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Bibi's ACME bomb at UNGA inspires Israeli meme artists

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (or should I say Bib E. Coyote?) had a lot of people worldwide holding their stomachs with laughter as he held his Looney Tune ACME bomb above the UNGA podium. The Israeli meme artists, as usual, were quick to respond. Here are a few (I may update as the creativity surges):

About here, there’s no more chips. It’s just air (Constantin Lauri)

(Tzvika Besor)

(Yuval Drier Shilo)

And that’s where he touched me (Amir Schiby)

(Amir Schiby)

(Ido Kenan)

(Ido Kenan)

And this is how I killed the roadrunner (I can get falafel Facebook page)

(Arie Yampuler)

(Dagan Wald)

(Noa Angel)

(Sara Miller)

(Shira Glezerman)

(Dubi Kaufman)

(Itay Kaplan)

(Amir Schiby)

(Amir Schiby)


My precious (Amir Schiby)

(Amir Schiby)

(Amir Schiby)

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    1. Anonymous

      The mighty Israeli left in action.

      Reply to Comment
      • Y-Man

        the mighty hasbara troll in action

        Reply to Comment
    2. Don’t push him. He’s a maniac.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Danny

      Holy crap! He actually used that bomb pic? Absolutely shameless man! I doubt he’s ever been ashamed of himself in his entire life. I doubt if he even knows the meaning of the word ‘shame’. Well, as an Israeli citizen, I am ashamed for my country that this buffoon is its leader!

      Reply to Comment
      • Deathstar

        He has lost his faculties- no question.

        Reply to Comment
      • m_s

        He not only used it, he felt the need of explaining it to his audience:

        “This is a diagram.
        This is a bomb.
        This is the fuse.”

        Reply to Comment
      • Mitchell Cohen

        @Danny, I remember you saying you “gave up being an Israeli a few years ago”.

        Reply to Comment
    4. Ibrahim

      Big lol

      Super like guys
      You release my pitty angry .

      Reply to Comment
    5. Edwin

      Easy to criticize. Easy to laugh. But Bibi has the responsibility, and A-jad still wants to make a big explosion in Israel. Keep on yucking it up.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Lisa Roehrig

      These are sooo hilarious. On a serious note, however, why is the actual picture AS hilarious. Now it’s just a mockery of us all, isn’t it?

      Reply to Comment
    7. Shelly

      His ridiculous prop is akin to Clint Eastwood talking to a chair.

      Reply to Comment
    8. debs

      I preferred Abu Mazen`s speech- it was factually 100% correct and he is prepared to take responsibility for all his faults. I wish Israel had a leader like him!!!!!!

      Reply to Comment
    9. great, Magazine!!!

      Reply to Comment
    10. vadim

      Guys, this is simply not funny. I love political humour and caricaturisation. But is nonsense and the only reason you lie to yourself and exclaim how funny it is – is because Bibi is there. This is the same as telling “Yo Mama” jokes about him. It makes you look childish and ridiculous.

      Reply to Comment
      • aristeides

        The person who looks childish and ridiculous is Bibi. That’s why we have ridicule.

        The problem is, this cartoon caracter actually has real bombs and wants to use them.

        Reply to Comment
    11. @vadim – you’re not funny either.

      Reply to Comment
    12. caleb

      Nothing like self-hating Jews!

      Reply to Comment
    13. rupert

      down with zionism

      Reply to Comment
      • caleb

        Since the Jewish tradition says that the world was created for Israel I infer that if we have to take it all down with us it is the only a logical conclusion.
        2,000 years of anti-semitism, persecution in Europe to the max culminating with the Holocaust it seems rather bizarre that in the end the Jews are endowed with the ability to defend themselves for the first time in 2,000 years, don’t you think?

        Reply to Comment
        • Caleb: Isn’t it time you started a serious heshbon nefesh with yourself as to what defence or real security in a normal country mean? Like living with your neighbours (including ALL our citizens, not just some), allowing normal life to them and NOT threatening the region with nuclear, as Israel has done for the past 40 years or so? Our Samson complex is suicidal, and Israel (as you must know if you live here) is the least secure place on the Earth for Jews. If the intention was to provide a safe haven, it’s failed. If the intention was to abide by the moral, ethical code of Judaism, it’s failed. Could it be because the one policy we’ve never tried is generosity? Or a genuine, goodfaith attempt at peace?

          Reply to Comment
    14. Dennis

      I doubt there there will be killings and burning of flags because of these cartoons. Quite a contrast.

      Reply to Comment
      • Yaron

        And I just wondered how many cartoons of our Iranian friend are allowed in the Iranian newspapers. Maybe 972mag can help them a bit…

        Reply to Comment
    15. Amy Goodman points out that Bibi was saying the same thing (Iran will soon have the bomb) back in 1992.

      Reply to Comment
      • Paul

        … in other words – about as long as Sy Hirsh has been telling us about the imminent attack on Iran by Israel …

        Reply to Comment
    16. Ellen

      what a riot! laughed too hard.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Fran Gerelda

      Shouldn’t this shyster, Netanyahu, go back to selling furniture?

      Reply to Comment
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