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City council campaign calls to ‘Judaize Jerusalem’

Likud MK Rivlin calls for criminal investigation into settler’s municipal election slogan. Previous campaigns warned of Arabs ‘terrorizing’ Jewish girls.

By Mairav Zonszein and Michael Omer-Man

Jerusalem municipal election campaign poster, reads: “Judaize Jerusalem! Judaize through building and Judaize through Torah – The knitted yarmulkes in the city”

A list of candidates running in the upcoming Jerusalem municipal elections is vying for (Jewish) votes with a slogan calling to “Judaize” the city. The phrase is associated with efforts by Jewish settlers to push Palestinians out of the city’s neighborhoods.

“Judaize Jerusalem,” read signs for the United Jerusalem list, headed Aryeh King, a right-wing settler notorious for trying to claim land for Jews in East Jerusalem. He directs the Israel Land Fund, whose mission is “reclaiming the Land of Israel for the People of Israel.”

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Before creating the United Jerusalem List with Shmuel Shakdi of the National Religious Party, King announced his campaign for Jerusalem city council with a party called the ‘Seam Neighborhood List.’

A Haaretz report in August detailed his then-campaign slogans playing on fears of Arab men “terrorizing Jewish girls” in city parks.

King’s campaign to ‘Judaize Jerusalem’ is not sitting well even with some on the right. Former Knesset speaker and veteran Likud politician Reuven Rivlin called for the elections committee and state prosecutor to investigate whether the slogan, which he called “a disgrace” and “incitement,” constitutes a criminal offense. (Hebrew)

King’s campaign received the support of East Jerusalem settlement financier Irving Moskowitz earlier this month, settler media outlet Arutz Sheva reported.

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    1. CigarButNoNice

      Judaizing Jerusalem?! What a crazy idea! If this keeps up, people will be talking of Hellenizing Athens next, when everybody knows the Greek settlers are invaders encroaching upon the original inhabitants From Time Immemorial, the Turks… Pericles was a Turk, you know, just as Jesus was a non-Jewish Palestinian Arab.

      Reply to Comment
      • Richard

        Most people don’t seem to know that there used to be a relatively ancient mosque on the Acropolis, built within the ruins of a Greek temple. Not too sure how or when the Greeks got rid of it, but certainly an interesting precedent for the world to consider, given the fact that nobody seems to disagree now that the Acropolis is an exclusively Greek cultural site.

        Reply to Comment
    2. In the past Rivlin has called for a Greater Israel with full citizenship. His stance here is consistent with that.

      The reported slogan is no different than other purity slogans elsewhere. I, for one, do not find that an ancient text trumps birthplace.

      Reply to Comment
    3. aristeides

      Let’s Jebutize Jerusalem. Give it back to the Jebusites.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Average American

      I note the caption of the picture says “and through Torah”. It appears the Torah is somehow a guide to accomplish this. Where I can get an accurate translation of the Torah? I want to read for myself the values and attitudes and justifications that guide these people to Judaize Jerusalem.

      Reply to Comment
        • Marcos

          Greg, don’t feed the troll

          Reply to Comment
        • Average American

          Thank you. If dense, can you direct me to the parts most relevant to this article. Even though our US government tells us our two countries are supposed to be inseparable friends, we don’t know much about your culture, which you must admit is a rather unique one. Also, we know you have State Rabbis which your MKs consult, is your government governed by the Torah?

          Reply to Comment
          • Oriol2

            I would say the first five books of the Christian Bible also belong to American culture.

            Reply to Comment
          • “we know you have State Rabbis which your MKs consult, is your government governed by the Torah.” : This is a bit silly. I can’t tell you what parts of the Torah to read; you’ll have to decide how seriously to take this self imposed quest. I’m not interested in online games, whether the policing of Marcos or left anti-Semites or right children of God pro Israel. There are no campaign slogans to end this conflict. The question is what path forward may be possible given such mutual hate and distrust. If using “forward” makes ma a progressive, I guess I am so.

            Reply to Comment
          • Average American

            That’s fair. I’ll pursue it on my own time. Thank you.

            Reply to Comment
    5. XYZ

      Nothing new here. The Zionist movement from its earliest days encouraged Jews to settle in and to develope mixed towns like Jerusalem, GAZA, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Haifa, Tiberias, Tzefat, Hevron and others.
      That’s what Zionism is all about….Jews coming in and developing the country. Of course the Arabs don’t like it, even though they actually they would benefit from it if they would cooperate.

      Reply to Comment
      • XYZ, four or five weeks ago I was walking down Jaffa Street, not far from Mahane Yehuda, when I saw a cluster of posters reading ‘Keep this neighbourhood Jewish’. Try and put yourself in the shoes of a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem and imagine how it must feel to pass such a poster. Exactly what ‘benefits’ are promised by such posters, and what ‘co-operation’ do non-Jewish city residents have display in order to access the benefits? Just get out?

        You seem to be presenting Zionism as a blessing for backward natives, which is problematic in its own right, but I doubt that this is quite how people use the term ‘Judaization’ see the situation. Behind that word you find people who have no problem when landlords refuse to rent property based on ethnicity and others who go out hanging posters like the ones I saw. It’s worrying that people who would recognise immediate problems with a campaign to ‘whiten’ a city see no issue with calls to ‘Judaize’ one, viewing it instead as some benign social development project.

        Reply to Comment
    6. XYZ

      I am sorry, Vicky, but Zionism was all about bringing Jews to Eretz Israel and building a Jewish state, EVEN IF Arabs had previously been the majority. I simply do no accept the “progressive” view that this is somehow wrong. Pakistan did the same thing in creating a Muslim state out of India which involved the massive uprooting of populations, and many, if not most of the Muslim nations of the world formally and legally discriminate against non-Muslim groups within the country (this includes the Palestinians in the autonomous authority), and I never hear of complaints from the “progressive” crowd about this.
      I heard former Jordanian Crown Prince Hassasn on a BBC radio shows many years ago say “Islam is the natural religion of mankind” which means that everyone in the world is expected to become Muslim and the Muslims have a religious mission to get everyone else, one way or another to adopt Islam, thus relegating everyone else’s religion to an inferior status (one example being Muslim insistence EVEN IN NON-MUSLIM countries that non-Muslims not eat in their presence during the Ramadan Fast, as if everyone else in the world is religiously obligated to follow Sharia Law) so belief in the predominance of one’s religious and/or culture is hardly unique to Israel. Until I hear universal condemnation of this by “progressives” I will reject their criticism of Israel and Zionism on these grounds.

      Reply to Comment
      • All American

        The grounds are that it’s wrong, no matter how many countries have done it.

        Reply to Comment
    7. Mordechai ben Yosef

      AS long as Jews behave the same as everyone else, it’s okay. I guess I must be following a different religious tradition which happens to use the same name. Or maybe being “alight unto nations” means using white phosphorous.

      Reply to Comment