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  • 'My kids think I'm a hero. They have no idea I'm also afraid'

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  • No, escalations do not begin with rockets on Israel

  • Nearly half of Knesset members were born into a reality of apartheid

  • How Israel helped prop up Rwanda's Hutu regime before the genocide

  • To give up on Jewish-Arab partnership is to give up hope

    Most of the people in this land are victims of the Netanyahu government. Partnership between them is the only way to fight its various forms of oppression — including the occupation. By Nisreen Shehada and Alon-Lee Green It’s so easy for those in positions of privilege to criticize any action taken by people doing work on the ground as “not radical enough” and to look at the world through a cynical and despondent lens. From that comfortable perch, it’s no wonder that in their recent article, “Let’s stop talking about a false ‘Jewish-Arab partnership,’” Rami Younis and Orly Noy chose…

  • Druze draft refuser sent to Israeli military prison, put in solitary

    Druze-Arab men, unlike other Arab citizens of Israel, are subject to the same mandatory conscription as Jewish Israelis. Kamal Zidan is refusing because of his Palestinian identity. Kamal Zidan, an Arab-Druze citizen of Israel, presented himself at the Israeli army’s Tel HaShomer induction based last Sunday and declared that he refuses to be conscripted into the IDF. Zidan, whose refusal is based on his Palestinian identity, was sentenced on the spot to five days in military prison by an administrative tribunal. Unlike Muslim and Christian Arab citizens of Israel, Druze men are subject to mandatory military conscription just like Jewish Israelis.…

  • Jewish-Arab alliances are our best shot against segregation

    Israel is already a binational state based on ethnic segregation. The struggle to turn it into an inclusive one must be fought by Jews and Palestinians — together. A response to Rami Younis and Orly Noy. In their article, "Let's stop talking about a false 'Jewish-Arab partnership,'" +972 writers Orly Noy and Rami Younis criticize calls for establishing a Jewish-Arab party on what appears to be the ruins of the Israeli left following last week's elections. While I identify with some of their arguments, their bottom line is problematic, and their criticism of other Israeli left-wing groups is wrong and often unfair. [tmwinpost] Let’s…

  • Let's stop talking about a false 'Jewish-Arab partnership'

    By creating symmetry between Israelis and Arabs, Jews on the left are not only missing the bigger picture — they are actively taking part in erasing the Palestinian struggle.  By Rami Younis and Orly Noy The sad state of the “left-wing camp” was clear long before the final results of the Israeli elections were published last week. Without skipping a beat, the ritual of declaring what is wrong with the left — and how to fix it — began. [tmwinpost] Among the more popular of those suggestions was the cure-all “Jewish-Arab partnership” potion. The prescription sounds so ideologically correct and politically necessary that any…

  • Women filmmakers shine at Palestine's first student film fest

    The first Bethlehem Student Film Festival included a strong showing from Palestinian women from both sides of the Green Line, with films tackling patriarchy, gender stereotypes, and the occupation. By Suha Arraf The Bethlehem Student Film Festival kicked off last week, showcasing 74 student films from all over the world, including France, Algeria, Egypt, China, Syria, the UK, and, of course, Palestine. The event, the first of its kind, was organized by the film department at Dar Al Kalima University College in Bethlehem. [tmwinpost] While globally the number of women directors stands at less than 10 percent, among Palestinians that…

  • Left-wingers are busing Arabs to the polls in droves — for real this time

    Playing on Netanyahu's warning about Arab citizens of Israel voting in the last elections, a grassroots campaign raises tens of thousands of shekels to bring Bedouin from unrecognized villages to the polls — not quite in droves, but mini-bus by mini-bus. On Election Day in 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu sent a video to his supporters warning that “Arabs are heading to the polls in droves, and left-wing organizations are bringing them in buses.” This Tuesday, his then-baseless exhortation will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. More than 1,400 Israelis have donated tens of thousands of shekels to a crowdfunded initiative to bus to…