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Evidence undermines gov't's claim that terrorists were Gazans

The Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister claim the terrorist attack last week came from Gaza. They have yet to provide any proof  – and the evidence looks dubious

PM Netanyahu blaming PRC for Eilat attack at press conference (Photo: Activestills)

An unknown group carried out a combined attack from Sinai into Israel, hitting a number of targets. Six Israeli civilians were murdered and two soldiers were killed; so were seven of the terrorists and a number of Egyptian security personnel. While the attacks were carried out, Minister of Defense Ehud Barak quickly told the public the people responsible were the Popular Resistance Committee of the Gaza Strip; within hours the IAF attacked a house in the Strip and killed several of its leaders. Later that day, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the people responsible for the attacks were killed. This attack by the IAF is what spurred the recent round of escalation – and it’s worth noting the IAF has been raising the flames in the regions for about a month, with the Israeli media quietly ignoring it.

However, Israel has never supplied any proof that the attack has indeed originated in the Gaza Strip. The PRC have denied involvement in the attack. An Israeli propaganda apparatus, the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, also claimed (Hebrew) the PRC was behind the attacks, but had to tautologically write “no terror organizations has publicly claimed responsibility for the attack and the Popular Resistance Committee has denied any involvement. However, the Israeli prime minister and other Israeli officials have pointed to the Popular Resistance Committee as the organization who carried out the attack. So, according to the ITIC, the fact that Netanyahu said something is proof enough, even if the other side completely denies it.

During the weekend, the news website Real News interviewed a senior IDF Spokesman officer, Lt. Col. Avital Leibovitz, who’s in charge of the IDF Spokesman with the international media. Leibowitz denied that the IDF connects the PRC to the attacks, said she was not responsible for that the prime minister said, but claimed that the attackers did come from Gaza, citing as proof the fact they were using Kalashnikov assault rifies (Sic! 2:28 and onwards in the video). I dunno how to put it to Col. Leibovitz, but Kalashnikovs are the most common light assault rifle in the world – a gift that keeps on giving from the defunct Soviet Union – and are rather easy to get all over the Middle East.

In a phone conversation with Leibovitz yesterday, she said “senior officials have already expressed themselves on the issue”, and declined to provide more information on the attackers, aside from insisting on them being Gazans. I asked her if she could provide me with the identity of the attackers killed by the IDF, which was until recently standard procedure, carried out within hours of an attack. She said this is unfortunately impossible, and repeatedly insisted they were Gazans. B’Tselem researchers in the Strip, contacted via B’Tselem today, were unaware of the identity of the attackers. Again, usually they are quickly identified and a mourners’ hut is rapidly constructed. They were killed on Thursday; if they resided in the Strip, their families would have heard of their deaths by now.

Yesterday evening the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm reported that Egyptian security forces have identified three of the dead attackers. Egypt has a strong interest to claim the attackers were Gazans, since this would lessen its responsibility for the attacks; nevertheless, they say at least two of the attackers were known terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula. As far as I could find out, the rest of the bodies are in the hands of the IDF – which, again, does not reveal their identity.

And probably with good reason. After all, it seems Barak and Netanyahu pulled off a major disinformation campaign here, which the IDF (in the form of Colonel Leibovitz) has to cooperate with, somewhat unwillingly. They took us to a false war against the Gaza Strip. You can’t really blame Leibovitz: She’s a uniformed officer. She can’t contradict “senior officials [who] have already expressed themselves on the issue”.

Assuming no other reliable evidence shows up, which at the moment is doubtful, we must ask ourselves: Why did Barak and Netanyahu pull off what seems to be a major deception of the Israeli public, which puts to shame any such deception since the Abu Nidal group tried to assassinate Israel’s ambassador to Britain in 1982, Shlomo Argov. Sharon, Begin and Eitan needed a pretext to begin their war of deception in Lebanon – the bright idea of, under the guise of fighting the PLO, enthrone the friendly Maronites. When Eitan was informed that the assassins were Abu Nidal’s men, he replied with “Abu Nidal, Abu Shmidal – we need to screw the PLO.” That’s how it began.

None of the people responsible for that deception, which ended a 11-months old ceasefire and sparked 18 years of war in Lebanon, ever paid a price for it. Ehud Barak, then a young aluf­ – major general – learned the lesson well. His part in planning the war was suggesting to Sharon that the IDF will attack the Syrians as well, admitting that such a move required the hoodwinking of the public. Sharon, while impressed, rejected the suggestion.

Now it looks – again, barring new evidence – that Barak and Natanyahu are selling us another lie, one which directs fire towards the Gaza Strip. Why? This is the question they must answer. They are, after all, still working for us, not the other way around – and this is precisely the sort of a spin which calls for a board of inquiry and for the separation of Ehud Barak’s body from his seat.

