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Human rights NGO: Investigate senior IDF officers over Ofer killings

Following the release of CCTV footage showing the killing of two Palestinian minors near Ofer prison on Thursday, the Israeli human rights NGO B’Tselem called for an investigation of senior officers who were present at the scene. B’Tselem also asked the IDF to look into “misleading information” given to the local and international media after the incident.

The organization released several more videos from the event, showing the moment of shootings and the minutes leading up to them from two different angles. Here are the clips:

Nadem Syam Nawara, 17, and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh, 16, were shot to death near Ofer military prison in the West Bank during a Nakba Day protest. Two more Palestinian protesters were injured. Stones were thrown at IDF soldiers during the protest, but as the new footage revealed, Nawara and Odeh were shot from afar; one of them was actually with his back to the soldiers, and neither posed any risk to the army forces, nor threw any rocks.

Following the incident, the IDF Spokesperson claimed that no live ammunition was used by the military that day. However, the medical team that treated the teens said that they were wounded from live bullets. The distance from which they were shot also supports this theory, as rubber coated bullets very rarely kill from such a distance.

B’Tselem obtained the full tapes of four CCTV cameras which operated at the scene. A spokesperson for the organization said that the raw footage will be handed to the military police. B’Tselem also invited all media organizations to examine the raw footage themselves.

“The evidence might suggest intentional killing,” said B’Tselem spokesperson Sarit Michaeli. “There was no danger posed by the deceased or by the injured to the security forces, nor from anyone standing close to them.” All four Palestinians were hit in the upper parts of their body. Army orders allow the use of crowd control measures and rubber coated bullets. In extreme cases of immediate threat to soldiers, the orders allow shooting live ammunition in the lower parts of the body.

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    1. Rab

      In the first video, seconds 00:40-50, the people are back to casually walking around. Is that what happens when somebody is shot? Don’t people run away, hide, take cover, cry, go into shock? You mean they simply walk back causally to whatever was going on previously?

      Then an hour later, the same thing?

      Anyway, obviously if this is real, it’s the work of a sniper. Presumably, Israeli snipers use specific types of guns and bullets, so that if the IDF, Red Cross and maybe other groups are given full access to the bodies, it should be possible to ascertain whether the video represents an Israeli attack or not.

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    2. Ginger Eis

      I see NO IDF-soldiers in the video clip.
      I see NO guns.
      I see NO bullets.
      I hear NO gun shots.
      I see that the first guy that fell to the ground FIRST placed his BOTH hands to the ground before completely placing his body to the ground to secure a smooth landing and avoid injury. This is an atypical reaction for someone who just got shot!
      This video is theater – Palestinian actors at their best in the Paliwood movie industry.

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      • directrob

        Ginger, there is a grieving family.

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        • BaladiAkka 1948

          Creeps like Ginger and Rab (same person, former ‘Bar’ too) would be denyng the Holocaust if they were Germans. Day in and day out she’s posting what can’t be qualified as anything else than negationism.
          Can you imagine any sane person still claming that Mohamed al-Durah’s dead was staked ?

          Reply to Comment
          • Rab

            Plenty of sane people realize that al Dura’s death was faked, or, if real, caused by the Palestinians who were the only ones physically in a position to have shot the straight-on holes next to his father – the Israeli position was at an angle and the holes would have looked different.

            It is precisely that video, with its editing, its missing footage, the misleading information from Palestinian doctors, and the successful attempt to turn that cinematic play into a global blood libel on Israel that is making so many people doubt the veracity of this video footage.

            If these two young men were indeed killed by Israeli fire, in the very same spot, one hour apart, then we can all assume that it’s the same gun that brought them down. There are professional, forensic means to test how they were killed. The Palestinians should permit full transparency, so that if this is indeed a cold-blooded murder, then the Israeli soldier who committed it would be jailed. Obviously it is to the advantage of the Palestinians to blame these killings on Israel, so you folks should be encouraging them to permit full access to the bodies and their videos. In fact, we should all have access to all the video shot that day. In the second video (of the second teen) there are a number of cameramen who appear (surprise, surprise) when he falls, surely they all have footage of the day and it’s very easy to upload all of it to Youtube. Let’s see it all. Transparency.

