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From Jaffa to Cairo all people power is revolutionary

As Egypt continued its revolution on the streets, the citizens of Jaffa held a passionate march thorough the city against racism and settlements. About 800 Palestinian and Israeli residents of the city marched through the streets chanting in Arabic and Hebrew against the wave of racism taking over Israeli society. “Jews and Arabs Against the Hate and Terror of Settlers’ and ‘From Jaffa to Cairo all people power is revolutionary.” Some protesters carried Egyptian flags and many seemed energized by the events unfolding in Egypt. Despite a heavy police presence and even police helicopters, no incidents of violence were reported from the nonviolent protest.

29.01.11 Jaffa Protest Against Israeli Racism and Settlers. Photo: Joseph Dana29.01.11 Jaffa Protest Against Israeli Racism and Settlers. Photo: Joseph Dana
29.01.11 Jaffa Protest Against Israeli Racism and Settlers. Photo: Joseph Dana

29.01.11 Jaffa Protest Against Israeli Racism and Settlers. Photo: Joseph Dana

29.01.11 Jaffa Protest Against Israeli Racism and Settlers. Photo: Joseph Dana

29.01.11 Jaffa Protest Against Israeli Racism and Settlers. Photo: Joseph Dana

29.01.11 Jaffa Protest Against Israeli Racism and Settlers. Photo: Joseph Dana

29.01.11 Jaffa Protest Against Israeli Racism and Settlers. Photo: Joseph Dana

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    1. Ben Israel

      Apparently, the irony of these “anti-racists” carrying signs that said they oppose “racism and the terrorism of the settlers” went over your head. What about Arab terrorism? This killed or wounded thousands of Israelis (including not a few Arabs) in the last decade. Why don’t they protest that?
      Had they just written “down with racism” it would have been fine. But once they start listing their enemies, they simply show their hypocrisy.

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    2. Ben Israel

      Joseph’s piece here reminds me of Tom Lehrer’s legendary song “National Brotherhood Week”. Tom said “There are people in this world who do not love their fellow man and I HATE people like that!”

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    3. I must tell you that I don’t know you. But I have heard in another blog that you are a Jew who lives in Jaffa. So, doesn’t that make you a settler too in the eyes of these people? These people are protesting against Jews who decide to live in an Israeli city. That looks pretty racist to me.
      I live in Rehovot. I wonder if your friends will also demonstrate against a Jewish family living in Rehovot. I don’t see why they would not.

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    4. Ben Israel

      Here is a report on your demonstration that paints it differently than you do:


      They say that there WERE calls for violence, “liberating Jaffa with blood”, intifada, mutiny, etc.

      Does that mean you and MK Heinin DO identify with using force to drive Jews you don’t like from Jaffa? Or do you claim you “didn’t hear them say that”?

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    5. Ben,

      I wasnt at the demo, but from past experience, I can say that Joseph is a much more reliable reporter than anybody with ynet.

      For example, “With blood and fire we shall liberal Jaffa”, in a non-violent march, is not a call for violence or armed resistance. It is a well-worn chant that is often said at protests with different words substituting for Jaffa (like “Palestine”, for example.) It has been chanted by Jews as well. It’s a formula of historical importance, and while I don’t think it should be sung, it is no big deal. The protesters should be judged by what they do, not by what they chant.

      In Egypt there have been not an insignificant number of violence and looting, some by agent provocateurs. In judging whether a march is non-violent, one has to look at the majority of protesters. In Egypt, in Jaffa, and in the O.T., the vast majority of protesters do not engage in violence or rock-throwing. The Israeli media focuses on the latter

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    6. Ben Israel

      Jerry Haber-
      Okay, regarding the “blood and fire” chants, I will accept what you say as long as you say the same about Jews not meaning it either when they utter similar phrases.

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    7. Hep hep hep! is also a formula of historical importance that doesn’t mean anything, no Jerry?

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    8. AKUS


      I understand that Dana is a “settler” living in Jaffa.

      So only the right kind of Jews – or, should I say, the loony left kind of Jews – have the right – or left – to live in Jaffa?

      As far as I can tell, Jaffa ia part of Israel and anyone who wants to buy a house there and can afford to do so is allowed to.

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    9. Shlom ben aziz

      Hi Ben Israel, have ever watch up what about Mossad?
      Why are you talking on islamic terrorism? It’s a false flag!

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    10. F

      Joseph excitedly tweeted that the crowd was chanting “kul yaffa arabiya.” So is the left for segregation now? He also tweets that he becomes enraged when he sees settlers in Jafa. I don’t understand what makes someone a “settler” in Jaffa if Joseph Dana isn’t but my guess is its related to who is wearing a kippah.

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    11. Ben Israel

      Yet more Leftist/Progressive hypocrisy. They complain when Jews have “absorption committees” which they perceive as being desingned to keep “undesirables” (i.e. Arabs) out of a community….the Dan appoints himself along with the Arab toughs of Yafo to such a committeeto keep kippah-wearing Jews out of his town.
      No end to the cynicism and hypocrisy of the “progressives”.

