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Deja Vu: Netanyahu on TIME cover - will he make peace?

Everybody here is celebrating the flattering cover piece Benjamin Netanyahu got at TIME magazine. The cover alone, wondering if the leader of the right will be the one bringing peace to the region, is a PR wet dream.

Netanyahu on the cover of TIME magazine, 2012. "Will Netanyahu now make peace?"

Only that the same magazine, did the same story, on the same PM, wondering the same thing, 16 years ago. You figured TIME would get the answer by now – or are we in for another version in 2028?

Netanyahu on the cover of TIME magazine, 1996: "Can he make peace?"

h/t Amir Mizroch

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    1. caden

      How come the question is never “can Abbas make peace”, who whatever Arab leader comes troting on by.

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    2. XYZ

      After Rabin made Oslo and was killed, Peres came in, with a blank check to do what he wanted since the public was in shock. He did not get an agreement with Arafat, but he did get a lot of terrorist attacks.
      Barak won in 1999 promising to make peace. He didn’t get Arafat’s agreement, but he did get a lot of terrorism.
      Olmert was elected on the basis of giving the Palestinians almost all of what they wanted in their territorial demands, and then switched to negotiations, was willing to give the Jerusalem including the Western Wall and Jewish Quarter of the Old City (under the nominal title of “international control” which would make it more palatable to the Israeli public, but the Palestinians would get de facto control). No agreement, but we did get two bloody wars.

      So why is the question if Bibi is ready for peace? TO keep coming back and whining “but Peres, Barak and Olmert didn’t offer enough” IS NO ANSWER. So what if the Left comes back in the next election. Would it make a difference? Why do you keep refusing to confront this?

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    3. This whole “Bibi, Man of Destiny” thing is nothing but smoke and mirrors. They’ve written this article countless times, always arriving at Auschwitz via the proverbial picture on the office wall.

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    4. Jack

      Americans wonder why arabs have a negative view of their politics, now putting the face of a warmonger, occupier and nuclear possessing man that and on top of that have in its political program the clear rejection of a palestinian state. Wanting peace? No, is the cause that there is no peace.

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    5. Jack

      On the 1996 cover by the way clearly show the unbeknownst of the policy of netanyahu when it comes to this magazine. Netanyahu was elected on the basis of rejecting the oslo peace process and rised up against rabin which were considered to be a peace-seeker.

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    6. caden

      Netanyahu won in 1996 becase it seemed like a bus was blowing up every other day.

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    7. Adi

      Halo Caden and XYZ,
      I think TIME relate the question over Persia issue or Iran, not over the Palestine. So it’s not relevant if you both using Palestine. Lets pray the leader will make peace.

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    8. annie

      gag me with a spoon

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    9. Jon Jacobson

      “bibi” won’t ever make peace with the arafats, for one reason: modern Israel is an apartheid state, that increasingly views Palestinians as sub-human people. What Israel does is its own business: the fact that they do it with MY American tax dollars, to the tune of $30 BILLION every year, then meddle in American elections and casually lob the ugly ‘anti-Semite’ label at any who criticizes them–its downright wrong.

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    10. M H

      Could they not find anything to rhyme “Netanyahu” with?

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    11. aristeides

      Adi – asking XYZ and Caden for relevance is like asking for tolerance. You’re not going to get it.

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    12. Alan

      @annie: “gag me with a spoon.” I’d love to.

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    13. TX Swede

      Thank you Jon Jacobson for saying what many American friends of Israel feel.

      When the Israelis stop building new settlements, and adding to the old ones, I will feel like they are taking steps to end their apartheid. Until then, I will be trying to push the US government to reduce our support.

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    14. max

      Adi ‘thinks’ and Aristeides jumps in with no disclaimer to save him… the TIME refers to war with Iran and peace with Palestinians.
      So what was this need to ridicule?
      I’ll conclude with a change of 1 letter to Adi’s hope: Lets pray the leaders will make peace

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    15. caden

      Jon, Arafats not with us anymore. He is down there in the underworld with his teen age boys.
      Annie, what’s the international Jewish conspiracy doing today? I’ve been working, out of the loop. It certainly would be easy if they wore those yellow stars but I know that you, Phil, and the rest of the merry band are on it.

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    16. Dave Mitchell

      Why do I find zionists so objectionable?

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