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Last week, +972 Magazine posted an article regarding a campaign by the movement Solidarity against the settlement of Migron, consisting of a couple of posters that included visual and textual images of rape. The campaign was further analyzed in another article, published this week. Although the textual invocations of rape were identical in both posters, the images were different: One poster showed a woman that appears to be under violent assault, while another displayed a jar of vaseline.

Solidarity has since informed +972 Magazine that it never posted the first poster, containing the image of the woman, on its Facebook page or website. According to Solidarity, the poster discussed in the text was a draft that was designed and posted by a graphic designer on his own initiative and was never endorsed by the movement; this is the reason it doesn’t contain Solidarity‘s logo. The second poster was posted on Solidarity‘s official channel for a short while and then removed.

Solidarity has since expressed its apologies for those offended by the poster.

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