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Glenn Beck at Knesset: "The West and Israel are being set up"

The Glenn Beck circus at the Knesset today had it all: Ecstatic fans who pushed and shoved to meet him; a theatrical as ever Beck, pounding on the table and yelling “Amen”; MK Arieh Eldad saying the occupation must end (the Islamic occupation of Israel) and even some chit-chat and shaking of hands with one of Israel’s most famous Kahanists, Baruch Marzel. The attendees and MKs couldn’t get enough of him, and not one would dare miss the opportunity to kiss the feet of the Holy Beck

Glenn Beck at the Knesset, shaking hands after his sermon (photo: Ami Kaufman)

My Glenn Beck experience had quite a strange start to it. When I arrived at the Knesset (after my camera being taken at the gate – I apologize for my cellphone pictures), I got myself a Coke and a nice salty cheese bureka, and then proceeded to the committee room to get a good seat, nice n’ early.

As I reached the room of the Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee I entered and saw Glenn Beck sitting next to his aide, all alone. It was just me and them. Beck gave me a quick glance and kept on typing on his laptop.

It was kind of odd to see the man I knew from TV, that loud, uber-theatrical guy sitting quietly immersed in his work. I decided to wait a few minutes until he stopped typing and then address him. I had a few questions prepared… specifically about his “Caliphate theory”, the conspiracy of Marxists and Islamists trying to take over the world.

But just as he opened his can of Zero, another aide charged in and told me I was in the wrong room. I was told to go to the Negev hall, upstairs.

Outside the Negev hall, the atmosphere was like before a rock concert, complete with the pushing and shoving. Most attendees were religious, all the way from knitted kippas to haredim. After we sat down, it was only a few minutes wait till the star came in. Almost immediately the whole room stood up, including the Members of Knesset, and gave the man a standing ovation.

This was only the beginning of the biggest love-fest I’ve ever seen. At times, I was squirming in my chair. Considering how Beck has been accused of anti-semitism, the amount of love was particularly odd. Just recently, pundit Dana Milbank of the Washington Post listed a few of Beck’s feats in this field:

“…hosting a guest on his show who describes as “accurate” the anti-Semitic tract “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”; likening Reform rabbis to “radicalized Islam”; calling Holocaust survivor George Soros a “puppet master,” a bloodsucker and a Nazi collaborator; touting the work of a Nazi sympathizer who referred to Eisenhower as “Ike the Kike”; and claiming the Jews killed Jesus.

But I guess it takes one to know one, which is why I wasn’t surprised to see Baruch Marzel (the notorious Kahanist and in my humble opinion one of the most dangerous people this country has seen) taking a seat to hear Beck’s sermon.

Chit chatting with Kahanist, Baruch Marzel (photo: Ami Kaufman)

MK Danny Danon (Likud), the committe chairman, warned the audience not to clap in the Knesset. Yet to no avail. Dannon went on to  introduce Beck as “a friend of Israel. If there wasn’t a Glenn Beck, Israel would have had to invent one.”

The first thing Beck did was apologize for not wearing a tie. He proceeded to tell some kind of story about clothes and meeting a vice premier here, where Danon cut in and said: “Which vice? We have many vices,” which is where I said under my breath: ‘You got that right, Danny boy! Many vices indeed!”

After the short intro, Beck began what was to become a short sermon on Truth: “You have to think out of the box. The way to do that is to tell the truth. Everyone feels the truth, in the gut. My message to you is: ‘stop playing the game’. We in the West are being set up. Israel is being set up.”

Beck continued after a short applause: “Antisemitism is about to go through the roof. Because when tragedy happens, it’s always the Jew’s fault. My event here on August 24th could be the biggest ever. It is not for courage here in Israel. Israel already has enough courage. I’m doing it here, because the solution will be found here. I knew it when I read the book of Ruth and Esther. I want people to hear what I have learned from those books, that “your god is my god, where you go I will go”.

