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How Israel thanks (or doesn't) Palestine for helping put out fires

The Palestinian Authority contributed eight firetrucks and 40 firefighters to combat the fire in Haifa. All they got was a footnote.

The Israel Embassy in the U.S. published a thank you message on its Facebook page on Friday dedicated to all the countries that helped put out the wildfires raging across the country. Under the headline “Israel is thankful” — right on time for Thanksgiving — every country that sent firefighting crews was awarded a small image of plane with its flag. As can be seen above, countries such as the U.S., Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan were given this honor. Even countries that expressed their willingness to help, such as Portugal or Belarus, were mentioned.

Only the Palestinian Authority — which sent eight fire trucks and 40 firefighters to help put out the flames in the northern city of Haifa — was somehow forgotten. Or to be more precise, the PA was mentioned in a small footnote on the bottom right of the image, without a flag or a plane of its own — only the words: “Ground assistance received also from the Palestinian Authority.”

Maybe it’s because they don’t have a supertanker?

[Update, 7:40 p.m.: Two days after Palestinian firefighters were sent to help put out the fires, Prime Minister Netanyahu phones Mahmoud Abbas to thank him for the help.]

Before the fires are out, Israeli politicians blame the Arabs
No fires or inciting politicians can destroy our shared society

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    1. Carmen

      That is heartbreaking. Of course, the ziopress underreported fires in Palestinian villages and towns, so also not acknowledging the on the ground assistance they provided is disgusting, but follows in line with the blame them for the fires of course! Acknowledge their assistance in putting out fires – never!

      Reply to Comment
    2. R5

      This is about as much spin as anyone could have put on this. Pretty shameful. That Israel wouldn’t put the flag of a state it doesn’t recognize in an image depicting other national flags makes perfect sense – and of course Haggai buries the fact that the PA was thanked in writing, and by Bibi personally. +972 being the mirror image of Breitbart Jerusalem once again.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Ben

      ​​“Ground assistance received also from the Palestinian Authority.”

      The epitome of the games Israel plays. The whole deceitful package.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Lewis from Afula

      There is no “palestine” to thank.

      What you’ve got is an Islamic gangster state in Gaza. Then, you have a retired terrorist running a pretend phantom country from Ramallah. Only left-wing cuckoos like 972 magazine believe these 2 entities constitute some fake nation that never existed.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Cathie Curran

      How people perceive world events is controlled by the media, the media needs to be very conscious and careful not to use personal bias in reporting on such a sensitive topic, snide commentary is not helpful. would it not be enough to focus on the positive aspects? and be encouraging about this step in a shared direction? would it not be enough to say that palestine offered help which was taken and thanks was given in the form of a phone call? perhaps the first time ever netenyahu has done something positive regarding palestine? you guys need to think more carefully about your role in world politics, there is no place for being glib in the middle east. i am as pro palestine as anyone, and this report is unhelpful.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Tommy Goldberg

      Since deliberate ambiguity has been a staple of Israeli policy for decades, can we say we’re surprised?

      Even the map is ambiguous: Gaza and the West Bank (I’m sorry, “Judea and Samaria”) are — at the same time! — pictured as part of Israel, but also apart.

      The government of Israel deals with the P.A. on a government-to-government level in some aspects, but totally not like that in others. But showing a Palestinian flag is a total non-starter for an Israeli government publication, of course.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        Good point about the map.

        Reply to Comment