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Progressive and liberal values are being challenged across the world, and Israel-Palestine is on the front lines of the struggle against rising authoritarianism, nationalism, and racism. At +972 Magazine we’re reimagining what it means to face these challenges head on. More than ever, the world needs independent journalists who dare to take a stand.

In 2018 we’re stepping up to meet this moment with some big changes in how we bring you the news and analysis you’ve come to expect from +972. To do that, we need you to invest in our model of independent, non-profit journalism. Donate today.

Why now?

It has been painful to watch nationalism and authoritarianism rise with such ferocity around the world this past year. We in Israel-Palestine have an unfortunate wealth of experience combating these trends that many of our friends abroad are just beginning to experience.

In Israel the political and media environment is increasingly hostile to any deviation from the official narrative. State censorship is influencing what people hear and know in new and worrying ways, and top politicians are targeting journalists and activists personally. New laws are dramatically shrinking the space for criticism and dissent, and political litmus tests increasingly determine who can even enter the country. For Palestinians living under Israeli rule, things are exponentially worse.

Even as globally rising nationalism has empowered Israel’s government, and as the end of the occupation seems further than ever, +972 has proven itself as a platform on which progressive communities can unite. We need you to invest in that struggle — make your donation today.

What are we reimagining at +972?

In order to meet the challenge of this urgent political moment, we need to start paying journalists across the region for serious, in-depth reporting and analysis. After seven years as a volunteer project, we need to find new ways to tell even more of the stories the mainstream media just isn’t telling: stories of Palestinian and Israeli activists, stakeholders and regular people who live the reality on the ground — the people who understand it better than anyone else.

We also need to develop and give a platform to the next generation of cutting-edge analysts and thinkers laying the foundations for a more just, shared future. Without their voices, there can be no informed or effective movement for change. We need to invest in more reporting by Palestinian writers. And we need to make sure these voices and stories reach broader audiences than ever before.

Instead of turning to paywalls to fund our crucial work, we’re asking you, our readers, to invest in the future of +972 Magazine.

Why +972 Magazine?

Since a handful of Israeli and Palestinian journalists and bloggers started +972 Magazine in 2010, we have impacted the discourse on Israel-Palestine in ways none of us could have imagined. We’ve broken countless stories that other outlets were then unable to ignore. We kept a spotlight on the Palestinian popular struggle even when others lost interest — or were never interested in the first place. And while other media outlets report the news as it is told to them by politicians and spokespeople, we are committed to ensuring the people affected by their policies have an effective platform of their own.

We have succeeded at shattering taboos and pushing the conversation about the occupation further than it’s ever been, all while pioneering a standard of activist journalism that has earned the trust of regular readers, foreign journalists, and diplomats alike. The millions of people who read +972 Magazine every year are testament to the importance of our work.

When leaders like Netanyahu, Trump, and Putin don’t want us to understand the facts or believe we can correct the course of our countries, independent media needs to step up and fight back. We have worked diligently over the past seven years to build the credibility and trustworthiness you have come to rely on. Now we are counting on you.

The prospect of a just future demands more of us. Make your donation today.