And that’s it. He got a bit teary eyed, but after 15 minutes – the Beck sermon was over. Danon even tells him “I thought you would speak longer…”

So Danon asks Beck: “Why didn’t the American media cover the Fogel family massacre?” Beck says he doesn’t know, and admits he’s not a journalist – just a storyteller. (Talk about truth, huh? Finally…)

Then it’s the MK’s turn to ask questions. Problem is, nobody asks anything. It’s just MKs waiting for their turn to kiss the feet of the Holy Beck.

MK Nissim Zeev (Shas) tries his best at English, and tells Beck he has “an outstanding record in regards to Israel. I wish we had media here like you.”

Deputy minister Ayoub Kara: “Beck and I are both non-Jews, but we see the justice that Jews need. The world hypocrisy must stop! That is why I’m glad you are here, it is so important, my friend. We feel the world doesn’t get us.”

MK Anat Wilf (Atzmaut): “The battle for Israel is moving to the media, in an effort to delegitimize Israel and Zionism.” At this stage, Beck just can’t can’t stop grinning.

But Wilf is the first to actually ask something of Beck: “I’d like to ask you one thing. Don’t portray us as the victim. We are not the victim. But I thank you for your help.”

Beck answers Wilf: “Truth is the underdog, underdogs always win! I just visited Auschwitz. It profoundly changed me. I’m making a documentary about Jewish heroism in the Holocaust. Those struggles taught me of what goes on today. The struggle of today is: can the individual rule himself? It’s not the victim you can become. Man has tasted freedom!”

He’s lost me. I have no clue what he’s talking about.

Beck: “Israel is the ultimate story! Yes! man can rule himself! Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!!”  Beck slams his hands on the table after each Amen, the clapping goes wild. I’m waiting for the church organ to start and the gospel singing to begin. I look at the door to see if the choir is outside. No sign of them. Yet…

MK Michael Ben Ari, another Kahanist says: “I think Glenn Beck should take my seat in the Knesset”. For a minute I think: “Hey! Great!” And then I catch myself… Dammit, I’ve been duped again!

MK Ben Ari: “Whoever helps Israel is a partner in the work of God, who returned his land to his people.”

MK Arieh Eldad, another tough rightwinger, says: “It’s true we must say our truth, as you say Mr. Beck. We are in an era where people are opposed to the truth. The truth is, that we must end the occupation: the Islamic occupation of the land of Israel!!!” Wild clapping in the room once again. I feel my life might be in danger.

MK Eldad tells Beck that Jordan is the Palestinian nation.“We don’t need another Palestinian state,” he says.

Then Eldad goes into a long story of how he took care of an injured suicide bomber, because he’s a doctor: “The bomber told me he decided to enter a wedding hall from a different entrance a the last minute, because he saw there weren’t enough kids to kill! We must tell the world the truth about how they are different from us!”

Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely: “I told Netanyahu once, that if we only tell the truth, we will win. He said to me: ‘We have to tell that truth everyday in order to win.’ I agree. This is not a land conflict. It is religious. Led by Islam. We are here because of the Bible, we were promised this land. If the New York Times lets Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) tell lies in its pages, this shows that it is a battle of good against evil!”

Beck ends the show with some final words: “God’s hand is at work. If we can stand together, and just say we believe in common decency, God will do the rest!”

I still have no idea what that means, but everybody else jumps up and the second standing ovation is already underway. A minute afterwards, it’s a race to get a picture with the Beck, and exchange some words.

I notice that one of the first to get there, is no other than Baruch Marzel, who Beck shakes hands with warmly.

Baruch Marzel shooting the breeze with Glenn Beck (photo: Ami Kaufman)

Baruch Marzel shakes hands with Glenn Beck's personal aide (photo: Ami Kaufman)

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    1. Danny

      This sounds like the beginning of a joke: “A right-wing Arab, a kahanist Jew and a clandestine left-winger go to the knesset to hear a sermon by Glenn Beck…” You couldn’t make stuff like this up. Israel is becoming nuttier by the second. Time to break out the straight-jacket!

      Reply to Comment
    2. Itai

      “Everyone feels the truth, in the gut.” Yet another evidence supporting the theory that GB is nothing but a Colbert spoof.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Dan

      Beck is a true friend of Israel and the Jews.

