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  • Palestinian family evicted from Jerusalem home to make room for settlers

  • German bank to determine whether Jewish peace group is anti-Semitic

  • 'In Balata camp, every single child suffers from psychological problems'

  • How to turn human rights activists into 'traitors' in a few easy steps

  • 10 years since 'Cast Lead': How Israel first declared total war on Gaza

  • 14 Israeli citizens killed by police in five years, not a single indictment

  • Palestinian company says ex-IDF chief stole footage of Gaza destruction for campaign video

    Gaza-based 'Media Town' claims Benny Gantz, who many see as Netanyahu's only credible opponent in the upcoming elections, cribbed aerial footage of destroyed neighborhoods in Gaza following Operation Protective Edge. A Palestinian media company is claiming that former Israeli army chief and aspiring politician Benny Gantz stole their footage for a campaign video boasting of the death and destruction he wrought on Gaza in the 2014 war. [tmwinpost] Israeli social media lit up last week after Gantz, who many view as the top contender to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming elections, published a number of highly controversial campaign videos on his Facebook…

  • Activists shut down traffic on new West Bank 'apartheid road'

    Activists say the highway, which separates Israeli and Palestinian traffic with an 26-foot concrete wall, will 'strengthen Israeli rule, including by shutting out entire Palestinian areas.' Dozens of Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists Wednesday morning blocked a highway many have dubbed the “apartheid road,” Route 4370 in the occupied West Bank, which separates Israeli and Palestinian traffic with an 26-foot concrete wall. [tmwinpost] The activists managed to shut down the highway for 20 minutes before Israeli Border Police officers suppressed the demonstration with stun grenades and arrested two. One side of the road, which stretches between Route 437 and Route 1 just…

  • Ahmad Tibi has a plan to unseat Netanyahu, but it means leaving his Palestinian partners

    Ahmad Tibi's recent announcement that he would split from the Joint List has rattled Palestinian citizens. In an interview, he speaks about the successes and failures of the list, why his party would be better off alone, and why he may join forces with Israel's centrist leaders. By Meron Rapoport Four years after it was established, the Joint List, which succeeded in uniting Israel’s Palestinian parties, is on its way toward dissolution. Dr. Ahmad Tibi, who heads the Arab Movement for Renewal faction, also known as Ta’al, made a surprising announcement last week, declaring he would run independently in the upcoming elections, set for April 9. The reason stems from Tibi’s…

  • Israeli activist who slapped Ahed Tamimi's prosecutor wants a political trial

    Yifat Doron says she slapped the IDF prosecutor to defend her friend. 'We are not punished the same way the Palestinians are for the same actions.' A few minutes before an Israeli military court sentenced teenager Ahed Tamimi to eight months in prison, an Israeli activist, Yifat Doron, approached the military prosecutor, shouted “who are you to judge her?” and slapped the lieutenant colonel across the head. [tmwinpost] Doron was released on her own recognizance just two days after being arrested for slapping the prosecutor in March of last year. Tamimi had been denied bail for four months while awaiting trial, also…

  • The Palestinian struggle is shifting to a civil rights movement, and Gaza is leading the way

    The Great Return March signals a shift for the Palestinian people, says scholar Tareq Baconi. Palestinians are no longer fighting for a state, and are increasingly demanding their full rights — primarily the right of return. The leaders of the Great Return March surprised the world when they organized the first demonstration along the Israel-Gaza fence on March 30, 2018. Tens of thousands of Palestinians participated. Already in the inaugural protest, Israeli snipers opened fire; they killed 14 Palestinians and wounded around 1,200 more. [tmwinpost] The protests turned into a weekly demonstration as tens of thousands of Gazans showed up along…

  • Israel's Nation-State Law also discriminates against Mizrahi Jews

    Mizrahi academics and activists demand Israel's High Court strike down the Jewish Nation-State Law, saying it erases their cultural legacy and perpetuates injustices against both them and Palestinian citizens of Israel. Over 50 prominent Israeli Jews of Mizrahi origin filed a petition to the High Court of Justice on Tuesday demanding it strike down the Jewish Nation-State Law, saying it discriminates against both Palestinian citizens and Jewish Mizrahi citizens of Israel. [tmwinpost] According to the petition, the law, which demotes Arabic from an official language to one with “special status,” is “anti-Jewish” for excluding the history and culture of Jews from Arab and…