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    1. It all is so convenient, what with civil protest inside Israel and September 20 looming. I cannot prove this is “another 9/11” (http://123pab.com/blog/2011/08/Israel-s-9-11.php) but it makes sense to wonder.

      The Israeli government and military have CLEARLY STATED that the attack was a false-flag (black-op).

      That is, they have said that the attack was the work of Gazans dressed like Egyptians, coming from Egypt, (and, BTW,said to be Sinai terrorists (by Egyptian sources)).

      OK, suppose it IS a BLACK-OP. Whose? Who paid for it, did the planning, did the training, etc.?

      Did Saudis plan and fund 9/11? Or was it al-Qa’eda? Or CIA? Or Mossad? who knows? who COULD know?

      We do know that on 9/11 the USA’s military neglected to challenge or shoot down the airplanes. We do know that on 8/18, the Israeli military neglected to prevent the attack.

      Conspiracy theorists of the world, unite!

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    2. Arieh

      Sorry… what war against Gaza? I seem to have missed it.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Israeli

      Yes, it does seem that the evidence is currently pointing away from a connection to Gaza. But what’s your reason for thinking Barak and Netanyahu aimed to “pull of a deception,” rather that made a mistake (assuming it was a mistake). You’ve offered none. Zero. Were the killing of Egyptian soldiers part of the deception too? Or does that not suggest there was much confusion about what was going on? And if it all was a pretext to start a war, why has no war begun, and why has Israel been so willing to accept a ceasefire so quickly? Your unsubstantiated charge seems a bit silly.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Deïr Yassin

      Thank you, Yossi. That was a great article and so was your interview on the Real News 🙂
      That “major disinformation campaign” you wrote about, started more than a century ago with the infamous “a land without a people for a people with a land”, and it has never stopped since.

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    5. annie

      amazing article. thanks. this site is vital.

      Reply to Comment
    6. annie

      sorry yossi, i realize i didn’t give you the credit you deserve. thank you.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Ben Israel

      I will repeat what I said elsewhere: There will be no major military operation in Gaza or elsewhere. This gov’t can not and will not do it. Goldstone…the Blockade on Gaza…all forms of Israeli pressure or force against Gaza has been banned by the international community and the radical Jewish Left which unfortunately has more influence than they should.
      It is KADIMAH that is demanding force be used. This is a completely cynical move on their par, they know the gov’t is in a bind, this way they can pretend to be ‘patriots’ in order to try to pull gullible ‘right-wingers’ over to them for the next election. If the gov’t were to carry out a big operation, KADIMAH would then join the chorus of international condemnation and accuse the gov’t of ruining our relations with the rest of the world. KADIMA is nothing.

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    8. Danny

      Unfortunately, the zeitgeist in Israel has always been blood for blood, even if our targets had nothing to do with the spilling of our blood. That’s the way it was in 1972, when Israel mistakenly killed innocent people, and that’s the way it is today. The Israeli public doesn’t care that there is no evidence that Gaza was involved in the Eilat attack – they want REVENGE, and NOW! This disfunctional mindset was born out of the holocaust and the calls of “never again” will Jewish blood be cheap. So Israel kills scores of people in Gaza (including children), and now sits back with its hands tied as Gaza fires back in retaliation, knowing full well that their trigger-happy generals started this fight.

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    9. Mary Hughes-Thompson

      israel needs to offer an immediate apology to the families of the innocent civilians in Gaza who have been murdered as a result of israel’s pre-emptive attack. The whole thing smells pretty fishy and one has to wonder if israel actually created the entire attack in Eilat as a pretext to kill more Palestinians.

      Reply to Comment
    10. aristeides

      Arieh – you want to find the war on Gaza? Go there. Take a stroll along the border, keeping well within Gazan territory.

      Or take a short cruise on a fishing boat.

      Take your bulletproof suit.

      Reply to Comment
    11. Koshiro

      @ Israeli
      “Yes, it does seem that the evidence is currently pointing away from a connection to Gaza. But what’s your reason for thinking Barak and Netanyahu aimed to “pull of a deception,” rather that made a mistake (assuming it was a mistake).”
      Does it really matter?
      Either Bibi&Barak really believed that randomly murdering a few Gazans they didn’t like was an adequate response to a yet-uninvestigated terrorist attack that took place hundreds of kilometers from Gaza – leading to retaliation from Gaza resulting in more Israeli dead and wounded.
      In this case they are irresponsible, panicky idiots who should be removed from office ASAP.
      Or they did not believe it but did it anyway for the distraction value.
      In that case they are lying liars who should be removed from office ASAP.

