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Dearth of coverage in Israeli media on Gaza carnage

The Israeli media once again fails to show the impact of Israeli military strikes in the Gaza Strip.

I personally think it’s insane that on the Haaretz website there is not a single headline or article that even refers to what the Israeli military is wreaking on Gaza, where 23 have been killed in the last four days and over a hundred injured from fighter jets and gunships, according to Ma’an.

The closest you get is coverage of the homemade projectiles fired out of Gaza in which no people were killed. Some “light” injuries were reported though.

A woman and one other person sustained light to moderate shrapnel wounds as a result of a grad rocket striking Ashdod. The woman was evacuated to Rehovot’s Kaplan Hospital. Four Israelis were also treated for shock. Damage was caused to store buildings and cars in the city.

The reporting, or lack thereof, demonstrates once again the callousness Israeli society holds for the carnage they create in Gaza. You would expect more from the media, however.

It reminds one of the Israeli response to ‘Cast Lead,’ the Israeli War on Gaza that killed over 1,400 people, the majority of them civilians.

When civilians are killed, like the 65-year old Gazan man and his 30-year old daughter, as happened Sunday night, Haaretz finds it convenient to add the ready-made Israeli military response.

In a statement, the IDF spokesperson said that as a result of the fire it looks like citizens who were not involved in the combat were harmed.

“This case demonstrates the terrorist organizations’ use of civilians as human shields, and the fact that they open fire deep inside civilian populations,” the IDF spokesperson said.

One does not expect a public outcry in the streets of Tel Aviv, at least not anymore. But we do expect the media to do their job.

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    1. aristeides

      The media are full of reports about the Iron Dome, which suggests the real purpose of the current IDF exercise.

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    2. Moriel Rothman

      @Omar. Thanks for this piece.

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    3. David

      Thank you for posting this. Sadly, poor coverage of the Occupation is not confined to Israeli media. Poor coverage of the recent deaths (5 of whom were civilians) and injuries (74 Gazans and 8 Israelis) is certainly the case in the English-language media in Western Europe and the USA. My understanding is that the situation is similar in other languages. The death toll and injury count were also reported by Reuters.

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    4. sh

      “The reporting, or lack thereof, demonstrates once again the callousness Israeli society holds for the carnage they create in Gaza.”
      This happened in 2006 and 2009 too. All the reporting here goes into a different mode once the violence begins. Jingoism and pathos dominate, unfortunately. If the media stops (or is prevented from) reporting what’s going on there how can Israeli society be expected to know what the carnage is?
      Thanks David for giving us the number of civilian deaths and injured.
      To add more perspective to Israeli media reports:
      Anyone know of more sites reporting from there?
      So many panicked people in the south and in Gaza for no purpose at all. None.

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    5. Noam W

      I don’t know why anybody is surprised.

      The Israeli media, and a large portion of the Israeli public, consider Gaza an enemy entity. I don’t think you will find many occasions in history where the news media of a country that is in a military conflict reports about the casualties of the other side.

      It is important to persevere and not let this go unmentioned. Even if just to remind us that the people in Gaza ought not be seen as enemies.

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    6. Palestinian

      The last time I checked Haaretz is an Israeli newspaper owned by ….Zionists .There is a simple rule “never trust Zionists” regardless of their outfit(including at least half of 972 voices)

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    7. Mike

      Omar please use your memory lets go back what we had before the escalation , about 15 rockets per month without any reason . terrorist strike on the road to Eilat , so what are you looking for from the Israeli media sympathy ?? sorrow ?? you will not get it they are serving the will of the Israeli public . while the freedom fighters from Gaza are shooting from high populated areas hiding among children targeting the Israelis civilians since they have no chance against IDF . for the Palestinians this is wasted war

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    8. Piotr Berman

      Mike, your memory is selective.

      The strike on the road to Eilat is no more connected to Gaza then a death of a Palestinian female bystander of a demonstration was connected to honor killing or cancer (her death was caused by inhalation of the tear gas), in spite of the initial information provided by IDF. When IDF claims are confronted with other evidence than they are usually false, and in the case of Eilat attack, such evidence exists.

      Another thing is that IDF kills or wounds someone in Gaza almost every other week. IDF always has a reason and militants never have a reason because we are good and our reasons are good and they are bad and their reasons are invalid. Lastly, high tech weapons are morally superior to ineffective weapons. Israel, hurray!

      With that kind of thinking, a shortcut on the way to Massive Moral Superiority is to get nukes. As they say “imitation is the highest form of flattery”.

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    9. Omar Rahman and most of your commentators have little or no idea of the effect of years of rocket attacks on a community. Its not about how many are killed or injured its about the uncertainty of life that anything can happen at any time.Its psychological warfare. We lived under similiar barrage in WW2 in London and southern england.I am still traumatised by it. Get real,if Gaza was not using terrorism and hatred as tools and was not blatant in its desire to see the end of the State of Israel,they could have a flourishing tourist industry and export all their excellent goods all over and have the respect and support of the world.Re: coverage while Syrians are slaughtering their own countrymen daily in far larger numbers than hamas terrorists “killed in action”whom do they expect to show interest? Israelis and their neighbours have to be ceaseless in striving for peace not destroying one another.

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