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Poster calls on Arab men to keep out of Jerusalem, away from Jewish girls

Following the recent lynch-style attack on Palestinian youths in Jerusalem, racist extremists are starting a campaign calling on Arab men to keep out of popular Jerusalem hangouts and avoid dating Jewish girls – for their own good.

The new racist poster, written in both Hebrew and Arabic by the extremist Kahana-style NGO “Lehava,” has been circulating in Facebook in recent hours and is gaining hundreds of “likes” and “shares.” The poster, which is aimed at young Palestinian men, comes in the aftermath of the attempted lynch in central Jerusalem, and warns that visiting popular areas in the city, like big malls and the pedestrian area off of Zion Square could lead to more similar attacks.

The poster fits into a growing trend of narrating anti-Arab racism as a means to “protect our daughters” – a form of discourse promoted by politicians and ministers also in relation to African asylum seekers.

The poster reads the following:

Dear Arab guy:

We don’t want you to get hurt!

Our daughters are valuable to us,

and just as you would not want a Jew to date your sister

we unwilling are also unwilling for an Arab to date a girl from among our people.

Just as you would do anything to stop a Jew from dating your sister – so do we!

If you are thinking of visiting Jerusalem malls or the pedestrian street [Midrechov] with the intention of dating Jewish girls – this isn’t the place for you.

You may walk around in your own village freely and find girlfriends there, not here!

Last week an Arab who thought he might find Jewish girls got hurt.

We don’t wish for you to get hurt,

So respect our daughters’ honor

As we mind it dearly!

Lehava organization    o.leava@gmail.com

“Dear Arab guy – We do not wish for you to get hurt, so keep away” (Lehava)

Many comments on the picture thread on Facebook show great enthusiasm for the text, and some people have already volunteered to help hang it up around Jerusalem.

However, other comments were much more critical, and some have compared its content to Nazi agendas. At least two mock posters have already been made in response, one translating the text into German and aiming it at Jewish men:

The mock poster in German (Amir Schiby)

The other, by Israeli artist Zoya Cherkassky, calling on Jewish men to mind their own business and not meddle in women’s decisions on whom to date.


The mock poster in Hebrew (Zoya Cherkassky)

Update: The Jerusalem based NGO Ir Amim has filed a complaint to police against Lehava, accusing it in incitement to racism and violence. In addition, according to the complaint the poster suggests that anyone not abiding to its terms is likely to be physically assaulted, and is thus to be considered an illegal threat.


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    1. sh

      Oh, this put me much more in mind of the USA’s deep south. But Palästinenser sind unser unglück (excuse DE errors) works as well.

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    2. XYZ

      I agree with the sentiments expressed in the first poster wholeheartedly. Jews should date and marry Jews, Christians should date and marry Christians, Muslims should date and marry Muslims. Religions are a VALUE SYSTEM and each religion has a right to try to continue to propagate itself to the next generation. This is only natural.

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      • Danny

        “Jews should date and marry Jews, Christians should date and marry Christians, Muslims should date and marry Muslims. Religions are a VALUE SYSTEM and each religion has a right to try to continue to propagate itself to the next generation. This is only natural.”
        There is nothing natural about religion. It’s a well known fact that Eastern European Jews – particularly religious ones – are carriers of certain genetic diseases (e.g. Tay Sachs) that can be attributed to their practice of inbreeding. From a genetic point of view, nothing is better than mating outside one’s tribe. BTW, inbreeding might explain Israeli right winger views such as yours.

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        • There is nothing ‘natural’ about trying to police the personal lives of other people, and to threaten to use violence in the attempt. If you don’t want to date or marry a non-Jew, that’s your prerogative. You don’t have the right to impose that idea on anybody else.

          It’s unlikely that I’ll ever have kids of my own, although I’ve thought about adoption before. I would like my hypothetical children to inherit my religious faith, but it will be passed on to them as a gift, not imposed on them through threats – and like all parents I would have to accept that people can and do walk away from their religious upbringings for all kinds of reasons. Tactics like this do nothing to safeguard heritage. In fact, any ‘value system’ that needs to be protected through lynchings is perhaps not worth keeping in the first place.

          The only thing missing from the Lehava sign is the footnote ‘Please do not trespass in the yard’, because the attitude to women is definitely informed by the same spirit. “How dare these people approach our property?”

