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Glenn Beck’s "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem ends with a whimper

Could a dull event in Jerusalem, in front of just 1,000 people, spell the end of Glenn Beck?

It must have been pretty rough for Glenn Beck to see this:

The empty seats during Glenn Beck's speech. Just over a thousand people (according to Beck) were in attendance (photo: Ami Kaufman)

After months of preparations, hours of television and radio talk all geared up for the big day, tons of merchandise manufactured, Glenn Beck could just about muster over a thousand people at his “Restoring Courage” last night in Jerusalem.

I can’t help but think that this flop might be a lethal blow for this guy. After getting kicked out of FOX and then his decision to veer even farther to the right by partnering up with the likes of Pastor John Hagee, Beck seems to have lost any chance whatsoever to get back into mainstream America like he was just months ago.

Even the event a few days earlier in Caesarea had more umph in it than this one. In fact, he barely even cried in this one. I think he might have been shedding the real tears back stage. But hey, Herman Cain showed up, right?

The walk through the Old City to get to the Beck rally (photo: Ami Kaufman)

The walk through the Old City to get to the Beck rally (photo: Ami Kaufman)

We were holed up in the press kennel for over an hour before we could head down to the seats. Rumors were going around that the Beck people didn’t want reporters talking to any of the tourists.

The "rally" was held below the Al Aqsa Mosque (upper left corner), near the Southern Wall. (Photo: Ami Kaufman)

But while we were waiting, MK Danny Danon – the one who invited Beck to speak at the Knesset not long ago – gave the foreign press some juicy sound bytes. You know, “We are standing here at the core of Judaism” and all that stuff.

First to head to the podium was Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, who spoke about the recent archaeological finds in his city that prove it is Jewish. He even brought a small bell from one of the digs. It was so small no one could see it. “You see this bell? This bell, the Wall – all this proves Jerusalem is Jewish.”

Americans trying their best to sing Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem (photo: Ami Kaufman)

Americans trying their best to sing Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem (photo: Ami Kaufman)

After a few more dull speeches, a medal ceremony began. Out of the three medals Beck gave out, I think it’s safe to say he struck out on two of them. One medal of courage was given to the Jewish and Arab owners of the Maxim restaurant in Haifa that was blown up by a suicide bomber during the Al Aqsa intifada. I’m OK with that – especially since I grew up in Haifa.

Another medal was given to the Fogel family of the settlement Itamar, who were murdered in their sleep a few months ago by Palestinians. Sorry, I just find that to be in particularly bad taste.

The third medal was given to Rami Levy, who owns a supermarket chain. Beck gave him the medal for catering to the needs of both Arabs and Jews in his supermarket way across the Green Line in Gush Etzion. This is the same Levy, who in that same branch, fired all his Arab workers one day because one of them was courting a Jewish cashier. (UPDATE: There have been complaints about this article, saying Levy never fired the workers. There have been conflicting reports: some say only one worker was fired, some say all the workers were put on temporary leave. This item, from channel 2, films supermarket workers saying the Arab packers were fired, only to come back the same day the film crew showed up:  http://www.mako.co.il/news-channel2/Friday-Newscast/Article-eb99578fef67131004.htm. Either way, there is now segregation between Jews and Arabs who work at the store.)

Rami Levy checking out his Courage medal. The courage to fire your Arab employees and get away with it (Photo: Ami Kaufman)

This also the Rami Levy who has gone to considerable efforts, together with Jerusalem Mayor, to block an attempt by a Palestinian businessman to buy land in Jabel Mukaber in East Jerusalem, just so it wouldn’t fall into Arab hands.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat (left) and Rami Levy (photo: Ami Kaufman)

And finally, it’s back to Glenn Beck who gives a 50 minute speech about courage. Nothing we haven’t heard before from him, no new pearls of wisdom. I knew he was going to say something in Hebrew, but I didn’t know exactly what. This time it was from psalms, “Lo ira!” – “I shall not be afraid!”

It ain't a Beck rally without Jon Voight (Photo: Ami Kaufman)

It ain't a Beck rally without Jon Voight (Photo: Ami Kaufman)

Even after 50 minutes of explanations it’s hard to know what Beck might be afraid of or not, and if he indeed has the courage to overcome it. If I were him, I wouldn’t compare this fiasco to the  Restoring Honor rally last year, which was sooo much more impressive.