      Reply to Comment
    12. AT

      These articles are beginning to remind me of the articles right after the Fogel murders when some on the left were claiming it “isn’t possible a Palestinian could commit such an horrific crime”

      Firstly, Israel’s disproportionate response is wrong no matter where the origin of the terrorists – Gaza or not. So the whole discussion is a stupid diversion. And while the IDF is well known for misinformation campaigns, considering that they are NOT further escalating the situation, the interests here are not that great.

      The Sinai peninsula is very sparsely populated by Beduin tribes, some of whom are involved in smuggling and other “criminal” activites. But they are not known as being a hotbed of political unrest nor highly trained guerillas. The attackers were an extremely well trained and disciplined guerrilla force. The only logistical base for training and operations for such a group is Gaza. The only groups with a political motivation for this operation is in Gaza. They may have paid Beduin for smuggling help, but there is little reason to believe this is not some group from Gaza.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Igal

      This is another flamboyant act of anti-Israeli reflex without proper merit.
      IDF had intel – they even didn’t use it properly.
      Intel probably points out at PRC or one of its satellite organizations, heavily funded by Iran or other extremist group.
      I’d say the response is rather dull with respect to the retaliation of the PRC/Islamic Jihad, and now IDF is silent desperately trying to pacify Egypt’s shaky regime.
      Sure other options exist – maybe it is a brother of the Norwegian butcher…

      What’s even more funny is the “dysfunctional” note above by Danny, while Egyptians are protesting with just slightly more vigor against the lowest of the low people on earth, the Israeli’s.

      Reply to Comment
    14. eitan hajbi

      this burst of yaani sophisticated, yaani logical and purely deceptive articles after the horrible terror act is outraging. i am non zionist, i act and vote for a state with equal rights for all citizens, and for ending the occupation. but when the left makes a fool of itself and plays a binaric game of us against them, armed with conspirative clouds , it’s dangerous! it plays to the hands of the right wing, when we fail to admit and deal profoundly with complicated picture of facts, interests, dynamics, and to establish a non binaric reality concept.

      beacuse let’s face it. the clashes began with a cruel terror act, from the borders of egypt. israels respond is ofcourse questionable, but you “forgot” to tell us that when the attack from egypt happend, there where also missiles from gaza being shot on israeli cities.


      a)the fact that there were missiles and combined attacks from the egyptian bordres in the same time that there were missiles from gaza can make somebody easily believe or suspect that there was a coordination bitween several groups
      , that at least one of them was from gaza

      b)the missiles themselves (from gaza) are officialy being shot by the popular resistance groups

      c)israel didn’t use the attack to eskelate the situation. it killed leaders of the popular resistance groups that shot missiles on israel during the attack, and for almost 24 hours now is holding it’s fire back on gaza, while the popular resistance groups are still firing missiles.

      hiding and building an alternative reality by playing pseudo analitical games is not an option for the left. we have to suggest something better, we have to be brave and honest, people should count on us for being responsable and fair. in a world of right wing demagogy, religious loonitics and conspirative messiahic ideologies we should create an alternative – a real one – and not become a mirror of what we are fighting against.

      Reply to Comment
    15. There is going to be death if you have left policies or right policies. Hatred is now three generations old, on both sides. I can write from America and make up an analysis, but it would not matter. You have to deal with death in a way Americans do not, even after 9-11.
      Ben Israel’s comment on Kadimah is percptive, although I guess he is solidly on the side of the ruling coalition. While I doubt there is real evidence for the PRC (again, why clump your command in a single palce if you expect Israeli retaliation after a strike), we all want to be able to point to a perpetrator and do something. You are going to have to absorb deaths. Mourning coupled with resistence for a better internal Israeli future may work. Do not have the answers to this attack; but do not give up. Work although afraid. I bet I couldn’t do it. But you have to. I wish I had something proactive to say, but do not.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Deïr Yassin

      Eitan Hajbi has very interesting things to tell us, even twice:
      1) “when the attack from Egypt happened, there was also missiles from Gaza shot on Israeli cities”
      2) “there were missiles and combined attacks from the Egyptian borders in the same time that there were missiles from Gaza”
      How come we haven’t heard that before ??
      Or maybe Hajbi is deliberately trying to manipulate events that took place one after another, the missiles from the group whose name he doesn’t even know – Popular Resistance Committee (al-jân al-muqâwama al-sha’biyya) – only being fired AFTER the first bombing of Gaza, killing 7 persons of whom 2 were children (2 and 13 years old, the other 5 members of PRC) and as a response to those bombings.
      Eitan says he’s a non-Zionist. I wonder what he would have written, had he in fact been a Zionist 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    17. Taoist

      I don’t partake on conspiracy theories, and even though is very important to get behind this smoke-screen, it is also important to analyze the reaction of the headless chickens, I mean, Netanyahu’s gang, and the IDF.

      I have approached their reaction in other posts for other articles, and what brings me here is the obvious methodology the Israeli Security Complex uses when confronting attacks.