      Reply to Comment
    4. tenchlion

      With friends like these… do I even need to finish this cliche?

      Reply to Comment
    5. Beulah

      how sad to read the rant of such an ANTI-Israel “independent” … Glenn Beck and MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Americans support and beliee in Israel and her sovereignity.

      soros himself talks gleefully about the happiest time of his life: as he watched Jews being loaded onto boxcars and he collected their things. soros = the world’s most anti-semitic terrorist. anyone believing otherwise is just one more sorosdrone.

      Reply to Comment
    6. What a suck up?

      Reply to Comment
    7. Frans Koster

      I still do not understand how one can seriously maintain that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is fundamentally religious in nature. If ever there were an example of religion being used to motivate and justify acts of violence (on both sides), this conflict would be it. Jews and Muslims got along for years – this is about Zionists and Arabs, it is about land and water rights, and it is about the legitimacy of two competing nationalist movements both tied to the same place. Religion is just a tool, ultimately, in this conflict.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Frans Koster

      And I, as a Jew, do not consider Glenn Beck to be my friend.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Joseph

      And the Egyptian youth must be anti-Semites for wanting to end their normalization treaty with Israel, because only anti-Semites could want to boycott such a precocious and plucky good natured state!

      Reply to Comment
    10. Rick

      Beck is a fool and the jews know it, they use his ignorance and fear to their advantage. “Speak the truth” so Beck is also a comedian. Israel is a thorn in the side of the U.S. that must be pulled out.

      Reply to Comment
    11. Chris

      As a US citizen I urge you in Israel to keep Beck. Take Dov Zakheim back while you’re at it.

      Reply to Comment
    12. C1ust3r

      If Glenn Beck was speaking and high fiving politicians in my countries parliament I’d be worried, no terrified.

      Reply to Comment
    13. blacksheep

      they are laughing at this jackass…..look,the JEWS will not FORGET THE CHRISTIAN CRUSADES so ole Glen better figure that out fast as the Jews will take their revenge soon.

      Reply to Comment
    14. stephen

      US and Israel had full control over what they did, they had 200+ army bases in the middle before any 9/11 shit happened. It was US which started the war with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and several others and Iran which is in happening state. Yet they blame others for there actions.

      Reply to Comment
    15. Renee Hoffinger

      The Christian Zionists only support Israel so their Prophecy can be fulfilled: Ingather all the exiles, Armageddon in the Holy Land, the infidels (aka non-Christians) get wiped out, and the Rapturists float up to Jesus. I agree with Frank – religion may be used to whip up the medieval maniacs and chauvinists but its really about developers, arms dealers, and all those who profit from continuing conflict.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Drake

      The Jews are falling awfully LOW, to associate with a barely-dried-out drunk opportunist.
      As for “christian-zionism” ………. How the Jews must SNEER at the stupidity of the supposed followers of the MESSIAH that the Jews crucified and 2,000 years later … STILL curse.
      The “rapture” Prophets for PROFIT are ANTI-Christ DEATH CULTISTS. God/Jesus put you in this LIFE to learn “soul lessons”, to increase your consciousness to the point of Redemption. Hagee and his Ilk REJECT the LIFE God gave you, and dangle a “shortcut” in front of people, just as SATAN dangled Temptation in front of Jesus. Do not follow the ANTI-Christ lies of FALSE prophets. Their “shortcut” of cheating God’s lessons does NOT lead to Heaven, any more than cheating on school work teaches you the subject. Hagee, Robertson, the whole group, do NOT believe in anything except the MONEY they collect for leading their Flocks astray.
      These prophets for PROFIT are slaves to this, the material world. The Prince of PEACE told you his Kingdom IS NOT OF THIS EARTH, why do you refuse to LISTEN?!
      YOU “Zionist-christians” are being trained to REJECT Christ ….. and converted to Judaism.
      “As for the final result of the Messianic revolution it will always be the same…the nations will be converted to Judaism and will obey the law, or else they will be destroyed, and the Jews will be the masters of the world.” (G. Batault, Le probleme juif, p. 135; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, pp. 203-204)

