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What a Jewish terrorist might look like

This picture was posted, along with several others, on the right-leaning citizen journalism site Rotter.net. It was taken at a memorial evening for Rabbi Meir Kahane, held openly in Jerusalem and attended by well over 1,000 people. The slogan on the back of the shirt reads “Price Tag.”

Below is the context of the pic:

The military issue M-16 would most likely mean that the man in the picture is either a conscript or a reserves soldier. It’s unclear if the man is an actual Price Tag member/activist or simply signals his support. But the picture still aptly illustrates that while “price tag” activists confined themselves so far to non-lethal action – torching mosques, spraying graffiti and general heavy bullying – they’re well on their way to become a proper paramilitary organisation, perhaps, likemany conservative paramilitary groups around the world, with some overlapping membership in the state security forces. My guess is it’s really a matter of time before a proper “retaliatory” or “preemptive” firearm attack is carried out against a civilian Palestinian target.

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    1. sh

      All the flesh gone, but peyot and kippa intact even in death. Nice touch. If the hoodie photographed wears it on a trip abroad, he’ll be taken for an antisemite.

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    2. Menil

      The Jewish sturmabteilung is already here, being nurtured by the government and enjoying vast support from the Israeli public.
      It is clear now that the only solution is BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

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    3. Ben Israel

      Reminds me of the Communist Party of the USA in the 1950’s. At their meetings and congresses, it is said that the majority of the participants were FBI agents. No doubt the SHABAK had a good representation at this Kahanist meeting. The fellow in the picture is probably one. But is is fun to whine about them, isn’t it?

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    4. Dimi Reider

      Ben, you’re suggesting a genuine armed Jewish paramilitary is a physical impossibility?

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    5. Ben Israel

      I do not view an armed Jewish paramilitary as being possible for more than one reason.
      (1) The SHABAK has these people under surveillance. While it is possible for one person to go violent without having been under observation, it is not possible for a whole group to do so without the authorities knowing about it.
      (2) Many people in the “Right-wing” and pro-settler camp would strongly oppose it and Rabbis affiliated ideologically would encourage people to inform on those involved in such a thing, particularly the “mamlachti” ones. Many Rabbis would encourage people to go underground and report on what they see.
      (3) Avishai Raviv, the SHABAK agent provocateur, attempted to be seen to be organizing such a group and even got the media to cooperate with him in publicizing such a thing. I remember Yossi Sarid going ballistic in the media about it, and today there is no doubt that he knew exactly what was going on because he was in contact with the SHABAK. Anyone who attempted to do such a thing today would automatically be viewed as a possible agent provocateur.
      (4) Remember Gush Katif…here the Prime Minister betrayed his voters and turned the media and police against people who were his strongest supporters in the past, yet, in spite of the immense anger this generated, there was no violent outburst by the Right, and in fact, no large scale civil disobedience. There just isn’t a history of large-scale organized violence by the Right in Israel.

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    6. Jami

      That’s an M4, not an M16.

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    7. Danny

      I believe this guy is the real deal, not shabak. This is the new face of Israel and it is sad. The reason he feels safe to walk in the street with his costume and weapon in plain sight is because his representatives in the knesset have made it possible for him to do so. At the rate Israel is going, in a few years the world will probably have to de-zionise this country.

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    8. RichardNYC

      “At the rate Israel is going, in a few years the world will probably have to de-zionise this country.”
      –>Dimi, its awesome how unique breed of specu-fiction (combining pics of the real world with ideas from your imagination) is having such a progressive effect on world opinion. I’m sure when “the world” (peaceful people, not genocidal Arabs/Islamists) intervenes, it will “de-zionise” in a friendly compassionate way, leaving all Israeli Jewish people 100.00% physically intact. Yup, getting ppl to loathe Israel is definitely the way to get Israelis to make a calculated cost/benefit decision to end the occupation, not entrench themselves out of mortal fear. Well done.

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    9. Carl

      Ben Israel:

      “I do not view an armed Jewish paramilitary as being possible”

      “The SHABAK has these people under surveillance.”

      Which impossible do they have under surveillance? Help me out here; I’m just not getting it.

      Much obliged.

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    10. Ben Israel

      What I was referring to was that the SHABAK has no doubt infiltrated the group shown here and has people known to be affiliated with it under surveillance. In any event, a real “underground” wouldn’t make itself visible in public. However, there is no history of clandestine groups doing anything, with the exception of the “Underground” of the 1980’s. They were a very loosely organized group that, interestingly enough, came out of the National Religious “Establishment”. They were nothing like a “paramilitary” organization in that they operated clandestinely. Since they were broken up, no similar group has every arisen. Assuming that the “price tag” activities are not due to an agent provocateur, it is no doubt small groups of individuals or even loners doing them.

      Menil is carrrying out one of the radical Left’s favorite games…comparing Jews to Nazis. The Nazi SA operated quite openly along with other violent paramilitary organizations like the Communist Rotfront.
      There were also other extremist “patriotic” organizations like the Stahlhelm that also operated openly. The Weimar regime was afraid to move against them. Israel has never had groups like this operating.

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    11. Carl

      Ben, if they’re infiltrators, there must be something to infiltrate. Not that that proves right wing Jewish paramilitary groups exist by itself, but I think you’d have to be wilfully ignorant – and as a resident, complacent – to not admit that armed, right wing groups can, and do, operate with little fear of punishment when they act against Palestinians, and to a lesser extent, left wing Israelis. I don’t doubt the security services have a handle on them, but in common with most security services around the world, expect them to be sympathetic to the right wing, irrespective of Israel’s political state.

      On the subject of the Nazi reference, yeah, it’s fairly dumb.

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    12. aristeides

      Ben I is convinced that the Shin Bet is a lefist cabal, bent on thwarting the will of the true Kahanist believers.

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      I find the leftist obsession with Jewish terrorists amusing. A guy with a gun and a funny shirt SURELY signifies the existence of a “proper paramilitary organization.” (sic) You really want one to exist, don’t you Dimi? That way you’ll be able to make a case that the Jewish terrorism is just as prevalent as Arab/Islamic terrorism. And of course you, the enlightened leftists, get to be the victims of these imaginary right-wing thugs, and be entitled to all the sympathy that comes with it. It certainly beats being perceived as a foreign-sponsored clique that exists on the fringes of the society and works to undermine the interests of their own people.

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    14. Mati

      That the photographed individual is carrying an M-16 needn’t necessarily indicate that he is a conscript or reserve soldier. Civilian security coordinators for West Bank settlements – as well as many ordinary civilian residents of these settlements – not infrequently carry such weapons.

      Disturbing image!

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    15. BOOZ

      RichardNYC :

      “At the rate Israel is going, in a few years the world will probably have to de-zionise this country.”

      Whose quotation is this ?

      “Yup, getting ppl to loathe Israel is definitely the way to get Israelis to make a calculated cost/benefit decision to end the occupation, not entrench themselves out of mortal fear. Well done.”

      I totally share your remarks on this. Go remind this to Menil a few posts before yours.

      Dimi :

      Don’t you have the feeling you are crying wolf abouta handful of loonies ?

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    16. You don’t have to go very far to find solidly documented accounts of the zionist state conspiring with extreme right-wingers to break the law and create new facts on the ground. A classic example is the original Levinger squat in hebron.

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