      So far, nothing is clear about the perps, but the PRC is already headless. The ISC has a long, very elaborated list of targets in the W.B. and Gaza, categorized in order of importance, in which factors such as media effect, and damage on the ground, military and otherwise, are factored in.

      The knee-jerk reaction of Netanyahu’s gang, civilian and military, brought to light their hastiness and thoughtlessness, when facing with the need to substantiate their claims. Their general goal to exploit the attacks all the way to the UN, running over J14, seem to have been as much a dud as the Qasam “rockets,” not much bang for the buck, but potentially lethal.

      Other factors chime in to avoid a further exploitation of the matter by the government clique, i.e. Spain declaration in favor of Palestine’s UN membership, which Netanyahu knows can be a beach head for the Palestinians to conquer Europe, as partially as that can be. But the EU door, is wide open.

      The declaration of the Arab League, terming the attack on Gaza a “war crime,” was as hard as one can expect it to come from an sclerotic and stagnated institution, and it played its role in turning the tide against Netanyahu.

      The most dramatic tug of force took place inside J14 itself, and for a moment the movement’s future (and present, and presence), hang in the balance. It looked as if Netanyahu was going to get rid of the pesky home front, but the “masses” had been sufficiently warned already about the possible actions Netanyahu’s clique could take to stop the movement on its heels, and it resisted the chauvinistic onslaught.

      That’s a measure of maturity for a movement, when is able to nip the enemy’s plans in the bud. It appears as if the danger of escalation, and further use of the Eilat event for PR and more, has failed.

      We hope.


      Reply to Comment
    18. Taoist

      Obviously, the other important factor I forgot to add (too long a post), was Egypt, and the subsequent crisis ensued after the killings of Egyptian border guards. The reaction of the Egyptian people, after months of ruling Cairo’s streets, was scary for both Israel and Egypt.

      The Israeli consulate in Alexandria was attacked, and the Israeli flag was taken down from the 20th floor of the embassy in Cairo, and replaced with an Egyptian flag.

      Jordan, the useless Quartet that doesn’t even sing, etc., contributed to create a road to return to the status quo ante. Even when the trigger-happy Barak, wants to continue his “offensive” at all cost, they have lost the momentum and the initiative, IMHO.


      Reply to Comment
    19. eitan hajbi

      hey deir yassin. you ask me how come you didn’t hear of the missiles that were shot from gaza during the combined operation against israel? well, i dont know.. but it’s a good question. considering this severe lack of information you (and the writer here) have about the case, your cocky and arrogant tone is really funny. and sad. وعلي فكرة, بعرف اسم لجان المقاومة الشعبية منيح, علي مين عم بتكبر راسك؟ فاحترم حالك قبل ما تعرف مع مين عم تحكي

      Reply to Comment
    20. eitan hajbi

      and just to save the pingpong…. here is the link to the report of the attack stages…


      and here is the relevant part ( It’s in hebrew):

      מתקפת טרור בגבול הדרום – רצף האירועים

      חוליה של כ-20 מחבלים יוצאת מרצועת עזה ומתמקמת בסיני, שם היא שוהה פרק זמן שאינו ידוע.
      החוליה, או חלקה, צולחת את קו הגבול לישראל ומקימה שני מארבים – ואולי יותר.
      סמוך לשעה 12:00 אתמול מגיע אוטובוס “אגד” בדרכו לאילת. המחבלים פותחים לעברו באש והנהג מצליח למנוע אסון גדול יותר, בנסיעה מהירה מהמקום. באירועים נפצעים כ-14 אנשים, 5 מהם במצב בינוני. חייל שהגיע לחלץ את הנוסעים נהרג מאש המחבלים. חיילים אחרים דורסים מחבל למוות.
      אחרי האוטובוס מגיע רכב פרטי, שגם לעברו בוצע ירי. באורח נס איש מיושבי הרכב, בו היו גם שני ילדים, לא נפגע.
      מעט דרומית לנקודה הראשונה, מתפוצץ מחבל מתאבד סמוך אוטובוס אחר, ריק מנוסעים. נהג האוטובוס נהרג, הרכב מידרדר ונשרף.
      לאותו המקום, מגיעה מכונית ובה ארבעה אזרחים. המכונית סופגת ירי צרורות וכל נוסעיה נהרגים.
      עוד מכונית שמגיעה למקום נפגעת מירי. גבר שהיה ברכב נהרג, אשתו לא נפצעה. מכונית אחרת נפגעת מקליעים, אך איש מיושביה לא נפגע.
      רכב צבאי שמגיע למקום עולה על מטען. כמה חיילים נפגעים.
      לאחר מספר שעות, סמוך לשעה 18:30, נורה צרור מסיני לעבר כוח צה”ל. לוחם ימ”מ פסקל אברהמי נהרג. כשעתיים לאחר מכן נורים שלושה טילי גראד לכיוון אשקלון. איש לא נפגע.

      the israeli act on gaza took place only few hours afterwards, at night.