In fact, now that Beck has found his Honor and his Courage, I’m hoping he’ll follow the yellow brick road out of Israel and try to find some Brains elsewhere.

I’ve had enough of people coming from thousands of miles away to meddle in my own affairs.

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    1. Monster

      Oh, wow. Thank you for this Ami. I don’t normally find pleasure in the suffering of others, but Glenn Beck is a parasite of the worst variety.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Danny

      A few thoughts:
      1. Who is this Danny Danon and what sanitarium for the mentally handicapped did he escape from?
      2. Nir Barkat is the proof that something very bad is going on in Israel today (here is supposedly an intelligent, successful and cosmopolitan man – who happens to be the embodiment of racism in Jerusalem today).
      3. Rami Levy should be boycotted, pure and simple.
      4. Glenn Beck is a complete failure. He can’t even draw crazies in the most crazy place on the planet. That is sad.
      5. Poor Jon Voight. I guess that’s what happens to a human brain after years of drug and alcohol abuse.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Yitzhak

      “This is the same Levy, who in that same branch, fired all his Arab workers one day because one of them was courting a Jewish cashier.”

      That’s just false; I was there last week, and there were plenty of Arab workers.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Kevin Barrington

      Shit that Mayor of yours reveals too much of what should be hidden.

      But many thanks for playing host to the final act of this snake oil salesman’s charade.

      Sad he deemed Jerusalem to be the site of his second coming.

      But dem’s the breaks.

      Reply to Comment
    5. annie

      i can’t stop laughing

      Reply to Comment
    6. ZIONIST


      Reply to Comment
    7. Jc

      Dude why so much lashon hara , maybe some more time doing Torah study would brighten your mood.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Rachelle Pachtman

      I have three things to say: Feh, nimahss lee, and double Feh. He is a vile misalignment of DNA molecules.

      Reply to Comment
    9. dickerson3870

      All those empty seats are certainly a sight for sore secular eyes. Speaking of sore eyes, it looks as though Jon Voight is due for another face lift. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Glenn Beck is ready for another round of hemorrhoid surgery (see “Beck From the Dead” @ YouTube).

      Reply to Comment
    10. Ben Israel

      I find this obsession by the Left/Progressives with Beck to be quite amusing. It just goes to show that many of you feel that if you were non-Jews you would be antisemites, so any non-Jew who actually likes Jews and Israel (and I mean ALL Jews and ALL Israelis, not just the “progressive”-Left) HAS to be mentally unbalanced. Just has to be.
      Regarding Rami Levi’s supposed racism-can anyone tell me how many Arabs work on the Israel Broadcasting’s Hebrew-language radio and television broadcasts? (recall the IBA is staffed with good “progressives”-Leftists).

      Reply to Comment
    11. ToivoS

      I was excepting 100s of thousands of Israelis dancing to Beck’s tune. Seems like it didn’t happen. Does this mean that the people of Israel have some common sense? Naw, I doubt it. They must sense at some level he is one crazy dude. But still, they are pursuing this nonsense,

      Reply to Comment
    12. Mr Braithwaite

      I should think most Israelis that Beck is aiming his speeches and ideas towards, would cringe if they knew he believed that his “god” was once a man as he (Beck); and this fable followed the dictates of his so-called “god” and then ascended to a celestial type of godhood with a goddess–to have spritual babies of course. Beck, in like manner, believes he shall become a god and his wife a goddess; and the whole process shall proceed with him; and an infinite number of “gods” (mormon–of course) throughout eternity.
      In short: Beck is part of a satanic, blasphemous, heretical cult! An abomination to Jewish people who Believe in THE LORD; and To True Believers that Yhoshu’a is The LORD, GOD, SAVIOUR AND KING Of Eternity. The Messiah who bore the sins of the world on The Cross; and Rose from The Dead on the third day.
      This is never discussed in the USA; and Beck gets away with being called a “Christian”. By that definition, a mohammedan muslim is a “christian”. Why? Because even he incorporates Jesus into his pagan theology.
      I find beck an abomination, quite frankly. Evil is evil–no matter what your stance is towards Israel. I support a vigourous continuation of Isreal; but am under no delusions that many Israelis would not find me pleasant when I would tell them they need to accept JESUS as their LORD, GOD, SAVIOUR AND KING!
      The adults would tell me: “I love you, but you are a blasphemer.” The children make take a stick to me 🙂
      But one thing we can agree upon–until everyone stands before Jesus in Eternity–Mr Beck is a screwball. Accept or reject,–and live and die with that decision. But please do not tell me you are going to be a “god” someday.

