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Hoping Bibi’s Schalit photo-op could be a Dukakis moment

As my colleague Dimi Reider posted yesterday, the social networks are swamped with pictures of PM Binyamin Netanyahu popping up in famous historical photos, after seeing him in almost every picture that the government released yesterday during the Schalit prisoner swap.

The momentum seems to be in full swing, and anyone who opened up their Facebook this morning was most probably met by a whole new batch of funny photos. Here are a few more:

I can’t help but hope that the PM’s efforts to promote himself so aggressively yesterday could actually backfire somehow. It reminded me of the notorious Michael Dukakis photo, which some claim lost him the campaign. Dukakis was trying to play it strong on defense, even though he wanted to cut “Star Wars.” Didn’t work out too well.

Bibi’s trying to be the “national father”, despite negotiating a controversial deal – that could have been signed much earlier – to free the “national son.”

Could Bibi’s ego bring him down? I doubt it. But it has the potential of shedding more light on his character and on his true motives.

Speaking of ego, one interesting thing I heard last night was that Channel 10 reporter Raviv Drucker counted how many times Bibi used the word “I” in his 10 minute speech at the airforce base yesterday. 37 times. Thirty seven!

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    1. Ben Israel

      Well, Ami, this time I’m with you, although possibly for different reasons (or maybe not). I am convinced Bibi has destroyed himself and is on the way out. Everyone thinks that politicians are smarter than the rest of us but Israel’s history, particularly that of the last 20 years shows that is not true at all. People will see throught this cynical media circus. It is time for you guys to prepare to take power, it will probably come sooner than you expect!

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    2. tenchlion

      Hey, just a funny thing about the Dukakis video: looks like an anti-Democratic party thing made during Deval Patrick’s campaign (current incumbent governor, re-elected in 2010, in office until 2014). Even us leftie[r]s cringe remembering Dukakis in his helmet–the image of him *in* the tank is even worse than this one, somehow). This clip made by American equivalents of fans of Bibi’s, maybe?
      With that said, it’s sad sometimes how media spin distorts things which would be minor (the Howard Dean “Graahhhhhhh!” scream of 2004, later attributed to a faulty microphone), but I’m with you on this one. 37 “I”s is a lot.
      Do you have a count on “Gilad”? I assume it’s fewer than 20.

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    3. tenchlion

      Oh, I forgot to say: Deval Patrick is Governor of Commonwealth/State of Massachusetts.

      I live in Connecticut. Some people here call it “Taxachusetts;” they have a toll road (Massachusetts Turnpike) but they also have health insurance as a non-deniable option for everyone. Anyone can get health insurance in Mass, which is not the case where I live, ten miles away from the border. Off-topic.

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