      Reply to Comment
    21. Black

      Even Hamas claims the terrorists were affiliated with Hamas.


      According to PCHR the following terrorists were killed at Thursday:
      1- Kamal ‘Awadh Mohammed al-Nairab (Abu ‘Awadh), 43, PRC Secretary General;
      2- ‘Emad ‘Abdul Karim ‘Abdul Khaliq Hammad, 40, the leader of Nasser Saladin Brigades;
      3- ‘Emad al-Din Na’im Sayed Nasser, 46, a member of Nasser Saladin Brigades;
      4- Khaled Ibrahim Salman al-Masri, 26, a member of Nasser Saladin Brigades;
      5- Khaled Hamad Sha’at, 32, the leader of manufacturing unit of Nasser Saladin Brigades

      6- Mohammed Fayez Mahmoud ‘Enaya, 22, from the PRC, on a motorcycle
      7- Samed ‘Abdul Mo’ti ‘Aabed, 25, “activist of the Palestinian resistance” on a motorcycle
      8- Anwar Hassan Saleem, 23 and
      9- ‘Emad Fareed Abu ‘Aabda, 23, “activists of the Palestinian resistance” both on a motorcycle (Islamic Jihad)
      10- Mo’taz Bassem Quraiqe’, 29, a leader of al-Quds Brigades (the armed wing of Islamic Jihad)

      A terrorist not on the PCHR-List:

      Reply to Comment
    22. Koshiro

      @ Black
      These are the people who were killed in Gaza by the Israeli retaliation strikes, which – if you think about it – should be quite obvious.
      The identity of the Eilat attackers is still unknown.

      Reply to Comment
    23. Deïr Yassin

      @ Eitan Hajbi
      In fact my question was rhetorical. Your description of a simultaneous attack by missiles from Gaza is plain crap.
      I think it’s amazing that the Hasbara, three days after the event already starts manipulationg the chronology of events.
      The launching of missiles on Israel killing one person in Beer Sheva was a response by the Popular Resistance Committee AFTER the killing by the IDF of 5 of its members.
      And it’s not your Arabic google translation that changes anything.
      Maybe you could convince the New York Times’ readers, but here we’ve followed the events.

      I see the list of the killed in Gaza is widely circulating, and it has apparently been “adapted” by the Hasbara Central.
      Conveniently it omits the three children and the doctor.

      “Black” writes:
      “Even Hamas claims that the terrorists were affiliated with Hamas” and links to an article that says nothing so.
      This is simply an attempt to brainwash the audience by parroting from the Hasbara list.
      Black knows apparently nothing about Hamas, but none of the names on the list belonged to Hamas;
      The Nasser Saladin Brigades belong to the Populars Resistance Committee and al-Quds Brigades to Islamic Jihad). Where is Hamas involved ?
      “Blame-it-on-Hamas-blame-it-on-hamas” go the parrots in Minitrue.

      By the way, more and more informations come out about the attackers in Eilat being Egyptians. I recommend the article by Richard Silverstein that is posted above: “Bibi & Barak’s terror fraud”. it includes fresh informations from Egypt and many links.

      Reply to Comment
    24. Black

      @ Deir Yassin

      Hasbara list

      Maher Said Dalul was a member of Hamas as he is mourned on the Qassam-Website.

      Regarding the Eilat attacks there are lots of unanswered questions. Right now there is much confusion.

      Who killed whom and why?

      Arab media reports:

      Egyptian authorities have identified three of the people responsible for carrying out a terrorist attack in Israel, just north of Eilat, on Thursday, in which seven Israelis were killed, according to an Egyptian security source.

      The same source added that one of the men identified is a leader of terrorist cells in Sinai, while another is a fugitive who owns an ammunition factory.


      Or here:

      An Israeli military commander said that, after the attacks in Israel, Israeli and Egyptian security forces killed four of the militants on the Egyptian side of the border, which north and south Sinai officials denied.
      The state-owned Nile Television reported on Friday that two “unidentified Egyptians” died in the same incident that killed the three policemen.

      It was not immediately clear whether the unidentified men were assailants. Police and military dead are usually identified within hours and there were likely no bystanders in the remote border area where the incident occurred.

      Reply to Comment
    25. eitan hajbi

      wow deir yassin. pretty lame, my friend. very lame. the fact, so i see, is that you really don’t care about the truth, so things are worst than i thought. and no, my arabic is not a google translation, my friend, i afraid not. the fact you claim this only proves that you don’t know arabic, and that you have loads of stupit pride, but not much to suggest in terms of a real dialog.too bad. and the bare truth, simple fact, stays: 3 garad missiles were shot from gaza towards ashqelon hours before the israeli attack in gaza.

