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COMIC: Consensus in the Conference

By Eli Valley

On Monday, July 28th, over 70 Jewish Americans from the new organization #IfNotNow stood outside the offices of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and read the names of Israelis and Palestinians killed during the current round of fighting. Nine of those protesters were arrested while calling on the Conference of Presidents to join their cause. Executive vice chairman and CEO of the Conference, Malcolm Hoenlein, sought to discredit the protesters, stating that “They are, unfortunately, Jewish kids who are misguided.”


Eli Valley is a writer and artist whose work has been published in The Nation, New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Gawker, Saveur, Haaretz and elsewhere. He is currently finishing his first novel. Eli’s website is www.EVComics.com and he tweets at @elivalley.

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    1. bar

      When Hoenlein is right, he’s right.

      You should open your mind a bit, Eli, it seems it’s a little stuck.

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      • Y-Man

        Bar, you are known on this website for your openness to the opinions expressed by its contributors.

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        • bar

          Stay on topic, kiddo. We’re discussing Eli Valley’s loathing, and loathsome imagery of, Jews with whom he disagrees.

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    2. Goldmarx

      As opposed to the “nonloathsome” image of Gentiles that appear in his work?

      You’re not really ‘discussing’ anything here – you’re just hurling baseless epithets at Jews whose arguments are superior to yours?

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        • Goldmarx

          As I had answered you on a previous Eli Valley thread, his depiction of Obama was equally unflattering.

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          • bar

            Really, I keep telling you that you’re not clever enough for these conversations. Here is one of Valley’s cartoons depicting Obama and a Jewish man. Let me know if you still want to stand by your claim:


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          • Goldmarx

            You can “keep telling” me that all you want. If you want to beat Goebbel’s record for repeating the same lies, don’t let me stop you.

            The cartoon shows Obama in an unflattering light – I’ve seen organ grinder monkeys drawn handsomer. Bibi looks like Bibi, except in one or two panels where he is drawn like Hafez al-Assad. The Jewish family in the last panel looks nice.

            Reply to Comment
          • bar

            Oh, so Obama doesn’t look like Dershowitz? Your last claim is therefore disproven according to your own admission.

            And “Bibi looks like Bibi…except when he looks like a monstrous dictator from Syria” who murdered 20,000 (not a typo) people in Hama in less than a month.

            Eli Valley’s depictions of Jews are disgusting caricatures that belong in a Nazi publication.

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          • Goldmarx

            What are you talking about? How is my claim disproven if I don’t see Obama being drawn by Dershowitz?

            Give Bibi time and he’ll surpass Assad’s kill totals, in which case likening him to Assad will be flattery.

            “Eli Valley’s depictions of Jews are disgusting caricatures that belong in a Nazi publication”

            Your baseless accusations against of Eli Valley are disgusting and compellingly argue that you belong in a Nazi uniform.

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          • bar

            Hey Eli, this is the only guy you could find to defend your heinous depiction of Jews. Doesn’t speak too well of you, does it?

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          • JG

            Hey dumbheads is hasBARa the only prick you found to claim them Eli is an antisemite working for the Stürmer?
            You were better than that……

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    3. Reality Check

      Except, Eli Valley, Open Hillel, “If Not Now,” “Jewish Voice For Peace” etc. aren’t merely “anti-war” activists.

      And they aren’t merely “critics” of Israel.

      The majority of people associated with the above seem to promote the hateful, antisemitic idea that the world’s only Jewish state has no right to even exist. That Arab states are OK, Muslim states are OK, the Italian country is OK, the Japanese country is OK, that the entire planet gets to have homelands of sorts… except the Jews.

      These groups aren’t “anti-war” activists.” They’re “anti-Israel” activists. Against Israel’s very existence. Against the Jewish people having a homeland, next to 22 Arab homelands and 50+ Muslim homelands.

      These are bigots who only seem to mention that they’re “Jewish” when demonizing Israel.

      And notice that literally 99 percent of what these groups do is demonize Israel. They don’t seem to care about anything else. They certainly don’t fight antismeitism, or fight Islamic hatemongers, or fight anybody else. They just fight Israel, right down to Israel’s very existence.

      They are antisemitic hate groups, pretending to be Jewish, and pretending to care about peace.

      Reply to Comment
      • Goldmarx

        OK, Reality Check, how about you live up to your name and document where Eli Valley, Open Hillel, “If Not Now,” and “Jewish Voice For Peace”
        have declared their opposition to the existence of Israel?

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    4. Reality Check

      I said: “The majority of people associated with the above seem to promote the hateful, antisemitic idea that the world’s only Jewish state has no right to even exist.”

      I did not say every single one of them wants Israel destroyed. I said “the majority seem to.” And it’s pretty obvious.

      Eli Valley = thousands of anti-Israel posts, close to zero pro-Israel posts, and barely criticizes Israel’s enemies, barely criticizes antisemites, barely criticizes war/terrorism against Israel, barely mentions discrimination against Jews across the entire Arab world, etc.

