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  • 'It took them 10 minutes to destroy what I built in a lifetime'

  • Fifty faces of occupation

    A new exhibit by B’Tselem marks 50 years of occupation with portraits of 50 Palestinians born in the occupied territories, who have never known a day of freedom in their lives. There is a checkpoint next to my house. It determines my life’s routine. It is a source of constant worry: whenever my children are on their way home from school or to another place, I’m worried. I want to travel, to sit on the beach, to visit Al Aqsa and my family in Jerusalem. But because of the checkpoints, I can’t. Sometimes it takes hours to cross the checkpoint. I just sit…

  • No institution is safe from the corrupting power of occupation

    The persecution of Breaking the Silence's spokesperson is further proof that the state's investigative bodies are not only deeply politicized, they are simply uninterested in doing their job. Between the years 2013 and 2016, Israeli anti-occupation group Yesh Din tracked the police's response to 289 cases of "ideological crimes" against Palestinians in the West Bank. In each of those cases, the Palestinians filed a complaint with the police; some of them included photographic material, video, and testimonies provided by Israeli civilians or soldiers. And yet, only 20 cases led to indictments. In no less than 183 of them, the police were unable to locate the…

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel won't be bullied into silence any longer

    A recent campaign against Palestinian journalist Makbula Nasser, who was attacked on the front page of Israel's most-read newspaper, was meant to strike fear in the hearts of Palestinian citizens of Israel — the fear of speaking out. That may have worked with previous generations. Do you remember the neighborhood bully? The scary one who would hit anyone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Do you also remember what best characterized that bully? An ingenious lack of sophistication that you could see his next move coming from a mile away. [tmwinpost] Earlier this week,…

  • The kibbutz that sells riot control weapons to war criminals

    For decades, Kibbutz Beit Alfa has sold riot control vehicles to despotic regimes such as Pinochet's Chile and Nkunrunziza's Burundi. By Eitay Mack (translated from Hebrew by Ofer Neiman) Hundreds of ultra-orthodox demonstrators blocked the entrance to Jerusalem last week to protest the arrest of yeshiva students deemed ‘deserters’ by the IDF because they refused to be drafted into the IDF. Israeli police sent in special riot control vehicles that sprayed colored water on the demonstrators. The footage of phosphorescent blue water splattered on the black-and-white-clad Haredi protesters appeared across Israeli media, mostly due to the colorful contrast. These riot control vehicles,…

  • When political persecution hits close to home

    +972 Magazine strongly condemns the silencing of and political assault against Palestinian journalist Makbula Nassar by Israel's most-read newspaper and a senior government minister. By +972 Magazine Israel Hayom, the free daily widely viewed as Prime Minister Netanyahu's mouthpiece, reached new heights of McCarthyism when it targeted journalist Makbula Nassar, a blogger for Local Call and frequent +972 Magazine contributor, above the fold on its front page Wednesday. According to the newspaper, Nassar, who was recently appointed the National Road Safety Authority's head of Arabic-language public relations, was accused of being an "active member of anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian organizations." [tmwinpost] The…

  • A room of our own: Building a new anti-racist space in Jerusalem

    As Jerusalem grows more hostile toward anything remotely left wing, Israeli and Palestinian activists are looking to create a new space for activists to meet, plan, and struggle to change the face of the city. By Sahar Vardi I was 14 years old when I walked into a small room packed with books in a Tel Aviv alleyway, to hear a lecture about human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution in Israel. It was a subject I knew nothing about, but my youth movement counselor told me about the event, so I went. The truth is I remember very little…