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Forget BDS: Denied entry to Israel, just because of a last name

Over the past two years, the Israeli army has revoked Palestinian workers’ permits to enter Israel simply because they share a last name with someone who carried out a violent attack against Israelis. The move has already dealt a severe blow to over 2,000 workers in the West Bank, many of whom have been working inside Israel and the settlements since they were teenagers.

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    1. Lewis from Afula

      The Jordanians living in Judea and Samaria need to revert to their true identity. Just endlessly repeating the fake “fakestine” motif represents a barrier to their re-insertion into human history.

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      • john

        here, on another story about ‘border control’, ido ignores his fellow israeli with far more troubling notions about ‘insertion into human history’, overlooking the fact lewis feels empowered and emboldend by the bibi regime, while rehashing golda meir’s racist talking points. & in this instance, it’s not even a relationship that got multiple people turned away, just a name.
        either the immigration bureau is lazy/incompetent, or willfully despotic.

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    2. Martinn Sandberger

      Love your outstanding coverage

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