      In The Name of THE LIVING GOD OF ETERNITY!!!

      W. Braithwaite
      *Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 53; Daniel 9:24-27; Ezekiel Ch. 38-39; Gospel John Ch. 1; John 3:16-18; John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Romans 10:9-10*

      Reply to Comment
    13. Ben Israel

      This comment has been deleted

      Reply to Comment
    14. Ben Israel

      I am still waiting for a census about how many Arabs work for the Israel Broadcasting Authority. I certainly haven’t heard any Arabs on the air as newsreaders or hosts of TV shows.
      So, are you going to boycott the IBA as well?

      Kevin-Foul language
      Rachelle, Danny, Toivos, Dickerson – incoherent, irrelevant insults.

      You “progressive LOVERS OF HUMANITY” are really something. You don’t care about humanity, you certainly don’t care about the Palestinians, your politics are not what you are FOR, it’s only what you are AGAINST.

      Reply to Comment
    15. Ben Israel

      I forgot to add Braitwaite’s religious intolerance. MORMONOPHOBE.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Mitchell Cohen

      Ben, if you have a TV you can’t boycott the IBA because their draconian television tax is forced on you. If you don’t pay it, they can come to your apartment like a bunch of thugs and not only take away your TV, but change the lock to your home so you can’t get in and freeze your bank account. They are one of the biggest mafias in this country, aside from Hevrat Heshmal.

      Reply to Comment
    17. What’s up with your red herrings, Ben Israel? Usually, despite being in complete disagreement with you, I notice that you do raise up interesting points. What has the IBA got to do with Rami Levy’s segregation?

      Reply to Comment
    18. Ron M

      Wow.. What a distortion. This article is pitiful.

      1st off, there were thousands attending. What Miss Kaufman neglects to tell you is that the rally / event was held in two places in Jerusalem, this site shown.. AND at Jerusalem’s largest public square, Safra square which was packed to capacity watching live and participating. Second some images here clearly taken before people had gone to their seats, lol. How sad can you get to try to distort reality like that? I saw the aerial views during the speech – This site was PACKED.

      The images used here, so contrived. Like propaganda, but propaganda is not truth.. It’s the cover of cowards. Looks Like Ami Kaufman is desperately in need of ‘Restoring Courage’ because she is a coward. The event did not end with a whimper, the 40 people counter protesting from Peace Now, an organization that can barely muster 1% support in Israel haha. That was the funny part.. But this 972 mag won’t tell you that because it is an ideological whimper. Sad.

      I was at the event in Safra square – Nothing you read here is the reality of what went on. It’s just the sorry story of another lefty sad bitter + frustrated by her personal ideological views’ impotence.

      Reply to Comment
    19. Taoist

      Is the nuthead circus gone yet? Wonder why Beck & Hagee Charlatans, Inc., named their program “Restoring Courage.” Would it be that the Israeli/Jewish wingnuts are in dare need of support in their lunacy, and needed Beck for a shot of, well, more lunacy?

      OTOH, B.I., the gift that keeps on giving, is showing us the Hasbara official line re: Beck/Hagee, and the inherent bigotry in their positions. Wonder if B.I. will follow the circus back to the US, where he would find out Beck is a fully disgraced man, who went to Israel trying to revamp his fall out from even Fox Mooooooos, and get some veneer of legitimacy into the fringes, since he has no chance to make it back into the mainstream, even less his circus show in Israel.

      Israeli wingnuts, you were taken for a ride, and you don’t even know it, but you fully deserve it.

      Netanyahu’s gang official support for Beck/Hagee’s circus, only highlights his isolation, even from Jewish America religious and secular organizations, with the shameful exception of the ADL.

      Keep on trucking, wingnuts, your help is really needed for the rapturous departure of so many retards to loony land, and for the further isolation and self-delegitimization of your governing clique.



      Reply to Comment
    20. Taoist


      “…even less his circus show in Israel.”


      “…even less AFTER his circus show in Israel.”


      Reply to Comment
    21. @Ben – as you know I have very low tolerance for trolls like you.
      Another one like that and you’re off of the whole site.
      Sorry I push your buttons, but cool down.

