotypes and allowing the overall situation to deteriorate even further.

      It’s a snapshot from a much larger sequence of images, ones that run all the way back to the very beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is not pleasant to view nor, I imagine, will it an experience to cherish.

      What does it say about the present state of Jewish-Arab relations? It denotes cultures and communities who are still at odds with one another, odds guaranteed to get longer and longer after events such as this.

      Without a substantial reduction in such odds, things can only get worse. Much worse.

      So, isn’t it high time we all thought about changing the rules of the game, setting limits so strict that everyone’s behaviour becomes significantly and permanently better as a result?

      Football hooligans must have boundaries beyond which even they will not venture. This can also be true of ‘hooligans’ elsewhere, those Jews and Arabs still out there, looking for an opportunity to strike at each other, waiting for what might be their one and only moment in the sun.

      How strange then that it is the rest of us who might have the very last word over all their decisions and in every one of their actions.

      If only we but knew it.

      Reply to Comment
    45. Michal Cababia

      I live in Israel and it’s inaccurate that the Israeli media failed to report about this. Other than the Hebrew version of Haaretz, articles appeared on media outlets from the right to the left including, Ynet, Walla, Mako, Globes and Israel Hayom.
      It’s terrible that the Arab employees were
      attacked. It’s known that among Beitar fans there are many racists. They’re completely crazy. My husband says that many of them are criminals and have been attested in the past. Hopefully, once the police get a hold of the video from security, arrests will be made. When Arabs attacked two Israelis in Haifa it also took a couple days before any arrests were made.

      Reply to Comment
      • Michal – In the age of the internet, living in Israel does not make you better informed about the local media than people living abroad. The only media outlet that reported on this story until today (Sunday) was Haaretz. Two days after Haaretz broke the story about the Malcha riot – five days after the incident – the police finally announced that it would investigate. Then Ch. 2 picked up the story. As of this moment (Sunday, 25 March, 8pm Israel time), the story does not appear on the homepage of Ynet (Hebrew) or NRG. There is a quote from Tibi on the homepage of the English edition.

        Also, in the Haifa incident -when Arabs attacked two JEWS (the Arabs were Israelis too) – the police began investigating immediately. In the Malcha mall incident, the police waited nearly one week to start an investigation. And the police did have the video footage from the very first day.

        Reply to Comment
    46. Leen

      Bill, I have no clue if you’ve ever lived in a liberal state, but people running amock, harassing bystanders, including using violent means, usually means they end up getting arrested and charged with mob action.
      This includes those who were running around in the Malha Mall harrassing Arabs.

      If this happened in the UK where a mob of white English guys running around harrassing Pakistani women and men who were bystanders or janitors, shouting ‘Death to Pakis’ or ‘Death to Muslims’, they will have extra sentence for a racially motivated action. Actually, it’s called ‘Paki-bashing’ and you can go to prison for that, and yes it is a racist action as well.

      Reply to Comment
    47. Leen

      Oh I forgot, this would also be considered a hate crime in the UK. Unfortunately, we all know that Israel is not a liberal state.

      Reply to Comment
    48. Muhammad

      Interesting insight. You should provide an Arabic version of this website so that also non-English-speakers can understand it and follow the discussion.

      Shukran and toda!

      Reply to Comment
    49. MikeS,
      Then that is where the fight is, is it not–in, for the judiciary? Quick and easy? No, long and quite hard. But I find it better than trying to get others to condemn along side me. The fight is always inside oursleves; goes for a State too.
      To place my position clearly: if I thought it were all possible of actuality, I would advocate decreasing US aid to Israel; I am a US citizen. But it is not at all possible. Instead of feeling good in my isolation, I ask: are other thoughts, routes, possible of at least articulation? I have nothing other to give.

      Reply to Comment
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