      Reply to Comment
    26. Deïr Yassin

      @ Black
      This is just amazing.
      You start out with the list containing 10 of the 14 killed during the strike on Gaza (omitting the doctor Munther Quraiqe, and the three kids) stating that Hamas claims “the terrorists were affiliated with Hamas” (your post Tuesday Aug 25, 12:55 am) and when I state that NONE of these people were members of Hamas and that Hamas doesn’t claim so, you come up with another name, Maher Said Dalul, who is NOT on your list.
      Maher Said Dalul, a doctor, was killed at home turning on a generator THE DAY BEFORE the attack in Eilat and the bombing of Gaza, and his death has absolutely nothing to do with this.
      That the Qassam website mourns his death does not mean he was a member of Hamas, they don’t state so, they mourn ALL martyrs, but it’s not important anyway (just so you don’t spend you time trying to distract us with further propaganda) as his death isn’t linked to the rest.
      Do you guys make a team work ? Do your superiors think we’re brain damaged here ?
      Yes, your right, there’s a lot of confusion: your Hasbara Central is doing everything to cover up your own actions, aren’t you ?
      “Who killed whom and why”
      Well, one thing is sure, the Israeli State terrorists called the IDF didn’t wait to find out before dropping bombs on Gaza, did they ?
      You’re trying to distract attention by quoting the Al-Masry al-Youm article. The post above that I also mentioned linking to Richard Silverstein’s blog have ALL these informations and much more, but you’re maybe the person who posted exactly the same list, with exactly the same order and wording there yesterday ? It’s a small world, isn’t it ?
      The bottom line is: Israel bombed the Gaza Strip without having any proof of Palestinian implication in the Eilat attack. If they had, we’d known by now. Avital Leibiwitz, Mark Regev and the parrots here would have shown the evidence, instead you have to spew some miserable propaganda and plain lies.
      Maher Said Dalul, may his soul rest in peace. What a bunch of crap.
      Simple curiosity: are you working for Edelstein or are you just an ‘ordinary citizens defending the lies of the State’ by “idealism” ??

      Reply to Comment
    27. Black

      @ Deir Yassin

      Azzam’s Hamas obituary both Ashraf Azzam and Maher Said Dalul are mentioned. That’s a little bit confusing [an error?].


      Directly under Dalul’s(?)/Azzam’s name the website states the following: “The Mujahed martyred due to injuries sustained in Israeli air srike on 19-08-2011. He was martyred after a long bright path of jihad, hard work, struggle and sacrifice.”

      Here’s another link to Dalul’s obituary
      “Al Qassam Brigades mourns the death of Maher Dalul
      As Al Aqsa Intifada against the occupation assault on the Gaza Strip continues, Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades has its best men to be in the playground of death to defend their people from any attack by the enemy … ”


      For me “its best men” does imply he was a member of Hamas.

      Back to Eilat:
      “PRC was clearly involved, [but] they were not the brains or the brawn of the operation. They were the scouts,” the official said. “Because the PRC squawked after the operation, they became an immediate target. It is not an unjustifiable reaction.”

      Looking into the history of the PRC, they aren’t innocent civilians (with the exception of the son and perhaps the brother of one of those terrorists).

      They ‘squawked’ and made themselves a target. Being a terrorist is such a dangerous hobby, you know. It endangers ones family and neighbours. Must be mentioned somewhere in the job description.

      Hamas has lots of subcontractors of terror in Gaza. The PRC is one of them. They have cooperated with Hamas (remember Gilad Shalit?) in the past and they will do so in the future.

      Look at the so-called truce. The PFLP did not sign on. So Hamas can claim to be against the rocket fire, while allowing their partners in crime to murder innocent civilians.


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    28. Deïr Yassin

      @ Black
      Keep on spinning
      Eli Lake from The Washington Times interviewing Dore Gold from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, that’s just unbeatable stuff, isn’t it ?

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    29. This reads like a Conspiracy Theory Novel…something that Barry Chamish might write.

      You want to voice opposition to Israel defending itself, go ahead. But this conspiracy theory is plain silly.

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    30. As Larry Derfner wrote yesterday in The awful, necessary truth about Palestinian terror: “so long as we who oppose the occupation keep pretending that the Palestinians don’t have the right to resist it, we tacitly encourage Israelis to go on blindly killing and dying in defense of an unholy cause. ”
      I repeat: Israelis to go on blindly killing and dying.
      This government is responsible for the dead on both sides. Apparantly you need to go to New York to see Jews oppose these criminals in clear terms, with no social justice agenda in mind.
      Who can think there is a shred of justice in finishing off a 17 year old mentally handicapped boy and then lie about his age to make him seem like a fighter. Is this the kind of defence Israel is talking about?

