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'Pro-Palestinian activists have sexual identity problems'

Israel’s deputy ambassador to Ireland, Nurit Tinari Modai, recently sent a letter to the Foreign Ministry, with some unusual suggestions for how Israel should fight its own citizens who dare show solidarity with Palestinians. The letter was revealed by Channel 10 news this evening.

We can find names of [those] Israelis… we should hit their soft spot, publish their pictures, maybe it will embarrass their friends and relatives at home, and hopefully the local [Palestinian] activists will think that they work for the Mossad…

The acts of these activists are, I think, not ideologically motivated, but rather have to do with psychological reasons (disappointment with their parents or problems with their sexual identity) or due to their need to receive a residence permit (refugee visa) in one of the European countries…

The Foreign Ministry told Channel 10 that the letter doesn’t reflect the work of the office, which “doesn’t carry out witch-hunts.”

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    1. Jack

      The so called “only democracy” where the own ethnic group are forbidden to show any dissent from the ruling party ideology.

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    2. Danny

      This is hilarious! What planet is this woman from??? Between Michael Oren’s pathetic attempts at whitewashing Israel, and now this, it is clear Israel is in full blown hysterics. This is the best proof that the BDS campaign (and others) are working, as Israel is absolutely clueless on how to counter non violence. If it wasn’t so sad, it would ROTFLMAO material!

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    3. steve

      The only hope Israel has is that there are Israelis who are pro-Palestinian activists.They are your best people-you should be proud of them.

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    4. JG

      This comment has been deleted.

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    5. Rehmat

      I suppose Nurit Tinari Modai did not hear about our Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper who doesn’t believe in “sexual identity” when it comes to pro-Palestinian Israelis.

      In 2010, Harper refused to donate $397,500 to “Pride Toronto” gay/lesbian parade for allowing members of Israeli group, “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” to join the parade.


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    6. Piotr Berman

      March 1

      Ms Tinari-Modai had already assisted in the embassy, helping to organise an Israeli film festival in Dublin.

      The deputy ambassador post had been vacant since last summer, and with a shortage of trained diplomats, the Foreign Ministry decided on the novel solution.

      A Foreign Ministry source said Ms Tinari-Modai was an “excellent, professional diplomat” who could have secured a full ambassadorship on her own merits. Her role will be reviewed annually by the ministry.


      I did not copy the entire article, but the issue is that Mrs Tinari-Modai is a professional diplomat (not a party hack, o no!) whose husband is also a diplomat, currently Ambassador to Ireland. To have a couple with post Ambassador and deputy Ambassador was a novel solution for Israeli diplomacy, and apparently Mrs Tinari Modai strived hard to pass next year review.

      Contrary to JG conjecture, she is a happily married person living with her husband and two kids in bucolic Ireland, and simply trying hard to keep it that way. The idea of sowing a suspicion that Jewish activists work with Mossad is perhaps not stupid, although it would require some subtle touch. Photoshop them into a picture from Embassy Hanuka party? Or, even better, outright invite them! At least SOME activists had problems with their parents and an attractive yet reassuring mother figure like Mrs. Tinari Modai… I did not have Machiaveli 420 in a school for professional diplomats, but I imagine that this kind of plot would be in line.

      Yet while busy plotting how to deal with jackals and wolves of de-legitimatazion campaign, our deputy ambassador forgot about the hyenas back at home who leaked her letter to Channel 10.

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    7. Richard SM

      So, basically the plan is to embark on a smear campaign.

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    8. AYLA

      so let’s start a campaign, publishing our own photos, in solidarity with Palestinians. You know, to hit our own soft spots. (Beyond that I have no comment; my jaw is agape).

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    9. Danny, the fact that Israel’s deputy ambassador to Ireland is an idiot (and worse) doesn’t mean that BDS is working. Nor is BDS synonymous with non-violent protest. If you want to find proof that BDS is working, you’ll have to find something more specific.

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    10. AFP

      @PB BUCOLIC used as an adjective is rare, and Dublin, Cork, Galway certainly do not fit the description.

      If it is her letter, then she needs to apologise, simple as that.

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    11. Rehmat

      BDS has become another “sanctions” against Iran. Whether they’re working according to Zionist regime’s agenda – depends who you talk to. For example, David Horowitz believes that BDS supports new Holocaust!


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    12. brynababy

      The woman is an idiiot and should be removed from her post. She does not speak for most Israelis and probably not even the gov’t. of Israel.

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    13. Juan

      First of all, Israel must not let it’s guard down. Not even for a split second- ever! Having said that, Israel must not give up hope either of ever achieving reconciliation with the Palestinian people. The enemies are the terrorist organizations that are keeping the Palestinian people hostage and brainwashing their children to hate Israel. This is an extremely complex challenge for Israelis. But the Good Book says that Abraham’s descendants will be a blessing to the nations. So, I believe that although Israel is the very worst nightmare of terrorists in Palestine, it’s friendship will be the best blessing for the Palestinian people. Be brave, but have faith. The Lord’s ways are sometimes a little different from man’s ways.

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    14. Piotr Berman

      Sorry for writing that Dublin is bucolic, it is definitely OK to use this word as an adjective, and from ME perspective, Dublin may be IDYLLIC and travelers report sightings of cows. David Lebovitz posted such travel notes:
      “I would imagine there’s a certain amount of large industry in Ireland, but in the drives that I took, even the three hour trip from Dublin to Cork, it was grass, cows, trees, and cows. And more cows.”

      The pictures that clever Mrs. Tinari Modai were suppose to suggest “hopefully the local [Palestinian] activists will think that they work for the Mossad…” , they being Jewish activists. Parsing of the short quote is unclear, it seems to me that she either suggests that the local [Palestinian] activists would easily become suspicious given their insecurities caused by stormy adolescence, or that the Jewish activists would be easily discouraged after facing suspicions, given their insecurities caused etc.

      Of course, that would be a smear campaign, but somewhat original. Usually the smear has something to do with Hitler. Jews working with BDS conference at University of Pennsylvania were described as moral equivalents of kapos, Stella Kuebler and Hanna Arendt.

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    15. IYA

      Oh now I understand why I keep dreaming of sodomising Benjamin Netanyahu and all it’s gang…

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    16. Edward

      Sounds like Hitlers regime talking.. they are about to kill as much as he did.. Maybe hitler still lives on top of Palestine and Israel is just a cover up name..

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    17. Edward

      Sorry Juan but your very naive and you sound JUST LIKE CNN.. The only terror is Israel… Israel starts the problems to give excuse to kill.. Hamas, which was created by Israel is the only defense Palestinians have, and that’s ONLY because Israel allows some rockets to enter because they don’t do any damage but instead gives Israel an excuse to massacre children.. If you don’t believe me visit Israel and Palestine.. Interview an IDF soldier.. Israel must be gone to have peace.. We must restore a 1 Palestinian state where Muslims, Jews, and Christians Have ALWAYS loved side by side with each other.. We gave Israel a chance and 64 years later they are still taking my tax dollars, they are ethnic cleansing the area, not just Arabs, black Jews as well.. Only life that will be sustainable is white Jews.. Defiantly sounds like hitler all over again.. From America God bless Palestine and the Palestinians for enduring such hardship for over 6 decades and yet they remain GREAT people.. If you disagree please visit Palestine as I do. I help with the refugee camps in Palestine and Somalia, both in need of help..

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