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WATCH: Caught in Israel's permit system, Gaza children fear for their lives

What happens when children in Gaza need to leave the strip for medical care that is unavailable there? Filmmaker Jen Marlowe gives us a look into the lives of the families as they navigate the often Kafkaesque process of getting permission from the Israeli army to leave the besieged strip for medical treatments.

By Jen Marlowe

Jen Marlowe is the Communications Associate for Just Vision and a filmmaker, journalist, author, and human rights activist. Her work includes the play There is a Fieldthe book “The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian’s Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker” and the film “One Family in Gaza.”

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    1. itshak Gordine

      How can responsible and loving parents send their children to attack a border or confront soldiers?

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      • Ben

        of course the parents don’t “send their children to attack…”–this is your demonizing, racist propaganda twist on the matter–but here’s a fair question, settler:
        How can responsible and loving parents knowingly send their children into the army to brutally oppress and imprison an entire people in the service of an illegal occupation, land thievery and protecting and coddling marauding settlers?

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      • B Larkins

        To attack? … more hasbara spin…. Gaza is an open prison and the occupants have every right to protest their incarceration. Israel must be called to account for its continued criminal abuse. Israel makes war on children and abuses them on a daily basis, without shame or penalty. BDS for Israel now…

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    2. ralph chevillard

      The occupiers are obliged to care for the occupied under the Geneva Conventions, they are not required to torture and kill them.

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      • itshak Gordine

        The translation in this racist video is false. They do not say Israelis, but “Jews”. Racism among some Muslims against Jews is absolutely disgusting. And that does not bother the leftists.
        When terrorists stop threatening Israel and launching missiles on its people, things will be better.

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        • Ben

          Oh please.

          The educated persons in the video say “Israeli.” Yamen El-Mahodoun, Ghada Al Magadli, etc. Your hypocrisy is just breathtaking, Halevy. So settlers, and the right wing visitors to this page as well, you included as Exhibit A, get to say “the Arabs,” routinely, all the time, and get to utterly disparage and delegitimize the Palestinians as “just Arabs” and “the p people” and the “fakestinians” and other garbage terms, in a totally racist way, and yet, oh my god, heaven forbid they call Israelis “Jews”–the horror!

          And the double, really mind-boggling irony is this: YOU INSIST it is all about the Jews! YOU INSIST there is no Israeli nationality only Jewish nationality!! And “Arab” nationality! YOU INSIST that you get to own The Land and kick “the Arabs” aka “the foreigners” off it precisely BECAUSE you are Jews! Your “heritage,” the “heritage” of the Jews! So then they call you “the Jews” and you pretend to be horrified. “Oh my god they called us Jews! The unspeakable crime! It is disgusting!”

          Halevy, can you REALLY be this narcissistic and lacking insight about your own behavior? For real? Wow.

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          • itshak Gordine

            Do you speak Arabic? I do. You say as usual nonsense.

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          • Ben

            Ghada Al Magadli is speaking English in the video, settler. You can’t dance away from the glaring main point here:

            You, who insist it is all about the Jews, who doggedly insist that there is no Israeli nationality but only Jewish and Arab nationalities, who insist that the Jews get to own The Land and kick “the Arabs” aka “the foreigners” off it precisely because you are “the Jews,” and have a real estate-entitling “heritage of the Jews,” who insist that “the foreigners” submit to the sovereignty of the Jews (aka “our sovereignty” and “our laws”) — you who quite consistently insist on all of this, then pretend to be offended when Palestinians call Israeli settlers and their supporters “the Jews.”

            This deserves a trophy for sheer narcissism, sheer hypocrisy, sheer chutzpah, and sheer having-it-both-ways-ism.

            Except it needs to be a group trophy, awarded to thousands, because among the settlers you are entirely unexceptional. You are distinguished only by the added feat of your delivering this peculiar package to +972 Magazine.

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