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    31. Monster

      Jameel – now there’s a “conspiracy theory” when the author of this post points out that Israel is bombing the crap out of Gaza despite having ZERO evidence of Gazans being involved in Eilat?

      Do you even know what a “conspiracy theory” is, or do you just like to try to sound intelligent?

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    32. Bosko

      @Engelbert Lushitz – “The awful, necessary truth about Palestinian terror: “so long as we who oppose the occupation keep pretending that the Palestinians don’t have the right to resist it, we tacitly encourage Israelis to go on blindly killing”
      You who oppose the occupation better come up with a practical way of ending it. A way which will not only support Arab claims and considerations but one which takes Israeli issues and concerns into consideration.
      @Engelbert Lushitz – “Who can think there is a shred of justice in finishing off a 17 year old mentally handicapped boy”
      This is so typical. First justify terrorism against Israeli civilians (see above quote). Then ignore the murder of Israeli civilians, including Israeli children. And at the end point the finger of blame after Israel responds to terrorist acts.
      Such an attitude is tantamount to expecting Israel to be blackmailed by the Arab side which resorted to terrorist tactics even before there was “occupation”. Because this war did not start in 1967. it started, way before that and the Arabs started it because they resisted the notion of having a non Arab non Muslim state in the Middle East, even one one square inch of the land. Go read up on it Engelbert.

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    33. Bosko “this war did not start in 1967” You are right for once, it started in the end of the 19th century, together with Polish nationalism and German nazism. Palestinians are suffering from the last branch on the fascist tree so to speak. The others were inside Europe and have been dealt with.
      The fact you can compare resistance to occupation with the mind boggling sadism of a soldier emptying his rifle in a defenseless boy is beyond me. There are many such “incidents”. Either you want to be just as “barbaric” as your enemies, or pretend to have a higher morality, in that case you should condemn Israeli acts of terror and sadism (both IDF and settlers) as unacceptable.

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    34. aristeides

      Now it comes out that at least three of the attackers were Egyptian. I’m sure the dead in Gaza can rest easily now in their graves.

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    35. weinstein henry

      Comment deleted for violating comments policy, specifically attacking another commenter.

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    36. Dannecker

      Comment deleted for violating comments policy.

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    37. Ma’an Arabic

      reports that Israel finally struck back after the rockets never ceased during the “cease fire.”

      A drone hit a car, killing Ismail Asmar, an Islamic Jihad leader.

      This means that now 12 out of the 15 killed by Israel in Gaza were terrorists, and the three others were human shields. And a 16th, a 13 year old boy, was killed by the terrorists themselves.

      Incidentally, the child killed along with another Islamic Jihad leader is eulogized in Palestine Today, as they discuss how much he wanted to kill Jews and be a shahid. He was just turning two years old. How cute!


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    38. weinstein henry

      So “my comment is deleted for violating comments policy, specifically attacking another commenter”?
      In this case, considering a lot of comments are far most aggressive than my statirical deleted review, a lot of comments on this thread should be deleted, according to me.
      I have a question: who denounces my comment for being an attack, and did this defender of free speech asked for more (banned him!), having been previoulsy the cible of an intolerant commenter and refusing to be intimadate by such unfair tactics.

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    39. weinstein henry

      My deleted satirical review concerned this description of Zionism by Engelbert, Luisz: “It started in the end of the 19th century, together with Polish nationalism and German nazism. Palestinians are suffering from the last branch on the fascist tree so to speak”.
      What has been deleted was far less offensive than this description, and satirical.
      My dad was the last branch of his family, so to speak.

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    40. Henry, don’t be cute. You compared Engelbert unfavorably with Goebbels. Any such comments will be deleted in the future. As for Englebert’s description of Zionism, it seems empirically correct, if understandably offensive to Zionists. Attack the idea, not the man.

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    41. Well, I missed that comment. Is mr. Weinstein also offended by the fact that all extreem right wing groups that have become more and more powerful over the last years in Europe, have one thing in common: their love for Israel? And not the Israel of +972 I can assure you.

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    42. weinstein henry

      1. “Attack the idea, not the man”.
      Ok Yossi, read again the thread: some comments are cute.
      2. My dad was not Zionist, neither me; but he would have been horrified to read that “it started in the end of the 19th century, together with Polish nationalism and German nationalism” and is “the last branch on the fascist tree”.
      What do you mean by “empirically correct”?
      3. I’m not Zionist, I’m French. I’m Zionist only for those who find my comments offensive to their political intolerant views.
      Cute or not, I defend here truth and the memory of the victims of fascism and nazism in Europe, in the name of my dad and his family. That’s all I have to say on this thread, and it’s not my responsibility if a commenter chose to speak about nazism and fascism on this thread.

