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Greater Jerusalem Map (Updated 2011)

This is a map of “Greater Jerusalem,” courtesy of Ir Amim, who uses it on its study tours of the city. The solid red line zigzagging throughout the map is the route of the Separation Barrier, and the double-lined red line shows parts of the planned route of the barrier that have not yet been constructed (including the E1 territory at the north-east, which Israel aims to settle with Jews). Notice, for example, on the southwestern edge of West Jerusalem (bottom left) is Al-Walaje, where the route of the barrier now being built is to encircle the entire village with 360 degrees of wall.

The blue line shows the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem as they were drawn two weeks after the Six-Day War, when Israel formally annexed 70 kilometers worth of land east, north and south of West Jerusalem. Notice that there are some towns that are included in the Jerusalem municipal boundary, but on the “wrong side” of the barrier, shut out from the rest of the city. The Green Line represents the borders of Israel as they were from 1948-1967, before it occupied the West Bank.

It is evident from this map why the “united capital of Israel” should in fact be called “Greater Jerusalem,” as the city’s borders actually resemble more of a metropolitan area that include territories deep in the West Bank.

Fore more information, see Ir Amim’s maps page.

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