      Reply to Comment
    22. @Ron m – I stand by everything I wrote, even after reading your pathetic spin.
      And it’s Mr. Kaufman, thank you very much. I don’t spell it “Amy”.
      I find it interesting that you, from Safra square, think i wasn’t seeing well at the main even itself. Did you see me all the way from Safra square? I waved at you 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    23. Ben Israel

      The point I am making is that Ami and the “progressives” are criticizing Rami Levi who DOES hire Arabs for being a “racist”, yet the IBA, the very bastion of “progressivism” DOES NOT. I am not aware of a single Arab newsreader. I do not watch Israel television but I am not aware of a single show whose host is Arab. I have no idea how manh Arabs work behind the scenes, but I would venture to guess it is very few, well below their percentage of the population. The “progressives” are big hypocrites, and as you see here, many are not ‘lovers of humanity’, they are people who simply spew out insults and curses against their political opponents.

      It is very sad that this site is now becoming a sewer like other Jewish “progressive” blogs. It originally was quite civilized and intelligent discussions were held. Now we have comments which are simply garbage, like many you have seen above.

      Reply to Comment
    24. @Ben Israel – I still don’t get why I have to compare to the IBA. Honestly, I just don’t get you.
      Maybe, if the IBA Arab employees were fired because one of them had an affair with a Jew, then I’d compare. But the two are not connected – which is what you usually do when you want to avoid damaging info to your cause. Instead of coming out and saying that what Rami Levy did was wrong – you say, “who cares, other people do it elsewhere”. Great. So, two wrongs make a right?
      I’d really appreciate you not commenting on my channel anymore. Please respect this request. I have no patience for your hasbara any longer. Thank you.

      Reply to Comment
    25. elly

      This comment has been deleted and the user banned

      Reply to Comment
    26. Mitchell Cohen

      Ok, let’s talk about the Rami Levy incident. From the link Ami provided in another article about the Rami Levy incident:


      הרב פרל אמר ל”הארץ” כי “התנהל רומן בין קופאית לאורז עד שכמעט עזבה את בית הוריה. היתה תוכנית לקחת אותה לכפר פלסטיני. פנו אליי ולכן ניגשתי לדבר עם רמי לוי ועם הצוות שלו. שוחחנו על הבעיה, ואמרנו לו שאחד הדברים שצפינו לפני שנה כשפתחו את הסניף זו הסכנה הזו. ביקשנו שיעשו מאמצים וישימו מישהו שיפקח על סכנה זו. אני מרוצה מהצעדים שרמי לוי נקט. גם הערבים לא רואים את זה בעין יפה ונראה לי שרמי לוי מודע לבעיה. העובד פוטר ולא יחזור לעבוד בסניף. צריך שוט ללמד לקח אחרי דבר כזה”.

      First of all, it wasn’t just about a romance, but the cashier was ready to leave her parents house and go to a village under the PA authority. So, 1) I wonder how old this cashier was and 2) it is against the law for an Israeli citizen to step foot into an area under the PA authority. So, I ask if this girl was under age was this romance still ok (whether with an Arab or Jew)? And even if she wasn’t under age, her parents sure as heck feared for her being taken into a village that is not under Israeli jurisdiction, which is not only dangerous, but illegal (there are signs outside of every PA controlled area stating so). What if this was your daughter? Would you not be just a little bit scared for her life?

      Reply to Comment
    27. Philos

      Ben Israel’s logic is the logic I usually encounter from his ideological ilk; there aren’t any Arabs in high-tech, there aren’t any Arabs in the IBA, blah blah to justify some overtly racist action against Arabs somewhere in the country. What they feel to realize is that going around and shouting about how racist ALL of Israel is isn’t going to impress anyone and usually undermines their argument of “The Arabs never had it better than under us.” Which, by the way, you’ll hear many an octogenarian Briton or Frenchman say about Africans and Asians. Actually, that’s a lie, you’ll hear plenty of racists and bigots with aristocratic accents of any age say the same thing. Ben Israel; YOU ARE A COLONIALIST (and not just of Palestine, of Israel too)

      Reply to Comment
    28. Philos

      Mitchell Cohen
      1) you are speculating and there’s no point discussing your speculations
      2) see above
      3) I’ve ignored those signs and didn’t find my time in Area 1 to be particularly threatening. In fact Jericho and Bethlehem were very nice to visit.
      4) Area’s 2 & 3 are bizarre locales with a lot of tension (been to Hebron or Bilin)?

