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WATCH: Faith, blind support and the Jewish state

American Zionism is at a dangerous crossroads. At the AIPAC conference days ago, Max Blumenthal asked some participants about the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The answers he got were shocking for their ignorance but not surprising.

What I saw in this video is the American Zionist movement with AIPAC at its head is becoming one based on faith and not political reality. No longer are facts or even logic necessary for one to be ‘pro-Israel.’ In fact, factual analysis of the present situation is often critiqued for being biased or ungrounded in historical reality of Israel. American Zionism is characterized by people with blind support, conviction and an almost messianic passion to support a state whose policies they are completely ignorant of. Nothing good for the Palestinians, Israelis or Jews can come from this type of support for the Israeli state.

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    1. directrob

      Never underestimate these guys. They are more or less citing from documents like the “The Israel Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary”. Their targets are people that still can be convinced, not the well informed left. They do not need fact and logic.
      That being said it does indeed sound stupid and robot like.

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    2. abban aziz


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