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Two Palestinians shot by settlers in 24 hours


Israeli media reported earlier today that a 17-year-old Palestinian teenager was shot in the head by settlers in the village of Hirbat Safa, near the settlement of Bat Ayin and the town of Beit Umar. He was taken to a Hebron hospital, where hospital officials recently said that he is brain dead. Palestinians reported that two groups of setters approached the village at 800 this morning. The settlers were heavily armed and confrontations began as the settlers entered the village. Settlers then opened fire on the Palestinians hitting tow of them. The setters told media they were on a hiking trip in a group of about 30, when they were attacked by rock-throwing youths. They claim to have fired at the Palestinians in self-defense. In Silwan, meanwhile, police fired unusually large amounts of tear gas at protesters. Two children were taken to hospital after being hit with tear gar canisters, and a tear gas canister set fire to a house. Armed police and army soldiers are currently occupying the city

Thursday: Nineteen year-old Oday Maher Hamza Qadous was shot this afternoon, allegedly by Jewish settlers, while farming his land in Iraq Burin near Nablus. Qadous was farming with his cousin, Omer Ahmed Qadous, on the west side of Iraq Burin when Israelis from the nearby settlement of Bracha allegedly entered the farmland and shot Oday in the stomach. Qadous was evacuated from the area to a Nablus hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The army is now occupying the village of Iraq Burin but no clashes have been reported.

Oday Maher Hamza died of gunshot wounds after a settler shot him today (photo: Popular Committee)

This morning, in the village of Ein Abbus, settlers attacked villagers, set fire to a car and spray painted multiple walls with graffiti “we will never forget.” Dozens of settlers entered the village and set fire to one car. Settlers then began to vandalize Palestinian property and spray paint graffiti on walls throughout the village. Army soldiers and police arrived on the scene but did not force the settlers out of the village. According to Palestinian sources, only after the settlers were exhausted from their rampage, did the army escort them from the scene.

Yossi Gurvitz reports that the army spokesman says it is aware of the shooting incident in Iraq Burin and is investigating the matter.

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    1. David

      who is lying here?

      “The man was walking in the area of Iraq Burin when he was surrounded by a group of Palestinians who began throwing rocks at him, according to an initial police investigation.

      One of the Palestinians, a teenager, then moved toward him with a rock in hand, police reported.

      The man tried to force the Palestinian teenager to step back, the police said. When that failed the man took out a gun and shot at the teen.”

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      • Very nice try David. Unless you have an official statement from the army or video of the shooting and the events before, i do not think that you have much a story to start attacking. Is it unheard of that settlers provoked Palestinians by taking over their land and the Palestinians responded by throwing rocks? Now tell me, this is grounds to be shot with handgun? Let us nit forget that army’s first statement was that a Palestinian killed another Palestinian and settlers were not involved.

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      • The reports coming from the army are unofficial meaning that the chances are that they will change a number of times before an official report comes out. The clashes that are spoken about here are not given a time. We do not know if they happen before or after the settler killed a Palestinian. They only thing that we do know is that a Palestinian was killed by a settler.

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    2. Would be interested to see the footage of that security camera…

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