      “Judeo-Christian” is an OXYMORON. WAR-God vs PEACE-God. The Old Testament followers worship a WAR GOD and spend their lives hating, reliving every imagined slight, and dreaming of VENGENCE ….. “NEVER FORGIVE and NEVER FORGET” …. they still go on about Egypt and Babylon after MILLENIA. New Testament followers (are supposed to) worship a loving, forgiving God, and to CLOSE the Old Testament, as it has been FULLFILLED by the Crucifixion of Jesus. If you are following the OLD Testament you ARE NOT and CANNOT be a CHRISTian. Jesus TOLD you “NO man can serve TWO masters”.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Ben Israel

      Renee Hoffinger-
      And Abbas and the FATAH organization pretend to carry out peace talks with Israel so that Israel can be pushed back to vulnerable borders so that it will be easier to finish us off, having NO intention of making real peace with Israel, but with the their true intention being the ERADICATION of Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Peter H

      “And Abbas and the FATAH organization pretend to carry out peace talks with Israel so that Israel can be pushed back to vulnerable borders so that it will be easier to finish us off, having NO intention of making real peace with Israel, but with the their true intention being the ERADICATION of Israel.”

      LOL. As if a demilitiatized Palestinian entity less than 1/3 the size of Israel could eradicate a state with one of the strongest militaries in the world….

      Reply to Comment
    19. dickerson3870

      Be forewarned, there is no telling what someone like Glenn Beck might do whilst trying to satisfy his messianic complex(es)!
      Lots of luck, Israel. With friends like Beck, you’re certainly going to need it.

      Reply to Comment
    20. AngelaJerusalem

      Wonderful read, Ami. Many thanks. Even most of the talkbacks are entertaining, incisive analysis! Which gives one great hope that the world’s finally getting the message. Even if it doesn’t yet translate into votes in the right direction, blue helmets in the Territories, or one man one vote and justice now that the so-called MEPP has been euthanised by Bibi.

      Wouldn’t it be fun if Glenn Beck now has an emotional road to Damascus mea culpa moment [think of the ratings!] in which he understands he’s been set up by Israeli nutters? Not to mention by the nutter Christian Zionists — the Messiah’s coming on wings of nuclear holocaust? Helloooo!! Didn’t any of them ever hear of Hiroshima or Fukushima? Obviously not.

      So yes, hilarious read. But not sure whether tears are for the tragedy in all this, or the high comedy of their absurd theatre.

      Reply to Comment
    21. Danny

      “If there wasn’t a Glenn Beck, Israel would have had to invent one.”
      Glenn Beck had a chuckle at this, and I think he had an honest thought about the intelligence (or lack thereof) of his host. Maybe he thought to himself “my goodness, I should have come here years ago! These people are even more ignorant and less informed than my fans back home!”

      Reply to Comment
    22. Jan

      Doesn’t this vile piece of garbage Glenn Beck know that the chief rabbi of the far right wing Shas party, a member of Netanyahu’s coalition, recently declared that the only function of the “goyim” is to serve the Jews.

      I guess that Beck is a useful “goyim” serving Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    23. An israeli calling me “goyim” in my country and I would report him to the police. That´s racism!

      Reply to Comment
    24. Vickie

      Dear Israel:

      You can keep Glenn Beck. He’s an uneducated racist sociopath who hates secular democracy.

      He will fit right in.

      Good luck with fighting your own intelligentsia now that you’ve outlawed fundamental freedoms.

      My hope is that you hire GB as an attache of some sort.

      It will only be a matter of time from there.



      Reply to Comment
    25. richard Allen

      You know when you’re so embarrassed by the words and behaviour of a bunch of misguided simpletons that every cell in your body cringes? I feel that, except also fear that Israel is run by such morons. But an interesting question does emerge–who is the dupe?

      Reply to Comment
    26. Martin Knutsen

      Fascinating PR policy Israel is leading these days: Sarah Palin, John Bolton and Beck as the leading stars, hatred of Obama as a core value. I wonder what the long term plan is.

