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  • In advocating for a Palestinian state, Haaretz forgets about the Palestinians

  • For one day, the villagers of Ein Samia beat Israel's most radical settlers

  • Israel is making it impossible for foreign nationals to live in the West Bank

  • Between garbage and sewage: Israel's future plans for Khan al-Ahmar

  • There's a way out of our shared hell with Gaza

  • Tens of thousands of Druze protest for equality in Tel Aviv

  • Tasers to the face: How the Israeli Navy seized latest Gaza flotilla

    Activists describe violence and threats by Israeli naval commandos in international waters. Right-wing organization attempts to take ownership of the boat. The Israeli Navy seized a fishing boat attempting to break the siege on Gaza Sunday. According to activists on board, naval commandos tasered the boat’s first officer in his face, punched another crew member in the face, and threatened the life of the captain. There were 22 participants and crew members aboard “Al Awda,” “The Return” in Arabic. The Norwegian boat was one of several ships this summer attempting to break the siege and bring aid to Gaza, an…

  • Why the Israeli Left can't reconcile with the most Zionist law

    For seven decades, those on the Zionist Left have been reluctant to grapple with Israel's history of discrimination against its Palestinian minority. With the Jewish Nation-State Law, they have no choice — and that's what really hurts. By Meron Rapoport It is difficult, if not impossible, to find Palestinians who support Israel’s new Jewish Nation-State Law. It is just as impossible to find Palestinians who are surprised by the law, which, in truth, does not tell Palestinians anything they did not know before: that the State of Israel is the state of the Jews, and the Arabs who live here are…

  • 'It is easy to be a terrorist, it's much harder to pursue peace'

    Eight months after she was sent to prison for filming her daughter slap an IDF soldier, Nariman Tamimi speaks about her time behind bars, the case for international pressure on Israel, and the way her family is treated by the Israeli media. 'They know that Ahed is not a terrorist. If we wanted to be terrorists, we would be the exact opposite of who we are.' By Oren Ziv A day after Ahed and Nariman Tamimi’s release from prison on Sunday, media outlets, friends, and activists continued to flood the family in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. Despite a decision…

  • Meet the poet whose words Israel considers terrorism

    After being convicted of incitement to terrorism, and just before she is handed her sentence, Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour opens up in a personal interview about her Kafkaesque trial, the struggle of Palestinian citizens, and why she is a real poet, despite what her critics may claim. By Oren Ziv On Tuesday, July 31, at 11 a.m. Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour will be sentenced before a Nazareth court. For nearly three years, Tatour has been under house arrest in her family home in the village of Reineh. She is not allowed to use the internet. [tmwinpost] Tatour was convicted of inciting…

  • Israel sent an average of 29 Palestinians a month to admin. detention last year

    As of May 2018, 440 Palestinians were being held in Israeli prisons without charge or trial, according to new data. Administrative detention orders can be renewed indefinitely, without any way for the prisoner to defend themselves in court. By Yael Marom Israeli authorities sent an average of 29 Palestinians a month to prison without charge or trial last year, according to new data provided by the Israel Prison service to B'Tselem. Over the past decade there was not a single month in which Israel held fewer than 150 Palestinians in administrative detention. According to the data, as of May 2018,…

  • Tisha B’Av and the mainstreaming of the Temple discourse

    The further Israel moves from a solution to the conflict, the more it finds itself in need of the symbols of the religious right. As long as liberal Israelis do not fully renounce the sanctification of blood and land, they will be unable to present a real alternative.   By Yudith Oppenheimer I have not adhered to halakha in my daily life for years now, but in spite of this I do fast on Tisha B’Av. I am often asked if I am mourning the destruction of the Temple and the answer is both yes and no. Yes, I identify with the…