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  • Israeli parents protest arrests of Palestinian children in central Tel Aviv

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  • As a journalist, I learned not to believe anything the Israeli army says

  • When the occupation dictates your life — and your funeral

  • The rise of the global far-right could energize the anti-occupation movement

  • How the settlers took over Israel

    Over the past 13 years the settler Right succeeded in establishing itself as a hegemonic force in Israeli politics, education,  judiciary, culture, and society. If the Left has any chance of pushing back, instead of moderating itself it must radicalize. By Rami Kaplan A sense of doom has overcome the left-wing camp in Israel these days. The prospect of replacing the right-wing government appears more out of reach than ever, and even the term “left wing” has become a slur. The Left’s despondency could be because its flagship issue of the past 30 years, solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is either too…

  • LISTEN: Police 'warn' Israeli activist over Khan al-Ahmar activism

    A well-known human rights activist received a call warning that law enforcement will 'take steps against him' over any illegal 'speech, act, or behavior' in relation to Khan al-Ahmar. Activists are camped out in the village, hoping to stop the imminent demolition, which the ICC warned would be a war crime. By Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man and Yael Marom Israeli police appear to have "warned" at least one well-known Israeli human rights activist that law enforcement will "take steps" against him if he says or does anything illegal in relation to the imminent destruction and forced displacement of Khan al-Ahmar. [tmwinpost]…

  • WATCH: Israelis and Palestinians meet face to face at Gaza fence

    Left-wing Israelis and Palestinian protestors on opposite sides of the Israel-Gaza fence get a rare chance to speak to one another face to face. For a few short minutes last week, a group of Israeli activists managed to have a face-to-face conversation with Palestinian activists in Gaza, albeit through a militarized fence. [tmwinpost] On Wednesday of last week, for the first time since the Great Return March began in March, a small group of Israeli activists approached the fence to speak with Palestinian demonstrators, standing just meters from them on the other side. The Palestinians who approached the fence had been taking…

  • Khan al-Ahmar demolition could be imminent, activists fear

    Palestinian and Israeli activists who have been camping out in the village, which Israel says it will demolish, say they will resist nonviolently. The residents of Khan al-Ahmar are preparing for the imminent demolition of their village, which activists and residents fear could take place as early as Monday morning. [tmwinpost] Saturday night saw a record number of people staying the night at Khan al-Ahmar’s protest tent, with around 300 Palestinians and 30 Israeli and international activists sleeping in the schoolyard tent encampment. The activists woke at 6:30 a.m. Sunday to find over 15 police vehicles parked at the entrance to the village. Like a…

  • The Israeli activists helping protect the Palestinian olive harvest

    For the past decade and a half, dozens of left-wing Israeli activists have come together to accompany Palestinians to their groves during the olive harvest. Despite recurring settler violence, the situation has improved over the years. It had become like the opening ceremony of the olive harvest season: last Wednesday, Israeli settlers uprooted 40 olive trees in Turmusaya, a small Palestinian village north of Ramallah. Palestinian farmers face settler violence throughout the year, but it is during the olive harvest that the attacks increase dramatically. [tmwinpost] For the past 16 years, a group of left-wing organizations have banded together to try and stop the attacks.…

  • Despite high hopes, Merkel calls village's demolition an 'Israeli decision'

    The residents of Khan al-Ahmar had hoped the German chancellor would demand Netanyahu back down from the imminent demolition of their hamlet. Instead, she called the matter an 'Israeli decision.'  By Oren Ziv Ever since Israel’s High Court of Justice gave its final stamp of approval to the demolition of the village of Khan al-Ahmar last month, residents and solidarity activists have been hoping that international pressure, especially from Europe, would delay or prevent the demolition. The activists have directed their efforts toward convincing members of the EU Parliament to openly oppose the move. They also hoped that the threat of…