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  • LISTEN: Police 'warn' Israeli activist over Khan al-Ahmar activism

  • WATCH: Israelis and Palestinians meet face to face at Gaza fence

  • Khan al-Ahmar demolition could be imminent, activists fear

  • The Israeli activists helping protect the Palestinian olive harvest

  • Despite high hopes, Merkel calls village's demolition an 'Israeli decision'

  • Israel puts popular Palestinian leader on trial for 'incitement' on Facebook

  • The occupation wears Prada: Meet the new face of 'economic peace'

    When Israeli shoe designer Gal Shukroon decided to start a project bringing together Palestinian and Jewish women to make shoes, the Israeli army couldn't resist and used it for its own PR purposes. By Meron Rapoport The Israeli military published a video earlier this week featuring Tel Aviv shoe designer Gal Shukroon, who recently launched a new line of shoes, made in a Hebron factory, and inspired by Palestinian embroidery. The goal of the project, according to Shukroon, is to bring love “instead of hate.” Once Palestinian women can earn a respectable livelihood, she says “terrorism comes less into the home.” [tmwinpost]…

  • 'We all live under one undemocratic system, so we must struggle together'

    In a letter from prison, Israeli conscientious objector Hillel Garmi responds to Ahmed Abu Artema, one of the leaders of Gaza's Great Return March. 'Although we will not agree on everything, I discovered a vision for justice in your writing.' Read Abu Artema's open letter here. By Hillel Garmi Ahmed, I am writing to you from an Israeli military prison, after the open letter you published last week was read to me over the phone. It is not easy for me to write from prison, and at first I thought to wait until I am able to do so from the comfort…

  • We told ourselves we weren't settlers. We were something different

    In the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev, we didn't think of ourselves as settlers, despite the fact that we lived beyond the Green Line and our neighbors were Palestinian.  By Ofer Matan The first Arab who stepped into our home was Sabah. The first time we met, Sabah washed his hands in our kitchen sink on a cold morning after the Jewish holidays, just before he helped my mother start her yellow Renault 12. The car already had problems with the gears by the early 80s, and Sabah would push it from behind toward the decline while she put it…

  • The case for a unified Palestinian protest movement

    The Arab Higher Monitoring Committee is calling for a general strike against recent Israel-U.S. attempts to further repress Palestinians. This is an opportunity to involve a younger generation of activists, and coordinate a joint struggle. By Rabeea Eid Palestinians across Israel, the West Bank and Gaza are banding together in a general strike on October 1, in protest of Israel’s Jewish Nation-State Law and President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century.” The strike was announced this week by the Arab Higher Monitoring Committee, an umbrella organization that represents Arab citizens of Israel. [tmwinpost] The strike is significant in its ability to bring…

  • PHOTOS: Activists protest on Israeli side of Gaza fence in solidarity with Great Return March

    'We will continue to come here until Gaza is free.' By Oren Ziv Dozens of Israeli and international activists protested on the Israeli side of the Gaza fence on Friday, in solidarity with the Great Return March protests in Gaza. The activists, some members of organizations like Jews for Return and Coalition of Women for Peace, waved big Palestinian flags, chanted slogans, and carried posters supporting Palestinians’ right of return. They also held photos of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli forces during the Great Return March protests. From the Israeli side of the fence, activists could see the smoke from burning…

  • Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour set free

    Dareen Tatour, who was arrested and jailed for poems she published on social media, is released from prison. Tatour: 'It will be impossible to stop my writing.' By Oren Ziv Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was released today after serving 42 days in prison. Her five-month sentence was reduced by 97 days, the same amount of time she spent in jail following her arrest in October 2015, before being transferred to house arrest for nearly three years. [tmwinpost] “I am very happy to be free, finally, after three years. These were three years of suffering, but I am free now,” said…