      Reply to Comment
    29. Mitchell Cohen

      Philo, why am I speculating? I am quoting directly from the article. And, if you want to talk about speculating, then fine. In the same article, Levy denies the worker was fired, but that he travel to Jordan and when he get’s back, “we’ll see”. So, I guess it’s just a question of who you want to believe in the article, which makes the whole article a “speculation”. At any rate, that is well and good that YOU (as an adult) have ignored those signs and had a wonderful time, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is still illegal and I sure as heck wouldn’t want my minor (or adult, for that matter) daughter going into those areas w/o the proper supervision/protection.

      Reply to Comment
    30. jay

      Oh Ami, when you say

      “I’ve had enough of people coming from thousands of miles away to meddle in my own affairs,”

      does that include international “solidarity activists?”

      Reply to Comment
    31. Wow. Talk about “loaded questions”. There’s one for ya.

      Reply to Comment
    32. Ron M

      I apologize for confusing your gender Ami. That was not intentional.

      I will however just say that you calling the factual realities I posted ‘pathetic spin’ is amusing.

      You intetionally subjectively spin the reality, provide journalism with clear intent at omission and then call me a spinner. That’s rich. Stand by what you wrote as much as you like, it does not change the fact it wasn’t true. Journalists are supposed to know about journalism ethics.

      Have a nice day.

      Reply to Comment
    33. Yael

      Sorry to disappoint you guys, but those pictures were taken at the beginning of the event. This is an event involving Israelis, and we are used to events starting late, so we arrive late as a matter of course. As the event progresses all the seats were taken and even backup chairs had to be set for the late comers. Now, what I don’t understand is why the writer of this piece has to use lies in order to belittle Glenn? Hey, according to you he said enough crazy things to warrant belittling, right? Like saying that the human rights organization have lost all credibility, and that the UN is a joke, and that the media is biased against Israel. Oh, wait, all that’s is true… This piece stinks of fear. Fear that the right has finally decided to fight back, and expose the left for the lies and deceit it uses. Be afraid, be very afraid!

      Reply to Comment
    34. dan l

      Dribble. simple dribble. This is not not Journalism.. this is an attempt to marginalize the efforts of christians and Glenb Beck who are out spoken suporters of Israel.It would seem you prefere the efforts of the ISM and those internationalists who meddle in our affairs.

      And your distate for Rami Levy comes from the fact that he opened a business in a place you would prefer boycotted. A year prior to a human resource issue.. rami levy was simply an oasis of co-existence between israelis and palestinians.. and no article from you…. and it remains so.. a real journalist would have visited the store prior to your spewings to witness the co-existence mentioned by beck in this dribble

      I dont not see an article from you the last time ISM came to town.. oh i know.. its only meddling in affairs when they come with a different agenda as your self.

      Reply to Comment
    35. @Ron m – i’ll say it again. Every thing I wrote was true, everything i saw happened (and has been reported similarly by main stream media). Deal with it. It is your ethics that need to be checked.

      Reply to Comment
    36. @Yael – sorry to disappoint you, but it is you who is lying. I was behind those chairs the whole show. They did not fill up.
      Sorry to disappoint you by reporting exactly how the event unfolded. But that’s how it was.
      As for your claim about how Israelis start things late, allow me to remind you that both this show and the show in Caesarea started EXACTLY on time, since they are AMERICAN TV shows, broadcast on GBTV.
      Most of the attending are Americans who came abroad, and a few settlers – most of them American themselves as well.
      So, unfortunately your “Israeli manana” try doesn’t really fit in too well.
      But I’m sure you had a great time, right? 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    37. @to all those who think I’m lying: Just wanted to say that on the other side, about 50 meters to the right, there were even MORE empty seats. I didn’t take a pic of that one – but I guess I should have, seeing as how Beck supporters reading my piece are disconnected from reality.