      Reply to Comment
    27. Jeff Benson

      Beck ends the show with some final words: “God’s hand is at work. If we can stand together, and just say we believe in common decency, God will do the rest!” I still have no idea what that means,

      Sadly, Ami, it’s true that you just don’t get it. In your world, all is relative and evil is just an opinion. “Common decency” is completely alien to you. One man’s suicide bomber is just a freedom fighter from another perspective – right?

      You don’t believe in God so you certainly don’t understand people who do believe that God takes sides in good vs. evil and that God’s Torah defines good and evil in absolute terms.

      So when Beck talks about “the truth” and “decency” and proclaims his support of Israel and the Jewish people precisely because he views our side as “good” and the other side as “evil” you can’t possibly understand it.

      On the other hand, I suppose a suicide bomber who seeks to murder as many children as possible is something you do “understand.” I guess you believe he is “no different than you.” I don’t. Beck doesn’t and so do the majority of people in that room that so puzzled you.

      You thought your life was “in danger” anonymously sitting in a conference room in the K’nesset. You have an inflated opinion of what we “right wingers” think of people like you.

      Regarding you with disgust comes to mind. Killing you? Not so much.

      Reply to Comment
    28. @Jeff – you’re really “good” at putting “words” in people’s mouths. Did “anyone” ever “tell” you “that”?
      You’re damn “right” I don’t “believe” in “god”, by the way.
      Oh, and get a sense of humor. You right wingers are so “serious” some “times”.

      Reply to Comment
    29. Jeff Benson

      You’re a bit testy, Ami.

      I have a sense of humor, thanks be to God!

      Reply to Comment
    30. dremo

      Glenn Beck has been welcomed in Israel as a friend.

      He is has told Israel “You are not alone”, and he will hold a huge rally to “restore courage” to the nation.

      Many are ecstatic at his support, but others are not so sure.

      Next week he will deliver the keynote address at CUFI (Christians United for Israel ).

      Two weeks from now , after the Beck-excitement has died down, Israel will go back to its blundering. The nation will still have no strategy, and its powerful allies, such as CUFI, will still have no idea how to apply their strength.

      Several months ago Mr. Beck held a Tea Party rally in the United States to restore honor. Of course it fizzled out, because there is no substitute for strategy.

      There is no substitute for having a plan and carrying it out, and if Israel does not adopt the strategy of restoring moral fiber, then Israel will never have any strategy or identity at all. When Israel finally does take up the cause of restoring moral fiber, the Gentiles will rush to the nation’s side, and Israel’s enemies will be knocked flying.

      Obviously this strategy excludes the Talmudic synagogue, for they are the destroyers of moral fiber. The Gentiles will likewise exclude those who make a mockery of decency, honor, kindness and discipline.

      When the Jews wake up to this simple truth, and begin to put their new awareness into action, then they will be able to guide the efforts of talented people like Mr. Beck, and no power on earth will stop a concerted drive by such people. At the moment, Mr. Beck is telling Israel what to do, rather than the other way round, but Mr. Beck does not have any grand strategy, and is therefore something of a loose cannon.

      Reply to Comment
    31. @Jeff – thank you! And no, you don’t.

      Reply to Comment
    32. rafi

      This comment has been deleted

      Reply to Comment
    33. AQaH

      fantastic work Ami.

      i used to watch beck just to see how the other half lives as they say.

      i pary i never become part of that other half

      Reply to Comment
    34. rafi

      i see that my message from yesterday has been censored. i though you were all for free speach or only free when we are of the same opinion as you are

      Reply to Comment
    35. @Rafi – your wish to send me to Gaza is not my idea of free speech.
      You’re free to spread your hatred on other blogs. Not mine.
      Keep it clean, or be banned. This is your first strike. And I don’t give three.

      Reply to Comment
    36. I read this entire article, and all the comments, but I’m so confused that this is going on… Christians are trying to bring about the conditions of armageddon, but that seems like a really bad deal for the world at large… GREAT reporting though, Ami!

      Reply to Comment
    37. Ronald J Lee

      Glen Beck is a jackass. If you don’t beleive just go on google and type in Glen Beck University. The University lasted about a month just like Glen!

      Reply to Comment
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