          Reply to Comment
          • XYZ

            It has nothing to do with “property”. It has to do with VALUES as I said. Parents have the right to raise their children in their own value system…this is recognized by the UN Charter of Human rights.
            I am not talking about using force or violence. I AM talking about education and the first poster is in line with this. BTW, Haggai misrepresented what poster said…it does NOT say Arabs should “stay out of Jerusalem”, it says they should not come to the malls to pick up Jewish girls JUST AS THEY WOULD FORCIBLY REJECT HAVING JEWS TRYING TO PICK UP MUSLIM/ARAB girls. It is the Arabs/Muslims who freely use “honor killings” to keep their women in line. I have not heard of Jews doing that.

            Reply to Comment
          • XYZ

            Your comment that you would be unlikely to have children of your own made me come to realize that, if I am not mistaken, most if not all the posters at this Progressive web site are not married. I recall Noam Sheizaf saying that few or none of his friends are married, although there are some with children IIRC. I think that, if I am correct, it would be interesting to investigate why there is this correlation.

            Reply to Comment
          • XYZ, I can read the Hebrew, I know what the poster says. It implies that a.) the poor young man who nearly died in Zion Square was out to get a girl (not proven, and irrelevant even if true) and that ‘getting hurt’ is a natural consequence of such behaviour, in the same way that rainfall is the result of evaporation. It contains an implicit threat of violence. It is everything to do with property, as it implies that these men (and the poster’s language make it clear that the poster was put up by men) have the right to reserve Jewish girls for themselves. And if a Jewish woman isn’t happy with that? Her choices, do they count for anything?

            This is what I meant when I said that people often walk away from the beliefs and values of their parents. You may be able to raise your child in keeping with your own traditions, but when they become an independent adult, they start to make choices of their own – as I did. My parents didn’t give me a religious upbringing, but I became quite traditional in my observance. As I said, I would like my hypothetical children to inherit this, but I understand that it’s not something that can be forced. It even loses meaning and value if its forced; it wouldn’t be the same.

            I’m unlikely to have children of my own because I’m disabled, and I think that my disability might hinder my ability to give birth safely and also make it hard for me to physically care for a small baby. I would need a lot of help. I might change my mind if it seems possible and safe, but right now it doesn’t look like it. So I’m probably not going to be much use in an anthropological study of progressive marriage and child-rearing habits, and I find your comment on that a little bit tasteless.

            Reply to Comment
          • XYZ

            The reason I asked the question about the family status of the posters here is because I have been monitoring “progressive” Jewish blogs and web sites for some years now. I have come to realize that what we are dealing with in these circles is not merely a conflict over political programs, particularly the question is “what are the best policies for the State of Israel to go implement”, but a basic conflict over culture and identity, including what it means to be a Jew, and very importantly, how does one view the future from a personal and societal perspective.
            One of the major ironies is that Zionism was once viewed as a rebellion against traditional Jewish values, whereas today, the Progressives seem to view Israel’s
            greatest crime as being the very embodiement of traditional Jewish values. This thread is a perfect example. Judaism traditionally opposes intermarriage and encourages marriage and children and heavy investment in their education, so the progressives use this assault on the Arab as a vehicle for attacking that traditional Jewish value in general. Similarly we are seeing attacks on Brit Milah (circumcision) and Shechita (kosher slaughtering) as well. All of these are couched in “progressive” terms, i.e.”self-determination for the Palestinians”, or “prevention of mutiliation of children” or “animal rights” but all boil down, as I see it, to an attack on Judaism as a whole, and the belief by many (but not all) Progressives that seem to feel that the world will not be safe until Judaism itself is eradicated (where have we heard that before?). The new soft-totalitarianism of the Progressive/Left is carrying on a broad-front war against Judaism and all the supposed issues that are brought up by progressives, such as we see here, are really part of this offensive. That explains the so-often expressed rage and insults we see in all-too-many of the comments by supposedly “tolerant” Progressives.

            Reply to Comment
          • Joel


            And you might also mention the Progressive’s intolerance of other political views.

            Reply to Comment
          • All the articles about the lynching deal with the highly sexualised ideas of purity and honour that are being used to defend it.