      Dan-who gave you the right to tell me where I can live in a city in Israel?

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    12. Ben Israel

      When I wrote “Dan”, I obviously meant Joseph Dana.

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    13. Jill

      Assuming for the sake of argument that these above comments and attacks on Joseph make any sense… the issue isn’t that Jews live in Jaffa. The issue is that a company with the clear and distinct goal of creating a housing unit STRICTLY for Jews-only has moved into the heart of a predominantly Palestinian neighborhood. In other words, a settlement.

      Residents have a problem — and rightly so — with the creation a project that openly discriminates against people based on their religious background. This is the issue.

      Akun, you write that, “Jaffa is a part of Israel and anyone who wants to buy a house there and can afford to do so is allowed to.” Fine. But then, why can’t Palestinians buy apartments in this new Be’emuna settlement?


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    14. Ben Israel

      There are religious-only buildings in cities all over Israel. Different lifestyle-and all that. There are also Arab-only cities, towns and villages all over Israel. When a few Jews moved into the Druze-Arab town of Peki’in, they were run out of town. There are no Arabs who are members of secular Left-wing Kibbutzim, as far as I know.
      Regarding Jaffa we are talking about one building, as far as I know. No one is saying Arabs can’t live in Jaffa.

      But let’s say you are right and it shouldn’t be allowed. Does that mean the protestors can scream “kill the Jews!”?

      Funny how Meirav defines herself as a “non-nationalist”, but she allies herself with radical Arab nationalists. The only conclusion that I can come to is that these “non-nationalists” we see among the Jewish “progressives” are really “non-JEWISH-nationalists”. All other nationalisms are fine, even celebrated, just not for the Jews, for some reason.

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      • Ben-Israel, Palestinian-Israelis do not move into Jewish neighbourhoods with the stated purpose of “Arabizing” them. The Jaffa march was a reaction to two years of national Zionist ideologues moving into Jaffa with the stated purpose of “Judaizing” the city. They hold loud marches on Saturdays, shout anti-Muslim slogans in front of mosques and generally trample all over the delicate fabric of co-existence that Jaffa-ites are trying to maintain, despite serious obstacles. The purpose of Saturday’s march was to protest the behaviour of the Jews who move to Jaffa not in order to co-exist, or even to gentrify, but with a political-religious agenda that boils down to ridding Jaffa of its Arab population.

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    15. Ben Israel

      Oh, I see Lisa, the way to maintain the “delicate fabric” of relations in Yafo is to join Arabs who are screaming “kill the Jews”.

      If indeed there are some Jews who act stupidly and provoke the Arabs of the neighborhood (and I don’t know if this is true or not), how can you blame the Jews who live there? Tel Aviv is next to Yafo and it is full of Jews. Maybe they come there to cause trouble? This is no grounds for running the Jews living there out of town. This is nothing more than placing collective guilt.

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    16. F

      Ben Israel – Joseph is very happy that you are opening your mind and reading the posts here at +972, unfortunately he is unable to engage you in discussion due to the incredible gap of knowledge and experience between him and yourself. You see Joseoh had spent the last few years obtaining multiple degrees in Jewish history, and if you were anywhere near as much of a scholar of Jewish history as he is, you would realize that your criticism of “jaffa jaffa arabiya” that joseph was chanting is simply the result of your zionist indoctrination. Joseph has announced that his scholarship of jewish history leads him to want to end zionism in jewish thought and jewish life and the criticism he has received from the corrupt jewish-zionist establishment is nothing short of what was done to baruch spinoza or the ancient israelites by the pharoe. In fact, I would put josephs activism on par with moses himself, him and others at +972 warning against the golden calf of zionism and israel. Joseph is a true gadol ha dor and hopefully you will soon realize that and join him in the vanguard of the nonviolent peoples struggle against zionism and to create one free secular democratic binational arab jewish utopia in palestine.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Ben Israel

      To “F” or Joseph or whatever you want to call yourself-
      I am impressed with your education , but a couple of MA’s don’t exactly make you “gadol hador”.

      I was not “indoctrinated” into Zionism. I did not grow up in a Zionist background in California. I came to Zionism and Orthodox/religious observance on my own when I was a student at UCLA in the 1970’s. That was not exactly a hotbed of Zionism.
      In any event, I know people FAR more knowledgable about Judaism and Jewish history than you are and they are dedicated Zionists, so please don’t claim that it is “obvious” that your anti-Zionism is the natural state of the Jewish people. Just open up a TANACH or a Siddur (Prayer book) and it will show you what real, natural Zionism is.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Ilana Sebba

      Ben Israel,

      I think F’s last comment regarding Joseph Dana was meant in irony – I think (I may very well be wrong) that F. is gently and intelligently satirizing Joseph Dana, and siding with you…

      Reply to Comment
    19. Viva “Palestina Libre”.

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