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COMIC: Google Glass for the Gaza gaze

By Eli Valley

Eli.Valley.Gaza.Google.GlassEli Valley is a writer and artist whose work has been published in New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Gawker, Saveur, Haaretz and elsewhere. He is currently finishing his first novel. Eli’s website is www.EVComics.com and he tweets at @elivalley.

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    1. Sonnenuhr

      This cartoon is in very bad taste. Israelis know what is going on in Gaza, its airwaves, print and internet media are filled with news of Gaza. For instance see


      Haaretz, Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel have live blogs, news reports and opinion pieces covering all aspects of the Gaza War.

      I24tvnews broadcasts pictures of what is happening in Gaza and interviews Palestinians both in Gaza and the West Bank allowing to state what they think is happening in Gaza.

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    2. Goldmarx

      The cartoon is brilliant precisely because it exposes the fact that hawkish Israelis know what is going on but pretend it’s all about the anti-Semites.

      I can’t wait until Arb anti-Semite baits Eli again. C’mon, Arby, give us a show!

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    3. Richard

      Amazing that a cartoon about how all Jews think, “in Israel and abroad” is publishable these days. Eli Valley is a complete tool who is never funny, insightful or original even a little bit. Failed hipster comedy in the form of Jew hatred. The level that his career as a cartoonist depends on exploitation of his token Jewishness is so extreme that it borders on self-parody. I don’t know whether to throw up out of revulsion or embarrassment for this guy. He gives me the douche chills.

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      • Carlo

        More than a thousand newly dead in Gaza, mostly civilians, and all you can do is sneer at a satirical cartoonist. It’s simply a crude way of ignoring the basic topic: the humanitarian disaster that is Gaza as a result of the Israeli blockade and repeated military assaults. First remove your ethnocentric spectacles and then read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You may learn something that was omitted from your chauvinistic conditioning.

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      • Tsvi

        When you have nothing else to say, then you are reasoning ad hominem. Quite typical.

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