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Pro-Netanyahu daily 'announces' end of segregation in spoof

A group of artists have replaced the front page in hundreds of copies of the Israel Hayom daily paper. The new headline declared that the separation regime in occupied Hebron is ending.

An anonymous group that identified itself only as “artists for Israel tomorrow” has distributed hundreds of copies of a “utopian” version of Israel Hayom [“Israel Today”], with a cover story announcing the end of the limitations of freedom of movement for Palestinians in occupied Hebron.

Israel Hayom is the most widely read paper in Israel. It is distributed for free, and at considerable losses, at the expense of gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a conservative American Jew and a personal friend of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The paper is known for its blunt support of the government. Recently, it was revealed that the top political pundit for the paper is also employed on a yearly contract of NIS 50,000 by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The artists printed a double spread and placed it in a way that replaced the first and last pages of hundreds of copies of Israel Hayom, which are distributed in train stations and other central locations. They used the exact same logo, outline and color scheme as the original paper. The top headline reads “End of Separation.” It then follows:

Exclusive: Defense Minister has ordered to stop the separation in the streets of Hebron. [President] Obama: “we didn’t fight ethnic segregation in the United States only to have it brought back by Israel.”

As I reported here in the past, there are increasing limitations on the freedom of movement for Palestinians in the part of Hebron (el-Khalil) where settlers live. Settler houses are scattered among those belonging to Palestinians, and as consequence, the army presence in this part of the city is the heaviest in the West Bank. You can see a picture of the central Shuhada street, segregated between Jews and Arabs, here.

A protest against colonization and segregation in Hebron will take place this Friday.

Other items on the front page of the fake paper “announced” the renewal of affordable housing projects in Israel, limits on salaries for executives, and the signing of an Arab soccer star in Beitar Jerusalem, a team known for its racist fans.

The weather forecast was “partly cloudy.”

Here are the pages which replaced the front and last pages of Israel Hayom today. It has a lot of surprises; if you read Hebrew, make sure to look carefully.

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    1. Jazzy

      More BDS flamewar crap. You can talk about segregation and Rosa Parks for decades and feel like really good guys, and you won’t achieve anything. At the end of the day, the solution is to get the settlers out, with a deal for two states. But that’s not what you want so instead you pepper the media with little death-by-a-thousand-cut stories that you think about going to make Israel collapse entirely. No dice. Time to take Chomsky’s advice and moderate yourselves. Otherwise you’re just gumming up the works and wasting time. Sitting in a college lecture hall in Michigan or Massachusetts with 20 people talking about the same stuff when you’re 60 years old isn’t going to be fun anymore.

      Reply to Comment
    2. aristeides

      So, Jazzy, how do you plan to accomplish this getting the settlers out? Do you have a phalanx of bulldozers with their engines running, ready to go tear down the settlements?

      What’s needed isn’t more moderation. It’s more activism. Where is your action?

      Reply to Comment
    3. XYZ

      Does this mean that Arab/Muslim discrimination against Jews praying at their holiest site, the Temple Mount, will end too?

      Reply to Comment
    4. Hobbs

      There will be no 2 state solution,thats way over….way too late…and there is no way to remove the “settlers” (colonists) without a practical civil war amongst Jews…its a one state solution…unless Israel somehow manages to make perpetual occupation/apartheid a reality…

      Reply to Comment
    5. Ahmad's iPad

      Another piece of shoddy work – the “fake” phone numbers are real.

      Reply to Comment
    6. John Yorke

      It’s always good to see a little humour injected into the situation now and then.

      Perhaps, in a strange way, that has been the one vital ingredient missing up till now and why this entire matter still presents itself as such a grim and unappealing spectacle.

      What if we were able to reduce this whole business into a slightly more humorous format and even a very possible conclusion? Then the many problems surrounding it might become so much easier to manage.

      In fact, they might just disappear altogether.


      ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you.’

      I think the world must be well overdue for a really good, collective belly laugh. What better way to have it than by standing this whole business on its head and seeing just how silly it looks then?

      Reply to Comment