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Glenn Beck meets former chair of terror organization

One of the visitors on the Knesset’s Committee discussion that hosted Glen Beck today was a settler named Baruch Marzel. Marzel, seen below meeting Beck, was the secretary of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Kach movement. After the assassination of Kahane, Marzel, a resident of Hebron, chaired the party. Kach and Kahane Chai (a faction of the party, formed after Kahane’s death) were outlawed in Israel.

Both groups are considered terrorist organizations by Canada, the European Union and the United States. See, for example, item 20 of the  State Department’s current list of designated foreign terrorist 0rganizations.

I am sure that Beck, a self appointed expert on terrorism and the new world order, will explain this as part of his field work. Don’t miss Ami Kaufman’s report from the historic event.

Chit chatting with Kahanist, Baruch Marzel (photo: Ami Kaufman)

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    1. Ben Israel

      Arafat’s and Abbas’ FATAH organization is a terrorist movement with direct relations with the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades which carried out more suicide bombings than HAMAS did. Abbas himself still praises suicide bombers and honors them by naming streets and public squares after them. Yet, many Israeli Leftists meet FATAH people and lecture us to make concessions to them.
      Or how about Marwan Barghouti, sitting in prison with FIVE life-imprisonment sentences for first-degree murder (one of his victims was a girl who attended my synagogue). Yet, former MERETZ MK and party chairman Haim Oron is PROUD TO CALL BARGHOUTI HIS PERSONAL FRIEND. “Conciensce of the nation” writer Amos Oz sent him a book of his with his compliments, hoping that the Israeli gov’t will spit in the face of his victims and the court system who convicted him and release him anyway. He also views Barghouti as a “friend”.

      So please, don’t bother us with this trivia about Marzel and Beck.

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    2. Monster

      I guess the fact that Israel named its biggest airport after David Ben-Gurion, leader of the Zionist terror programme, means nothing – or Yitzhak Rabin, or Menachem Begin, all terrorist leaders – they’re all worshipped and glorified in Israeli society.

      But you point at people resisting military occupation using terrorist methods – despicable acts by ANY standard – and claiming they’re unprovoked, unreasonable, and totally out of the blue? Wake up, man.

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    3. Empress Trudy

      this comment was deleted

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    4. Andrew

      George Washington was not a terrorist. He never targeted innocent civilians. Menachem Begin was not a terrorist. His targets were military. Shooting an anti-tank missile at a school bus is terrorism. Stabbing children to death is terrorism. Blowing up people in a shopping mall or on a civilian bus is terrorism, and those who celebrate and undulate in ceremony when children are murdered are evil supporters of terrorism.

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    5. Daniel

      Hurting Palestinians in Israel and in the West Bank is also terrorism by (the way I see it) all the criteria you gave above.
      So the question is: Can we forgive and forget, and live together as neighbors that don’t hurt each other, or do we have to commemorate each side’s atrocities towards the other forever?

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    6. Werden Schlore

      Cohooting with Yassin, Arafat, Mandela and other self admitted terrorists and murderers of women and children on racial/ethnic ground is Peace & Love.

      Campaigning for the release of “Palestinian prisoners”, most of whom were rightfully convicted of murder or attempted murder of women and children on racial/ethnic basis is Peace Activism.

      And yet, meeting with a guy who never hurt a single person (but holds different opinions than your own) is a sign of pure evil (because he’s a Jooooo and has a beard – so he must be a terrorist).

      Interesting narrative you got there. Can I borrow it?

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    7. kenny

      If being classified as a terrorist organisation, is the targeting of civilians, how will Israel escape its condemnation.?

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    8. Nabil Al-Murabit

      I thought I’d never see the day where I would see “Israeli Terrorist” in western media. I’ve read some of the apologists comments on this site and I’m not surprised. It seems that when Zionists kill people like they’ve done in Dier Yasin, Shatilla and Shabra, then its okay, when swarthy looking people do the same then its terrorism. I’m glad someone had the guts to call it what it is. Now, a good article would be one about how terrorism created the modern state of Israel. There I’ve said it

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    9. Beckhater

      BLUH. We Americans had enough of Beck, with his race baiting and calls to violence against anyone not white or trying to facilitate the Rapture.

      Can you please keep him? We don’t want him back.

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