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  • What justice looks like for those who kill Palestinians

  • In Israeli military courts, Palestinian minors always lose

  • In Israel of 2018, bereavement is a 'lifetime achievement'

  • How the occupation dictates Israeli economic policy

  • Israel arrested 1,300 Palestinians in two months, rights groups say

  • Military court sends leading Palestinian nonviolent activist to prison

  • The Israeli Left must address declining support among Democrats

    Progressive Americans are angered and alienated by the policy choices and rhetoric of Israel’s right-wing government. This is why the Israeli Left should care. By Daniela Tolchinsky A recent Pew Research Center study shows sinking support for Israel among Democrats, with only 27 percent indicating they support Israel more than the Palestinians. According to the same study, 79 percent of Republicans say they support Israel over the Palestinians. [tmwinpost] The right wing in Israel will undoubtedly look to claim this erosion of Democratic support as an indication that it serves Israelis best to simply ally with Trump and his cronies, who appear to give Israelis…

  • The Right doesn't want you to know about the violence of occupation

    What disturbs the Right is not the occupation, but those who attempt to expose the violence that maintaining military rule over a civilian population requires. By Frima (Merphie) Bubis “Thousands of videos won’t change the fact – Breaking the Silence is an organization that slanders IDF soldiers around the world and is based on the distortion of facts and lies.” Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked made this Kafkaeqsue remark after video documentation contradicted the prosecutor’s version of events in the show trial of Breaking the Silence spokesperson Dean Issacharoff. This material, which revealed that the government had interrogated the wrong Palestinian in an…

  • The quiet feminist revolution in Arab society in Israel

    Despite the hardships, Arab women are making gains in the Israeli legal establishment, local politics, academia, and even in the Islamic Movement.  I watched as Hollywood stars collectively came out of the feminist closet during the Academy Awards this week. They spoke with pride about the recent #MeToo campaign, and demanded more respect and more funds for films made by women about women. But why envy the women of Hollywood? There's enough work to do back home. This past week we also learned that the Israel Prize Committee could not find a single woman who was worthy of receiving the…

  • Israel expropriated a Palestinian spring. Why? Because it can.

    The residents of Walajeh, who have long suffered abuses under occupation, will no longer have access to their spring.  By Laura Wharton The smiles in the picture above represent the cynical face of the occupation. There are a number of male officials in the picture, and very few women, standing and smiling next to the Ein Hiniyeh spring, marking its re-opening, as well as that of a nearby archeological site to the public. “This site will allow tourists and residents from Jerusalem and beyond to enjoy a beautiful area with a unique view in the hills of Jerusalem for free,” announced Minister of Environmental Protection…

  • Who profits from keeping Gaza on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe?

    Keeping Gaza on the verge of collapse keeps international humanitarian aid money flowing to exactly where it benefits Israeli interests. By Shir Hever “The Gaza Strip is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis.” Sound familiar? We’ve been hearing about the imminent collapse of Gaza’s drinking water, sewage, health, and electricity systems since the outbreak of the Second Intifada 18 years ago. [tmwinpost] In their book “The One State Condition,” Ariella Azoulay and Adi Ophir attempt to answer the question, what interest does Israel have in keeping Gaza on the verge of collapse? Their answer remains valid even after fifteen…

  • Setting the struggle against gender-based violence back 30 years

    A proposed bill to increase the sentences for Arab men who kill women 'on the basis of family honor' is not a step forward for feminism, but a step back. The Justice Ministry recently presented a bill to the Knesset’s Constitution, Law, and Justice committee that would define murder on the basis of “family honor” as “aggravated murder,” which requires a sentence of life imprisonment. At first glance, this might seem like a good change, but it’s not. [tmwinpost] For the last two decades, I have been fighting the excessive use of this term – murder on the basis of…

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