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WATCH: Channel 2 reveals killing, abuse, of Palestinian prisoners

This is really hard to watch: A search in prisoners cells and tents in Ktziot, a huge prison for Palestinians near the Egyptian border, ended up with the guards shooting prisoners in their quarters, killing one and injuring others.

The whole operation was unnecessary, intended to promote self-confidence and to “boost morale” among the guards. As can be see near the end of the video, some guards are clearly enjoying themselves (not everyone – others are trying to prevent the situation from getting out of hands).

(For English subtitles, press arrow, then “CC” on the lower-right corner of the player)

Channel 2 aired this story on “Uvda”, a “60 minutes”-style program which was under fire recently for being “too lefty”. Recently, Uvda was forced to compensate an IDF officer for airing a story describing how he and his soldiers shot and killed a 13 years old Palestinian girl near Gaza in 2004.

UPDATE: As part of its training, “Metzada” prisons unit, which is seen in the video above, was sent to confront unarmed protesters in Bil’in. Metzada’s members operated undercover among the demonstrators; according to reports in the Israeli media, the provocations they caused resulted in several injuries to protesters.

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    1. […] television show “Uvda” showed a video of Metzada unit fighters and Israel Prison Service guards raiding one of the Kziot Prison […]

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    2. Bill

      comment has been removed

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    3. Danny

      I served in this very prison as a reserve soldier back when the IDF was in charge of it. I have to say that the army’s handling of this prison was rather professional and the treatment of the prisoners was humane. I can safely say this place was the most depressing place I’ve ever spent a fortnight in, and can understand how a person might lose his mind in such a place, especially if he’s there long-term. The prison guards depicted in the video are mostly uneducated and ignorant young men who, if not for these types of jobs, would probably be unemployed. This is yet another case of the state shirking its responsibility to the humane treatment of prisoners and Palestinians in general (many of whom in Ktziot have no blood on their hands and some are even under the age of 18).

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    4. frank kahn

      comment has been removed. please follow our comments policy

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    5. Elaine Meyrial

      Thank you for broadcasting this video. As an American, I am sickened by my country’s support for Israel and it’s inhumane and racist attitude to Palestinians as well as the continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, a tragedy for the ultimate victims of WWII.

      I give credit to Israeli television for having the courage to show this video. I don’t think that a video of this type would be aired on mainstream American media as the US suffers from the same sense of entitlement and exceptionalism that Israel exhibits. The lies that we tell ourselves about our motivations and justifications for our actions, both domestic and foreign, create the delusion of our being exempt from the demands of international laws, the Geneva Conventions, and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

      I think that this will change as the US has entered a period of inevitable decline vis a vis China and the rest of the developing world. A weakened United States can only mean a weakened Israel as no other country gives Israel significant support.

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    6. Luis

      Do you know the date it was aired in channel 2?

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    7. annie

      at the end the guards were laughing and one broke out in song. it is hard to comprehend how people can be so cruel. what is the glory in making prisoners be in this kind of submission? they are already in prison. the level of inhumanity is shocking and they don’t seem to be effected by the death of the man for an exercise, as if they are part of an experiment. they are part of an experiment. i wonder how israeli society accepts this kind of information. the desensitization is very dangerous. it is hard for me to grasp the rationality of this kind of cruelty, how these soldiers can live with themselves. this is immoral.

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    8. Ex Israeli

      “this is immoral”
      Annie, this is Israeli reality.
      Always has been like that.
      It may be strange but thats what it is.
      Long ago this criminality has become the norm.

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    9. Brian P. Smith

      This is an absolutlely appaling film! It shows Israeli guards, army, whatever, shooting in the dark, at “targets” (they are not people as far as they are concerned!) they cannot see and who cannot see them, who have no weapons and who pose no obvious threat. They even shoot a prisoner who has been trying to negotiate, quite openly, with the officer.

      If this were to happen in any other “civilized(?)” country there would be an international outcry. There would be animmediate governmet investigation and the perpetrators would be locked up until the facts were fully ascertained. But not in Istael – their actions are justified by the prison governor, applauded, even!!!!!

      And the whole reason for the operation was to raise themorale of the prison guards – which apparently it did. How sick is that? You kill some prisoners, injure many more and you celebrate that as a “result”??!!

      I can’t believe that anybody was stupid enough to keep a copy of this video! Surely even with it locked away in a safe somebody realised it was going to surface one day and knew that it would demonstrate just how little the Israelis cared for the prisoners, and for the views of those outside (and inside, I’m pleased to hear) their country. Matbe now there will be some justice for those who died and were injured in this operation.

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    10. Joseph Tillotson

      My disgust knows no bounds. This should be shown on U.S. television so that our freedom lovin’ Americans can see how the only “democracy” in the Middle East honors the Bill of Rights for its Palestinians.

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