      Reply to Comment
    38. Philos

      Mitchell, where in the above quote does it say that the girl is a minor? It doesn’t. That’s your pure speculation. If there was a sexual affair between a minor and any adult regardless of what his parent’s religion designated him then that’d be a totally immoral and illegal act. Aside from that a little interracial lovin’ never hurt anyone. Ask Barak Obama 🙂
      I was joking with my brother’s financee that next time she arrives in Israel she’ll be denied entry on the grounds that her womb hasn’t undergone a conversion. The sad reality is that my joke isn’t too far from the truth and our situation is not normal. Heard about the kibbutznik that revealed to Ha’aretz (on an article about cheese or something) that his grandmother wasn’t Jewish so he was technically the Shabbat goy and who has now sunk into a bureaucratic nightmare with the Interior Ministry trying to revoke his “Jewish identity”? That isn’t a joke and it isn’t funny and Rami Levy endorses this Deep South Mississippi Burning mentality.

      Reply to Comment
    39. Ben Israel

      I just spoke to someone who was at the Kikar Safra site and they confirmed what Ron said above…there was an overflow crowd there. No whimper.

      Reply to Comment
    40. Shoded Yam

      Quite frankly, I could care less. If Israelis want to invite this jackass to jerusalem, thats their business. If they want to go to his rally, thats their business too. However, once they try to advance the concept that attendance at such a confab is indicative of “judaic courage” and “correct thinking” then it becomes my business.
      This man was not fired from FOX because he made a few stupid remarks. This is Fox News. They know their audience and stupid remarks are their stock-in-trade. 😀 No. This shmuck was fired because he made stupid remarks concerning a guy, who with a snap of his fingers, can crush the economies of many small countries. Like him or not, you’re not going to call George Soros (a holocaust survivor, incidentally) a “kapo” and a “nazi collaborator” and then think you’re gonna’ wake up the next morning and still have a job.
      While there are israelis and jews in this world who are desperate for validation from any quarter, and will slavishly and pathetically fete every half-wit carnival barker that comes down the pike in an effort to secure such validation, there are more who will not. If Nir Barkat wants to show up at a Glenn Beck Rally, thats fine, because Nir Barkat is a corrupt, classless, nouveau riche piece of sh*t and people will judge you by the friends you keep. Ya’ follow?

      Reply to Comment
    41. Mitchell Cohen

      “Mitchell, where in the above quote does it say that the girl is a minor? It doesn’t. That’s your pure speculation. If there was a sexual affair between a minor and any adult regardless of what his parent’s religion designated him then that’d be a totally immoral and illegal act. Aside from that a little interracial lovin’ never hurt anyone. Ask Barak Obama” [End of Philos] It says the girl is living at home with her parents, so I was ASKING how old she was. I am glad we are at least in agreement about a sexual affair between a minor and an adult being immoral and illegal. This isn’t about “interracial lovin'”, although I wonder how many Muslims and Christians, as well as Jews in Israel would REALLY want their children to intermarry. You might be shocked the the percentages from ALL the aforementioned kehilot are not near as high as you might like to think. This has to do with parents fearing for their daughter’s (minor or not) safety (which I mentioned in my last post and will not repeat here). You want to nail Rami Levy, yet the fact is that he employs Arab workers (even workers who are not citizens of Israel). Would he want his kids to intermarry? Probably not, like most Jews and Arabs in Israel would not.

      Reply to Comment
    42. Too bad they didn’t bring some guys from Safra square. There was a lot of room near Glenn Beck 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    43. jay

      @ami my question was serious, when does “outsider meddling” become illegitimate?
      whether one is discussing cranks of either extreme or more moderate types, who, say, recommend refraining from establishing WB settlements at least for the next month or two.

      Reply to Comment
    44. @jay – seriously, I have an opinion on ISM, and intend to write about it. But I fear it has nothing to do with this post.

      Reply to Comment
    45. pl72

      Remember, he started out as a comedian.

      Reply to Comment
    46. Ron M

      Here is the actual AP story, and it reads like a Beck hit piece.. Yet, they still state 2000 people at the rally.

      By Associated Press, Published: August 24

      JERUSALEM — Former Fox TV personality Glenn Beck capped a contentious visit to Israel Wednesday with a strong call of support for the Jewish state in a rally alongside a hotly disputed holy site in Jerusalem’s Old City.

      The conservative commentator has won fans among Israel’s far-right with his unabashedly pro-Israel, anti-Muslim rhetoric, and 2,000 people turned out to hear him speak next to the compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary…”


      I guess the more something passes through tinted left wing ‘media’, the more broken telephone you suffer.

      Reply to Comment
    47. hannah

      This comment has been deleted

      Reply to Comment
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