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Interior Min. should learn from himself: Don't punish community for group of extremists

The Jerusalem Post reports that Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai has warned against punishing the entire Orthodox community for the behavior of a small group of extremists:

“Everyone knows that we are talking about a small group within haredi society, but there is incitement against all of the haredim,” Yishai stated in an Army Radio interview.

So the Interior Minister’s message is not to punish and discriminate against an entire society for the conduct of small extremist groups? To be humble and understanding and moderate? What an interesting concept (cough, Palestinians, cough)!

But in this case, after reading Larry’s report about police complicity with religious violence, I’m not so sure Yishai has the right to claim this is not an endemic problem.

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    1. John Yorke

      Collective punishment may seem very unfair but it can also be the only way out of what will shortly become a 64 year old impasse. Provided it is used in a scrupulously fair manner and can be seen to guarantee the desired result, this option is not without some merit.

      ‘Man is the only creature that dares to light a fire and live with it. The reason? Because he alone has learned to put it out. ’ ~Henry Jackson Vandyke, Jr

      Some fires, it seems, never go out. The one in question here has been burning for well in excess of six decades and yet there is no sign of it dying down nor losing any of its heat. This is, perhaps, not so surprising when you consider the amount of flammable material that is constantly being fed to its flames.
      And yet the instinct to extinguish those same flames is also constant; this site, along with countless others, is testament to that pressing need for resolution, peace, some final closure of the matter.

      But somehow that need never reaches fulfilment, the inferno is allowed to rage on and on with still more lives, hopes and dreams being consumed in its fiery embrace.

      And every one of our strenuous efforts to contain the conflagration amounts to scarcely more than a prayer for rain, a hard rain that, unfortunately, never seems to arrive. Only a few brief showers have ever hovered over the fire and none of these were heavy enough to reduce its temperature by more than a few degrees.

      So, Mairav, will the time ever come for us all to get off our knees and stop this futile praying for rain? Let us rather call upon the services of a perfectly good fire department and have the entire problem solved in a professional and more than satisfactory manner.
      Isn’t it every little boy’s dream to one day grow up to be a fireman?
      Then let’s live that dream now.
      Because those who must continue to perish in this furnace of fear and hate will never understand or forgive us for not rescuing them when the means to do so was always at hand.

      In 2012, let us all, at the very least, resolve to stop the flames being fed. That should be more than enough to make it a very happy new year indeed. http://yorketowers.blogspot.com

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    2. Your reports are appreciated, Yorke not withstanding.

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    3. John Yorke

      I would say that I too appreciate Mairav’s reports and I am in complete agreement with her take on this matter. Have you, perhaps, missed some of the irony in her article?

      My original comment was there to illustrate an alternate approach to the entire problem, not just that of the dubious doings of some of the Orthodox fraternity.
      It’s a solution that may be a novel way of handling the conflict but one that touches all the bases and can, in the end, make some kind of sense out of all that’s happened so far.

      The real trouble we have with matters as they now stand (and have stood for decades) is humanity’s preference for debate over action. Debate over such a length of time (almost 64 years)signifies either a too intense love of language or a total loss of direction where the issues are concerned.

      We need to find a direction that will take us where we want to go and not leave us turning around in ever-decreasing circles.


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