      “Jewish Voice for Peace” = seems to promote a “one-state solution” that erases Israel as a Jewish state. And 99% of their comments are hateful of Israel. They also seem to openly work with Electronic Intifada (who want Israel erased), etc. They are an anti-Israel hate group, not a “peace” group.

      Open Hillel = radical leftists who seem to want to bring antisemites, pro-BDS activists, and “destroy Israel via the one-state solution” bigots into the mix. They seem to want to bring people who are against Israel’s very existence as a Jewish state into the mix.

      I’ve never heard of Arabs who want Arab countries to cease being Arab. I’ve never heard of Muslims who want Muslim countries to shy away from Islam. I’ve never heard of Italians who want Italy destroyed or want Israel to be “less Italian.” I’ve never heard of Japanese people that don’t want to Japan to be a country that clearly favors Japanese people, culture, etc. over everyone else. Yet somehow we have radical-left maniacs who claim to be “Jews” whose entire life seems to be devoted to demonizing the world’s only Jewish state and OBSESSIVELY hating on it in every sentence, right down to Israel’s very existence as a Jewish state.

      Reply to Comment
      • Goldmarx

        “I did not say every single one of them wants Israel destroyed. I said “the majority seem to.” ”

        –> All I asked you to do was document your claim. You have not done so honestly. In that context, ‘seem to want’ equals ‘do.’

        Eli Valley’s cartoons oppose the policies of Israeli government. They do not oppose the existence of Israel. You use the phrase “anti-Israel” as synonymous with anti-Zionist, and that is dishonest and typical of Israeli hasbara.

        Open Hillel wants there to be a dialog with people whose views even some of them disagree with. They oppose censorship. That openness strengthens the Zionist ideal by showing a lack of fear of debate.

        Jewish Voices for Peace ‘seems’ to be for one-state. Has Donna Nevel (who comes from a Left Zionist background), a JVP leader, ever said that?
        Or do you fear that YOU would support one state if JVP’s criticisms of Israeli government policies were correct? Aren’t you, in fact, projecting your own fears onto others?

        None of these groups that I’ve mentioned are singling out Jewish nationalism as evil. Put down the pipe and take a chill pill.

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    5. Reality Check

      Real “peace activists” would want Israel to act nicer, but would also respect Israel’s need to protect itself, and would also demand that Hamas be gotten rid of somehow, that Islamic Jihad disappear, that terrorism, war and hate against Israel cease, and that Palestinians elect sane, rational leaders that actually want peace with Israel.

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    6. Reality Check

      Does Eli Valley want Israel erased as a Jewish state? I have no idea. Many of those other groups do, via “solutions” that erase Israel and make it an Arab country.

      But what I do know is that when I skim Eli Valley’s Twitter feed, or read his stupid cartoons, they are 99.9999999% hate on Israel.

      Anyone know even one Palestinian that has tweeted 89238923892389 times in a row about how evil and awful Gaza or the West Bank are or how stupid and crazy Palestinians are for supporting lunatics like Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, etc?

      Why do we have radical left “Jews” whose entire life seems to be trying to promote hate of Israel?

      Reply to Comment
    7. Reality Check

      Anybody, including people who claim to have a Jewish background, who singles out Jewish nationalism as the one nationalism that is “evil” for existing, and singles Israel out as the only country in the world that has no right to cater to its democratic majority and therefore be a Jewish state, is a damn antisemite.

      If Israel is “wrong” for being a Jewish state, then every Arab state is “wrong,” every Muslim state is “wrong,” the Italian country is wrong for favoring Italians over non-Italians, the Japanese country is wrong for favoring Japanese people/culture/etc. over others, etc.

      But nobody says that about those other countries. Nobody goes around saying “Arab countries have no right to be Arab.” It feels crazy to even type such a thing.

      Yet somehow we have radical-left bigots who seem to spend 18 hours a day screaming how evil and awful it is that the one tiny country in this world with a Jewish majority declares itself a Jewish state.

      Why? Because… antisemitism.

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      • Goldmarx

        “Yet somehow we have radical-left bigots who seem to spend 18 hours a day screaming how evil and awful it is that the one tiny country in this world with a Jewish majority declares itself a Jewish state.”

        –>Please identify these ‘radical-left bigots’.

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    8. Reality Check

      Anyway, it’s dishonest to present these people merely as “anti-war” activists.

      They are “anti-Israel” activists.

      They don’t seem to protest war against Jews, they don’t seem to protest war against Israel, they don’t seem to protest antisemitism, they don’t seem to protest anything other than every single thing about Israel.

      True anti-war activists would protest Israel’s war but would also protest the war against Israel. And other wars.

      The mainstream Jewish community welcomes anti-war activists. But not bigoted, one-sided, anti-Israel lunatics.

      Hope that helps.

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