            Oh, and in the spirit of transparency, I am pleased to report (again) that I am indeed Bar, but I am not Ginger.

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        • Ginger Eis

          Right. But, what has that got to do with the video clips above? How does one go EXCLUSIVELY from (a) two video clips showing two individuals (conveniently) falling to the ground and (b) a grieving family somewhere to (c) ‘IDF soldiers murdered the two individuals in said two video clips in cold blood? How does a + b = c?

          Reply to Comment
          • directrob

            Ok Ginger as it seems that moderation is absent here I’ll spell it out for you. You are in utter denial of facts and your remark that the victims faked their death is extremely cruel towards the parents.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            Directrob, the equation I laid out above is very clear, i.e. “How does a + b = c?” You need to solve the equation. That’s what I want to debate about. I have no need of (emotional) speeches.

            Reply to Comment
          • directrob

            Sorry no debate: a+b+CNN = wilful killing.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            Directrob, ‘a + b + CNN = 0.00’.

            The CNN video clip has zero evidentiary value: (a) It show IDF-soldiers firing NO “live rounds”. On the contrary, it confirms IDF-soldiers account that NO “live rounds” were fired! (b) It does NOT even show IDF-soldiers firing rubber bullets AND hitting anyone! I would hope that you are able to verbalize your thoughts and make a coherent case for “willful killing”. Screaming murder and pointing at a video clip are not remotely enough. Verbalize your thoughts and make a case. Can you do that? If yes, would you please do that?

            Reply to Comment
      • @ Ginger Eis

        “I see NO IDF-soldiers in the video clip
        I see NO guns.”

        Guns can shoot from far away, outside the frame of a video.

        “I see NO bullets”

        “I hear NO gun shots”

        In a silent video, you want to hear gunshots?

        “I see that the first guy that fell to the ground FIRST placed his BOTH hands to the ground before completely placing his body to the ground to secure a smooth landing and avoid injury. This is an atypical reaction for someone who just got shot!”

        “place” “placing” in less than 1/4 second? I doubt it. Putting one’s hands out to break one’s fall is a NATURAL muscle memory reaction to being suddenly pushed forward by the surprise impact of a bullet in the back fired by a coward safely hidden away

        Say you’re familiar https://www.google.com/search?q=john+banner+Schultz&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=kN17U8HGO8OgugSw_YDIBw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1920&bih=932&dpr=1

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        • Ginger Eis

          “Guns can shoot from far away, outside the frame of a video.” Correct! But then, Talknic (nice name btw),:
          (a) Why, based on that video, conclude that IDF soldiers were involved?
          (b) Where is the evidence that the individuals (especially the first one) who fell to the ground did so as a result of being shot?
          (c) Assuming that said individuals were in fact shot, what was the position of IDF soldiers at the moment the shots were fired?
          (d) From which position were the kill-shots fired?
          (e) Where is the evidence that the kill-shots came from the barrels of IDF soldiers’ guns?
          (f) On what basis does one conclusively rule out that said individual were shot by Palestinian militants/private individuals?

          You agree with me, don’t you, that without answers to these questions, the case cannot be made that IDF soldiers murdered anyone in cold blood? In my second post I will present (you, Rab and Directrob with) evidence that strongly suggests that the individuals in the video clips above may in fact not be the 17yrs old Nadeem Siam Nawara and the 16yrs old Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh/Mohammad Abu Dahar (depending on who is telling the tale) so that we can debate on it.

          Reply to Comment
        • Ginger Eis

          (2nd post). The video clips suggest that both (deceased) individuals were walking in OPPOSITE directions of the same road/street when they were allegedly shot from THE SAME direction . From there the only logical conclusion must be that one of the individual must have been shot in the back, from behind. However info coming out from the hospital claim that both individuals were shot in the chest, from the front (bullet trajectory: straight, front to back). The only logical conclusion that must thus follow is that at least one of individuals could not have been shot by IDF soldiers – ASSUMING the soldiers did fire ANY live rounds in the first place. I think that it would defy the laws of physics if someone shot from behind got hit in the chest, from the front, don’t you agree?

          Reply to Comment
      • Johnboy

        “I see NO IDF-soldiers in the video clip.
        I see NO guns.
        I see NO bullets.
        I hear NO gun shots.”