            This isn’t the same as opposing intermarriage on the old grounds of preserving heritage (whatever you may think of those grounds). The father of one of my good friends is orthodox, and when she started dating a non-Jew, he was upset – not because he thought that her boyfriend was besmirching Jewish honour, but because he values his family’s faith and he worries that it won’t get passed on. Although this isn’t an ideal situation from his point of view, he would be horrified at the thought of his prospective son-in-law being sent to Hadassah with critical injuries. His worries definitely don’t stem from the same root as the ominous ‘concerns’ in that poster, with its undertones of blood and racial honour.

            I don’t see how how articles pointing out the dangers of this thinking can be interpreted as symptoms of a desire to eradicate Judaism. The concern here is for the boy who got so badly hurt, and for other boys who face the same risk. As someone who is religious and also politically progressive, I do appreciate that there are pockets of anti-religious sentiment in progressive politics. It’s not always a hospitable arena. But when a young man is fighting for his life in hospital after being savagely attacked, this is hardly the first area of concern – especially as there is no criticism of religious observance in these articles (unless we count justifying a lynching as religious observance, which most people wouldn’t).

            Reply to Comment
          • annie

            anyone who thinks Progressives view Israel’s greatest crime as being the very embodiement of traditional Jewish values has got rocks for brains. progressives are not using this assault as a vehicle for attacking traditional Jewish values, these fruitcakes who wrote this ‘message’ are using the assault as a pretext for telling palestinians to get away from malls and areas of the holy sity they don’t want them in, and pretending this attack was precipitated by some flirtation which no witness can account for.

            furthermore you say ‘Parents have the right to raise their children in their own value system’ and yet i presume that ‘right’ doesn’t extend to a value system unless it prescribes to traditional jewish values. there are other ways to be a jew, aside from traditional values. or is that just too far out for your mental box? why don’t you head over to jposts coverage of this story and checkout the comment section. there’s nothing ‘jewish’ about the racism there, it’s disgusting.

            Reply to Comment
          • annie

            there are other ways to be a jew, aside from ‘traditional values’. or is that just too far out for your mental box? why don’t you head over to jposts coverage of this story and checkout the comment section. there’s nothing ‘jewish’ about the racism there, it’s disgusting.

            Reply to Comment
          • Merk

            Ms. Robbins, Please don’t tell us about Jewish values.

            Reply to Comment
        • Mitchell Cohen

          Wow Danny!!!! For someone who has been claiming all along (at least as long as I have been reading 972) that the Jews are NOT a people, now you are claiming that Jews (at least Eastern European ones) are linked by genetics and diseases. Even if I was to play along with your absurd game, I guess it an Ashkenazic Jew married a Sephardic Jew or Ethiopian Jew, the children would be safe, so no worries and still no reason for intermarriage….

          Reply to Comment
      • aristeides

        I’m sure XYZ agrees with the German poster, too. And has no problem with Christian patrols on the street beating any Jews to death who dare look at Christian women.

        Let’s get away from Progessive values entirely and return to that ol’ time medieval antisemitism.

        Reply to Comment
      • Dan O.


        Do women have any say in your value system?

        (I’m a married man, with a daughter, and they sure do in mine.)

        If women had a say in yours, I would expect you to sympathize with a poster that attempted to convince Jewish women not to date non-Jews. This poster did not do that. It presumes passive Jewish women (or, more likely, a claim that women should be passive), and predatory Arab men.

        So, are you really sympathetic with the poster? Do you have such a low opinion of Jewish women?

        Reply to Comment
      • Jogortha

        Truly primitive..

        Reply to Comment
      • Mareli

        Interfaith relationships are very common and are solely the business of the parties involved. Sharing the same religion is not the only criterion for a marriage, a friendship, or any other form of partnership.

        Reply to Comment
      • Milton

        It’s natural. Aha.
        So you stand behind the Nazi concept of “Rassenschande”? They also believed it was a very “natural” thing to prevent “Arier” from sexual contact with Jews…

        Reply to Comment
    3. XYZ

      It would be nice if Lisa Goldman weighed in here. She spent time in Egypt last year and reported on harrassment of women there and the fact that they set up separate subway cars for women as a result of this problem. I am sure she talked to a lot of women there and it would be very interesting to hear how an non-Jewish Middle Eastern country deals with inter-ethnic and inter-religious interaction between men and women, and if indeed they are more liberal about these things than the ethocentric and theocratic Jews of Israel are accused of being, according to the outraged “Progressives” who are posting and commenting here.

