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  • Wave of settler violence hits Palestinian villages in West Bank

  • WATCH: Masked settlers attack left-wing activists in Jordan Valley

  • Conscientious objector jailed by Israeli army for third time

  • The impossible choice faced by East Jerusalem Palestinians

  • Israel's online pot market lights up as decriminalization looms

  • The Palestinian guide to dealing with racist compliments from Israelis

  • When shooting a teen in the back is a 'professional error'

    An IDF brigade commander shot a Palestinian teen who threw a rock at his jeep, while the boy was running away, and then left him bleeding on the road. Initially, the colonel claimed his life was in danger. With each subsequent interrogation, the story changed. The military police determined the incident was a ‘professional error’ –  bad aim – and closed the case despite evidence that tells a very different story. By John Brown* and Noam Rotem On July 3, 2015, Col. Yisrael Shomer, then-commander of the IDF’s Binyamin Brigade, was driving towards the Qalandiya checkpoint in the West Bank.…

  • Shooting and lying: A textbook example of IDF impunity

    Changing stories, contradictory testimonies and video evidence were not enough to convince Israel's military prosecutor that an IDF officer should be prosecuted for shooting and killing an unarmed Palestinian teen. By John Brown* and Noam Rotem In July 2015 an Israeli army officer, Col. Yisrael Shomer, shot dead Mohammad al-Kasbeh, a 17-year-old Palestinian, near Qalandiya crossing in the West Bank. Shomer lied repeatedly as he was investigated over the incident, but the chief military prosecutor nonetheless decided not to press charges, and closed the file. Shomer, who was a brigade commander at the time of the incident, shot Kasbeh after the…

  • Hamas' new charter reveals a willingness to change

    Despite what the usual media critics may say, Hamas' new charter is evidence of a movement in flux, and one that — when the need arises — allows itself to be guided by pragmatism. By Menachem Klein For a moment, before the familiar flood of mainstream news commentators will completely deny the obvious changes in the new Hamas charter, it’s worth stopping and thinking: If there’s no change at all, why have senior officials been debating the new version for many long months? If everything is empty words, what’s to debate? In reality, what looks like standing water to Israelis…

  • Israelis and Palestinians 'Stand Up for Syria'

    We asked Syrian activists one question: How can we help? They responded with only one request: solidarity, to feel that the world knows what’s happening to them, that we aren’t indifferent. Join us in posting a photo of yourself with the hashtag #StandUpForSyria. Don’t remain silent any longer. By: Eli Bitan, Elizabeth Tsurkov, Yael Marom, Orly Noy, Haggai Matar, Gil Gertel, Alma Biblash, Eddy Zensker, Dahlia Scheindlin, Mairav Zonszein, Mya Guarnieri Jaradat, Natasha Roth We have all seen the horrible images from Idlib province in Syria, where Assad is once again brutally massacring his own people. This is of course…

  • Israelis must speak up about the injustices here, and the world must listen

    The world is not against us — rather, it is at best indifferent to the oppression of Palestinians, and at worst colludes in it, which is why Israelis must inform decent people about what is happening here. I was invited to attend a series of meetings organized by French activists that were held this week. The participants were involved in Palestine solidarity work, some of them with longstanding ties to Palestinian communities. Several visit Israel-Palestine on occasion, and assist however they can from afar. [tmwinpost] And yes, they are ardent supporters of all forms of non-violent struggle, particularly boycott. Every year, at…

  • After 130 days in prison, IDF frees conscientious objector Tamar Alon

    'The price I paid is small compared to the price millions of Palestinians have been paying for 50 years,' says Alon, who was imprisoned for refusing to take part in the occupation. By Yael Marom After 130 days in military prison, the Israeli army on Wednesday released conscientious objector Tamar Alon from mandatory service. Alon served six terms in military prison for her refusal to be conscripted, which she said would have contributed to the oppression of the Palestinian people. She had expressed her willingness to instead perform civilian national service, an alternative the army rejected. [tmwinpost] “The price I…

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