        Indeed true.

        It is very, very clear from those two videos that the two youths who were shot were not threatening the IDF in any way, shape or form.

        Which means that according to the IDF’s own live-fire regulations those two youths should not have been shot… yet they clearly were.

        “I see that the first guy that fell to the ground FIRST placed his BOTH hands to the ground”…

        We could try an experiment: Ginger could be walking about and without any warning someone could take a pile-driver and shove in into his back.

        Q: Would Ginger have to actually *think* about what has just happened to him before remembering to throw his hands out in front of him? Or would instinct take over?
        A: The latter.

        ….”before completely placing his body to the ground to secure a smooth landing and avoid injury.”

        Yeah, funny that. People who have been shot do rather tend to end up lying on the ground.

        Can’t imagine why….

        “This is an atypical reaction for someone who just got shot!”

        Really? Says who?

        If you are shot in the back then you are thrust forward by the force of the bullet.

        As you get thrown to the ground you *do* tend to throw your arms out, and evolution is smart enough to know not to ask for permission before doing so.

        “This video is theater – Palestinian actors at their best in the Paliwood movie industry.”

        This video is also available in full and completely unedited from the B’Tselem office.

        All anyone needs to do is to front up to that office with a USB memory stick that can hold 20GB of raw footage.

        So go knock yourself out, Ginger…

        Reply to Comment
      • JG

        You wont see anything, unless pointed by fact proofen bullet in your head…..

        Reply to Comment
    3. Ginger Eis

      History does not repeat itself, but the Arabs do and they overdo it. Watch and THINK. It’s Mohammed Al Durah all over again.


      Reply to Comment
    4. Elisabeth

      The comments here are always the lowest of the low. (They make me actually avoid this site most of the time, as they make me despair of human nature.)

      Reply to Comment
      • shachalnur

        I very much agree with you.

        But it’s also a golden opportunity to have a look at the current mental and moral state of 1897 Zionism is in,when confronted with their own actions and consequences thereoff.

        The comment sections of Israeli newpapers online are even more pityfull,by the way.

        Reply to Comment
    5. peter wilson

      I see the usual comments appearing from the usual sources. It is obvious that these young Palestinians actually threw themselves into the trajectory of the live rounds to provid3e footage for youtube. Who knows what devious lengths these tricky Palestinians will go to to get themselves killed for the camera.Or could it be the world’s most moral army doing what it does best-murder civilians.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Philos

      I’m glad the MSM media has become so distrusted and discredited many people around the world go to the comments section to get their info, and a flavour of the debate. The total failure of the media to sell the Ukraine junta to Westerners and how the comments section undermined the propaganda in the articles was truly amazing. The same process occurred with the attempted march on Syria.

      The comments on articles about Israel rarely provide new information, however, they give an insight into the fevered minds of ardent Zionists. Humane and moderate people can only be disgusted by what hasbarists write in English. Sadly, no one wants to touch the near continuous hatred on FB comments and in article comments in the Hebrew language press. It’s truly shocking even for Israelis like me who grow up on a diet of racial stereotyping.

      Keep up the good work hasbarists. You’re the Palestinians best friends on the net

      Reply to Comment
      • Samuel

        No Philos, you and your kind are! Thirty pieces of silver anyone?

        Reply to Comment
    7. Bab

      I hear that Mohammed al Dura is live and well and running a hot dog stand in Pittsburgh. A nice man from Kahane chai told me so. Why won’t the MSM uncritically report my insane ramblings as fact? It’s all so unfair.

      Reply to Comment
        • Piotr Berman

          The “read” is more grim then enjoyable, but it describes a frantic manufacturing of “evidence” where there is none:

          “Thus the most important piece of physical evidence was the concrete barrel. In the TV footage it clearly bears a mark from the Israeli Bureau of Standards, which enabled investigators to determine its exact dimensions and composition. When they placed the equivalent in front of a concrete wall and put mannequins representing father and son behind it, a conclusion emerged: soldiers in the Israeli outpost could not have fired the shots whose impact was shown on TV.”

          Sound convincing? If only Al Dura behaved like a mannequin, sitting in the safe position behind the barrel with nary a twitch, he and his son could not be shot by Israeli soldiers if the latter were also all the time only at their assumed position.

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