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Following attacks, B'Tselem donations increase tenfold

Over 3,700 people have signed on to a call supporting the human rights organization, after the Knesset coalition chair calls to revoke its executive director’s citizenship.

By John Brown*

ACRI executive director Hagai El-Ad at the Human Rights Day march in Tel Aviv, December 11, 2009 (Keren Manor/Activestills.org)

ACRI executive director Hagai El-Ad at the Human Rights Day march in Tel Aviv, December 11, 2009 (Keren Manor/Activestills.org)

B’Tselem Executive Director Hagai El-Ad addressed the UN Security Council last week, calling on its members to take real steps toward ending the military dictatorship over the occupied territories, which is nearing its 50th year.

Following El-Ad’s speech, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu published a statement condemning B’Tselem for joining the “chorus of slander” against Israel. It was only a matter of time before thousands of right-wingers took to social media to call for El-Ad’s execution. As expected, Israeli police did nothing to stop the incitement, and not a single person has been arrested.

In the week that followed, however, B’Tselem reported a fivefold increase in “small” donations, which come from individuals, rather than from organizations.

Following Knesset coalition chair David Bitan’s proposal to revoke El-Ad’s citizenship, the donations have increased tenfold. Meanwhile, over 3,700 people have signed on to a call supporting B’Tselem on social media.

*John Brown is the pseudonym of an Israeli academic and a blogger for Local Call, where this article was first published in Hebrew. Read it here.

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    1. Bus189

      That’s great! So the act of bashing one’s own country at the UNSC has proven profitable for these mercenaries? Some numbers would be great. For example, has the total raised from private donations surpassed the current number one funder of B’Tselem – – the EU? Are the donations from Israel or from abroad? Perhaps now B’tselem can stop being an agent paid by foreign governments to produce reports designed to villify and demonize Israel? Inquiring minds want to know.

      Reply to Comment
      • TB7

        Not as profitable as stealing land and resources by the mercenaries of the occupier. And nobody needs to “villify and demonize Israel”. Just witness and report its actions, they speak for themselves: Nearly half a century of keeping a people under military law which daily violates the Geneva Conventions don’t go unnoticed. So according to your terms Israel IS what you claim BTselem to do to it.

        Reply to Comment
        • Bus189

          What B’tselem does is called state sponsored propaganda. It is produced by European governments for naive ignorants who populate foreign-sponsored left-wing safe spaces like this one.

          Reply to Comment
    2. Mike Stein

      The occupation is already in its 50th year, it is in fact nearing its 51st year. It is already 49 years old, which means we are in the middle of the 50th year.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Average American

      So USA should have yanked the citizenship of Martin Luther King for bashing his own country? Or Charles Lindburgh. Or Geronimo. Or George Washington. Most people here would say that’s a little extreme. And then most people here would say wait a minute, if my country has the power to do that at their whim, then I feel like I’m living in a police state during lock-down, and I myself should speak out against it.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Ben

      And THIS is the distinguished MK (Likud) who insists the soldiers of Breaking the Silence are shady liars and the activists of B’Tselem are disreputable scoundrels?:

      Reply to Comment