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Correction: Lynsey Addario was not humiliated by IDF soldiers

The media rose in uproar after Lynsey Addario was humiliated when crossing the Erez Crossing into Israel. Basically all of the media, +972 included, attributed the beastly behaviour to the IDF.

Well, I’ll be the last person to defend The Green Beast, but they’re not behind this particular odious incident. A reader on my Hebrew blog pointed out that the Erez crossing, as well as some other major checkpoints, are no longer manned by the IDF, but rather by something called the Checkpoint Administration.

A long series of phone conversations later, it turns out the reader was correct. The IDF Spokesman officially denies it is in charge of Erez, and says it is not manned by its men. I am still waiting for the response of the MoD, to find out who is in charge of it, and how MoD intends to discipline it. When – if? – they get back to me, I’ll update.

So, the people who humiliated a pregnant woman and laughed at her did not wear army uniform, and hence could not excuse themselves by saying they were young, stupid, and basically were forced laborers. They were actually drawing a salary from the government.

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    1. If not IDF (and presumably also not border police or any sort of police, even though it is a sort of border, isn’t it (or is Gaza part of Israel in the Israeli view?), then perhaps it is manned by a private militia (such as the USA’s Blackwater/Xe) or by something corresponding to the USA’s privately run for-profit prisons. Gee, run by folks not under military or any governmental discipline even though presumably carrying guns legally and allowed to fire them! At people!

      Privatized governmental security services. Maybe the entire IDF/IOF and all police forces in Israel could be turned over to corporate hoodlums? Worth a try?

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    2. Lauren

      Yep, sure sounds like the rotten TSA. Guess what?… all these nasty people were trained by the IDF!!!! So, yes, the cruelty, humiliation and abuse of traveling people is an IDF/Israeli invention. It’s was only a matter of time until the USA turned their war on terror into a war on Americans.
      These security idiots are only doing what they are told.

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    3. Dan

      This would appear like privitization of Israel’s security services. No matter what, it is still a group of young Israelis who on a power trip were behaving more like an army of a facist regime than a democracy. Oh, but we are a facist regime, so i guess they were just doing their job and having some innocent fun in the process.

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    4. sh

      Long live outsourcing. When the shortage of doctors was discussed a few days ago didn’t someone suggest that Prime Ministers and Presidents could also come from agencies…. Indian ones I think was the idea? That way no individual will be responsible for anything. And all you’ll have to do is fire the firm responsible and take one with another name. Fun, fun.

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    5. Sam

      I just wanted to point out that the title is very misleading. Reading only the title, one would think that the story (that the reporter was humiliated) previously published had not been true at all.

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    6. Piotr Berman

      I think Lauren is correct. The people who interacted personally with Linsey were perhaps civilian (although in some type of uniform) but eventually, outsourced or not, they are empowered and supervised by GoI.

      The other issue is that abuse on the border is perhaps most acute on Israeli borders. I read an interesting report by a bicyclist who made it from Istambul to China through numerous countries of the former Soviet Union and Iran, and while many encounters were colorful or problematic, none was really abusive.

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