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COMIC: Meanwhile...

By Eli Valley


Eli Valley is a writer and artist whose work has been published in New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Gawker, Saveur, Haaretz and elsewhere. He is currently finishing his first novel. Eli’s website is www.EVComics.com and he tweets at @elivalley.

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    1. Richard

      And the factory of lame grotesque crap called Eli Valley continues his march down Rockefeller Brothers lane.

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    2. Reza Lustig

      I don’t see the problem; Dershowitz isn’t a good looking guy in real life. I suppose drawing Jews as anything other than breathtakingly handsome is anti-semitism.

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    3. bar

      As I’ve noted previously, Valley draws Jews in such grotesque drawings that Der Sturmer would have been proud to have him as a staff cartoonist.

      Reply to Comment
      • JG

        bar, you’re such a impertinent propagandist, Goebbels himself would have loved to adopt you

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    4. Goldmarx

      Takes one to know one, eh Arb?

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