      Reply to Comment
      • Danny

        Male harassment of females is prevalent in EVERY society. God knows there’s no shortage of Jewish rapists and harassers of women in Israel – in the army especially, though not only. For example, PM Netanyahu’s former bureau chief harassed 3 women in the PM’s office, before he was forced to resign that post. He does, however, still work in the PM’s office in some reduced capacity, suggesting Netanyahu doesn’t mind working with a harasser of women – as long as he’s Jewish, of course.

        Reply to Comment
        • annie

          “God knows there’s no shortage of Jewish rapists and harassers of women in Israel”

          danny, have you visited the failed messiah lately. they keep track of Jewish rapists and harassers, but it’s not limited to women. you’re right, it’s in every society. and many ‘traditional’ religious people partake.

          Reply to Comment
    4. Elisabeth

      The German poster made made roll on the floor with laughter: The Nazi-style make-up combined with the hilarious machine translation was really too much!

      Reply to Comment
    5. Hannah

      Just like in the Bible, treating women as property. Some things don’t change…

      Reply to Comment
    6. I’m not on any of the services for replying to comments, which just shows how unsavy I am to these days. I have to use your old fashioned method.
      A myth of hyper sex drive played in the US, especially the South, similarly against black men: white women had to be protected. It took courageous inter-racial couples to break the hatred, with many of the pairings failing through social hate. Now inter-racial couples are unremarkable, although racism is still with us.
      I think these blatant attempts to ignite violence and fear are derivative of Israeli State policy generally. Specifically, I suspect that the NGO noted in the post is pro vanguard settlement. The State’s de facto support for such settlements cannot but seep into Israel proper given the high proportion of Palestinians in its population and the demographically contested status of Jerusalem. You are beginning to explicitly live the implicit racial combat of State policy. Its revelation is a necessary precondition for altering some platforms in the electorial process. I also have mild hope that actions such as those reported here will turn the stomaches of some on the High Court, down the road.

      Reply to Comment
    7. sh

      Lehava and Hemla were not invented yesterday. They have been around for years, doing their thing under the radar. Their events are regularly advertised in my town and, of late, their lurid copy-shop posters are swiftly replaced when they are ripped away by the only person they seem to offend. These organizations hold information evenings during the Jewish Festivals that have intermediate days (Sukkot and Passover) in various towns in the Sharon area and doubtless also in Jerusalem. Their publicity is not only in Hebrew and information evenings are held in French too.

      Years ago, I caught part of one of those evening phone-in programs on national radio on rescuing Jewish women from marriages with Arabs that supposedly imprison untold numbers of them in Arab villages until the organization gallops in to save them. I did not retain the name of the organization at the time but it was portrayed as a positive development. A couple of calls came in from Arabs who tried to remonstrate with them; painful to listen to. I think it was Uri Blau who first researched the subject properly last year.

      Reply to Comment
      • Bluegrass Picker of Afula

        right here in Afula was the alleged epicenter of this our-girls-getting-seduced-by-Arabushim press-scandal. I cannot prove it isn’t happening. I am convinced that sabra girls are mostly too stuck-up and/or Sachot to fall for those guys.

        Anyway, at least these two organizatrions have their feet on the ground and are talking about plausibly possible problems. The real Schnur champions are the ones who collect money in the Galut to “fight Christian Missionaries in Israel”. Why didn’t ==I== dream up that excellent scam?!?

        Reply to Comment
    8. Frankie

      [The content of this comment has been removed for being abusive. -Haggai]

      Reply to Comment
    9. Diablo

      I’ll just chalk this as example number 204,123 of the ways I cannot tell the different between Jews and Muslims. Seriously…its like two retards dry humping a couch and shouting insults at each other.

      Actually there is one critical difference and its going to cause the end of Israel as a Jewish state. Demographics. Israelis can’t out-breed the Muslims. It ain’t going to ever happen. Even worse, them hardliners that refuse to work and just collect money off the government in Israel…they are the only ones even trying to keep up…and those folks are less than useful.

      Hey now…don’t get down. It was a fun ride. But much like Rhodesia, no amount of denial is going to change the simple numbers.

      Reply to Comment
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