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Best day of my life: Making it into the Jewish S.H.I.T List

This is a big day for me.

Bigger than my wedding day, bigger than the days my kids were born.

From today onwards, my life will be divided in two: my normal life until now, and the rest of my life after making it into the Jewish S.H.I.T List! (click for larger image)

Yeah baby! You got that right! I am now an official Self Hating and/or Israel Threatening Jew!

I’ve been working so hard for this; it’s been a long time coming.

And I’ve been checking this site for years – where people much less deserving than me have been accepted into the ranks for merely being liberal Zionists!

I’ve lashed out at settlers! But nothing.

I’ve criticized every politician from the Labor rightwards! But nothing.

I’ve even voiced support for the one-state outcome! But nothing.

I have a feeling it must have been my recent usage of the “A” word that pushed over the editors and finally got me in.

Let this be a lesson to all of you out there: He who sows in tears shall reap in joy!

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    1. ‘He refers to the brave Jews living in Judea-Samaria as “wacky settlers”‘

      Is doing it for me today :p Haven’t stopped laughing!

      Reply to Comment
    2. Well, what do you know? I made it onto this list as well, which I did not know existed.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Danny

      Wow. Never knew this existed. This is both funny and scary at the same time. Any idea who’s “brain” behind this list?

      Reply to Comment
      • Danny

        If I had to guess, this looks like the “work” of Baruch Marzel & Co. So, Ami, Congrats on making the list!

        By the way, isn’t it time we had an alternative list of all the dregs running around the West Bank? Not sure what we would call it (the Jewish P.O.O.P. list?), but could be useful to aid in international capture and arrest of Jewish terrorists.

        Reply to Comment
    4. Jeremy

      It’s been a long time coming! Congratulations! It’s too bad they didn’t call you “an ass-kicking dyke” who has “fingered” Israel. Keep working. You’ll get there.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Merav

      Welcome to the club! SHIT-list membership is be worn as a badge of honour by those who stand up and speak out for justice and equality for ALL regardless of race or religion.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Sarah

      I didn’t think it was hateful enough a description of you. Are the slacking due to a possibly increased number of new SHIT lust members? You need to work harder Ami!

      Reply to Comment
    7. “Wacky” is indeed over the top. I can see why they have proscibed you.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Richard Lightbown

      Strange how none of the usual contributors from the rabid right have not signed in to offer their endorsements.

      But hearty congratulations from me anyway. I am soooooo envious.

      Reply to Comment
    9. The Trespasser


      Not that I’ve heard of the list before, but any achievement is a achievement.

      Reply to Comment
    10. I don’t think this is only a joking matter. The S.H.I.T. list may not have much political clouhgt behind it, but similar groups such as Campus Watch can be quite intimidating, especially for non-tenured faculty.

      Reply to Comment
    11. Seth Morrison

      Mazel Tov, I’ve never been sure why I am not on the list, you’d think that publicly condemning JNF, supporting settlement boycott and continually attacking Bibi would get me on:)

      Reply to Comment
    12. Renee Hoffinger

      Mazel tov and welcome to the club! Keep up the good work ( although once on the SHIT list, always on the SHIT list).

      Reply to Comment
    13. Gearoid

      Can I state the irony of a site of supposed anti-Semites describing someone as part of a “cabal”?

      Congrats. You know you’re doing good work when people like that dislike you.

      Reply to Comment
    14. Joel

      What….they couldn’t put up your pic and link your email?

      What nerve.

      Reply to Comment
    15. rsgengland

      “Best day of my life”.
      If this is the best day of your life, it does not say much about your desires and expectations in life [haha].
      To be included in some list, whether good or bad, crackpot or legitimate, seems to suggest a desire and need to be recognized at any cost.
      If that’s what you strive and desire for, and rate as a “great achievement”, go for it.

      Reply to Comment
      • Y-Man

        it’s really sad that you spend your time doing this kind of limp, passive-aggressive trolling. It seems to suggest a desire and need to be recognized at any cost.

        Reply to Comment
    16. Nancy

      “Bigger than my wedding day, bigger than the days my kids were born”

      I am sad for your wife and kids. What did they do to deserve someone like you?

      Reply to Comment
        • Ignac

          Is that what it is? Humor? Irony? Uh, ok.

          But it seems that the “moron”, “fascist”, “evil” “racist” “hasbarist” Zionists were not the only ones who took you at your word. Maybe the “Progressives” too lack a sense of humor?

          Reply to Comment
          • Not following anymore, actually. But, as long as you’re pissed off – I’m happy!!

            Reply to Comment
        • rsgengland

          As I said in my post [haha]

          Reply to Comment
      • Anne

        Always with the personal dig do you really think his wife or child resent his remarks. His wife and child know that this wonderful man in their lives cares and stands up to be counted in the struggle for the rights of all Isreali citizens.

        Reply to Comment
    17. Dorothy Naor

      Congratulations. You have joined some of the best.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Hi

      Anyone read Ami Kaufman on Twitter? Literally 100 percent of his comments are anti-Israel comments. None are pro-Israel. None are anti-Palestinian. None are against anti-semitism. None are against Islamic extremists. Ami Kaufman literally only speaks in order to insult Israel. Or else he does not speak.

      And somehow he doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

      Reply to Comment
      • Y-Man

        Ami is pro-justice. It’s called being a moral person and not some bigoted monster. You should try it sometime.

        Reply to Comment
        • JohnW

          Define justice!

          It seems that in these parts of the woods, justice means that Palestinians dictate terms and Israel has to do what it is told.

          That is not justice. That is polemics, propaganda and bias.

          Reply to Comment
    19. Giora Me'ir

      Congratulations! Wish I were on it.

      Reply to Comment
    20. Abigail

      Just looked over this list which is remarkably short…Only mainly Americans and Israelis. The makers of this list overlooked that there are lots and lots of other Jews myself included who fit their petty insane and Jew-hating (ahavat Yisrael, sinat chinam, thrown out 2000 years ago for lack of respect for the other Jew? Anyone? Hello!) list. Is this a hit list? Or do we get price tagged? If anything it also is another averah: motsi shem ra. Very severe! Jewish? Nah…Mar Kaufman: mazaltov is you so wish, but that Israel is an Apartheid state and there are many many comparisons that match so no need for tiresome discussions here, is even known to a.o. Olmert and Barak and Livni all responsible for war crimes against the Palestinians. Do I get to be on the list too or do I have to be famous for that? Sigh….Darn…..

      Reply to Comment
    21. Rabbi Arnold Mark Belzer

      I am a proud member of the S.H.I.T. List! We are way overdue for a reunion.

      Ami welcome to our “organization”. When we get together I will teach you our special handshake.

      Savannah GA

      Reply to Comment
    22. richard witty

      Any person or group with a shit list is literally “not listening”.

      I’m on a few, disciplined by right-wing idiot winds, and left-wing.

      Reply to Comment
    23. Anonymous

      [Comment removed for language, personal attack.]

      Reply to Comment
    24. Maxim Reider

      Who compiles this list? Makes me sick. My entire family is there, BTW

      Reply to Comment
    25. a essa

      not a jew hater. not a hater at all. but i love those jews who have their eyes and hearts open enough to see the error of the mindless israelis.

      Reply to Comment
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