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  • Settler violence on the rise as olive harvest begins in West Bank

  • Palestinian reconciliation could work this time. Israel must support it

  • The slow death of Israeli citizenship

  • How can women 'wage peace' without talking about occupation?

  • WATCH: Settlers attack Palestinian farmers near radical outpost

  • From denial to recognition: There is no 'humane' occupation

  • The Bedouin village where compassion ends

    The Palestinian residents of Khan al-Ahmar are facing the threat of expulsion from their homes in the West Bank. No matter how hard they tried to ingratiate themselves with their settler neighbors, nothing seemed to help.  Sukkot is a lovely holiday. For seven days we play pretend: building ornate sukkot tabernacles in the safety of our yards or on our balconies, and imagine transience. While we say blessings, the residents of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar will be biding their time. [tmwinpost] Is there another way to awaken the Jewish-Israeli conscience, which instructs us to remember that the sukka was…

  • IDF jails conscientious objector for 30 days over her refusal to enlist

    By the end of her fourth stint in military prison, Noa Gur Golan will have served 104 days for refusing to take part in the occupation. By Yael Marom The Israeli army sentenced conscientious objector Noa Gur Golan to her fourth stint in military prison on Monday, this time for a period of 30 days, over her refusal to serve in the IDF. [tmwinpost] By the end of her latest term, she will have served a total of 104 days behind bars. Gur Golan, 19, from Netanya, has appeared three times before the army's conscientious objectors committee, which has repeatedly rejected…

  • Give the people what they want: Palestinians take a step toward unity

    With Russian involvement, American support, and Israel's tacit agreement, the Palestinians are taking active steps toward national reconciliation. By Menachem Klein While all eyes were on the horrific massacre in Las Vegas on Monday, an interesting development took place in the Gaza, whose magnitude goes beyond reconciliation between the rival Fatah and Hamas factions. [tmwinpost] As opposed to previous attempts at national reconciliation, this time the Russians are involved. A Russian representative is taking part in reconciliation talks in Gaza. Not long ago, a Hamas delegation visited Moscow, and it is likely that what we are currently seeing was spoken about in Russia's…

  • 'Israeli police stormed Al-Aqsa mosque, beat 100 worshipers,' complaint says

    After Israeli authorities removed controversial metal detectors from Al-Aqsa, Israeli police entered its main mosque, beat worshipers and medics, frogmarched over 100 detainees through the Old City and stuffed them into a city bus, according to a complaint filed by 10 of those arrested. By Yael Marom Ten Palestinians recently filed a complaint with Israeli Justice Ministry's Police Internal Investigations Department, Israel's equivalent of an Internal Affairs unit, demanding it launch a criminal investigation against officers who brutally attacked Muslim worshipers inside a mosque at Al-Aqsa two months ago. The police version [tmwinpost] On Thursday, July 27, the Waqf, the…

  • No, Catalonia isn't Palestine

    Some in Israel are drawing parallels between the Catalonian demand for national self-determination and Palestinian independence. The two situations are nothing alike. The referendum over Catalonian secession underway in Spain is turning into a serious political crisis, which threatens to become a European crisis that could dwarf even Brexit. The European Union has succeeded at tampering internal conflicts inside member states: the vision of European identity was critical in ending the violence in Northern Ireland, and perhaps even the struggle for Basque independence. [tmwinpost] Now, a declaration of Catalonian independence would put to a test not only Spain, but the European…

  • The Israeli army is now justifying expulsion with feminism

    Netanyahu vowed this week that Israel would not uproot any more Arab communities. He seemed to forget two Palestinian villages fighting for their existence at this very moment. On the way back from Susya, a small Palestinian hamlet in the south Hebron Hills, we pass by a major traffic jam caused by the 50th anniversary celebration of the occupation. It was at those festivities that Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed that he would not uproot any more communities — neither Jewish or Arab. Tell that to the residents of Susya, Mr. Prime Minister. [tmwinpost] Susya is one of two Palestinian communities…

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