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    43. directrob

      This blog post clearly has hit a nerve. Still even the professional truth benders repair work cannot change its basic message. The terror attack had very little to do with Gaza and the Israeli government used the incident to kill in Gaza.

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    44. Bosko

      Modern Zionism, the one espoused by Theodore Herzl started as a reaction to European Antisemitism. Herzl witnessed the outpouring of hatred and the injustice exhibited against Dreyfus the Jewish French army officer who was unjustly accused, on trumped up charges of betraying his country. Herzl came to the conclusion that the Jews have no future in any country where they are at best a tolerated minority and are subject to periodic outpouring of hatred.
      Although his ideas were a reaction to traditional European antisemitism, the Jews in Arab countries too were subject to similar whimsical treatment. At times tolerated at other times being subjected to pogroms.
      Herzl came to the conclusion that only self determination would allow the Jewish people full lives with dignity.
      How can anyone intimate that Zionism is akin to Polish nationalism and German Nazism is beyond my imagination. Unless of coure I misunderstood what you meant Engelbert?

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    45. Deïr Yassin

      When Yossi states that it’s empirically correct to claim that Zionism is a branch on the fascist tree and Weinstein is incapable of understanding that, it’s because Weinstein is another navel gazer (actually he should open a blog with Richard Witty) who’s incapable of seeing Zionism from the victims’ point of view.

      From a Palestinian point of view Zionism IS fascism: since at least 1917 it has meant dispossession, expulsion, killing, humiliation in the name of the right for some Jewish nationalist from Eastern Europe to create a state in what most of them didn’t even believe were their “ancestral homeland”.
      And last week Zionism killed three children in Gaza. I don’t know why, I’m not sure I really want to know, I guess it’s something about “Arabs-being-subhumans-and-by-the-way-they-don’t love-their-children-the-proof-they-are-used-as-human-shields”.

      IM3AR3AL is just doing his job as a propagandist for the State of Israel which inevitably includes the “blaming the victims” part.
      Here’s an article by Allison Weir on Islam Quraiqe. She also explains how sending drones on civilian populations is some kind of a video game, a desk job mostly executed by females. Look at the picture of Islam. And if you don’t want to see his little body after being hit by an Israeli drone, don’t scroll down the article.
      May he rest in peace.

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    46. Bosko

      @Directorb – Hamas controls Gaza, right or not? Hamas does not make it a secret that it’s intention is to dismantle, the state of the Jewish people, Israel, right? Hamas makes no secret about the fact that it intends to achieve their aim by armed struggle, right? There are constant rocket attacks from Gaza, targeting Israeli civilians, right?
      To most ordinary people who have no biases, all of the above adds up to a state of war between Hamas and Israel. So by what stretch of the imagination is it written that Israel can only react and not initiate hostilities under such circumstances? War is war and either side can initiate attacks. So in the case of the Eilat attacks, Israel rightly or wrongly came to the conclusion that the attackers were from Gaza. If they were right, there is nothing more to say. If they were wrong, then so what? Any side in a war is permitted to attack it’s enemies at a time of their choice. There is nothing written in the book that says that Israel is only allowed to react to attacks and that it has to identify the specific faction who initiates the attack. Such ludicrous ideas seem to be espoused when it comes to Israel. Any other country in a similar situation would dismiss such ideas with disdain.

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    47. Bosko

      It is a myth, no, a lie, that the first Zionists who started redurning to the ancestral homeland in the late 19th century, committed acts of aggression against Arabs. They came to build. Yes, to build a homeland but they were not the first to attack Arabs. The Arabs were the ones who attacked the Jews because they had their own national aspirations. The first Jewish militia that was formed was named the Haganah which means defence.
      It is a matter of historical record that the Jews accepted the two state solution which would have allowed both sides to achieve self determination. But the Arab side was the one that rejected the idea. Not only rejected it but they rejected it by war and violence. Yet some people on this blog seem to think that the Jews had no right to fight back.

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    48. aristeides

      Bosko – Wrong. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

      Just on one point – no, there are not “constant rocket attacks from Gaza.” If there were, the occasional real rocket wouldn’t be getting all the hysterial news in the Israeli press.

      You advocate the right of Jews to defend themselves by striking back and killing innocents, but somehow don’t think this right applies to anyone else, defending themselves from Israeli acts of war.

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    49. weinstein henry

      @ Deïr Yassin
      Yossi wrote: “attack the idea, and not the man”, and not “attack the man, and not the idea”.
      @ Yossi
      So when Deïr Yassin write “Weinstein is another navel gazer”, you consider it’s a decent reply and not a personal vicious attack?
      Some of you, I suppose, have read my recent comments and maybe have noticed I’m, in short, an independent centre left thinker, so I ask you this simple question: should I stay or should I go?
      Tell me.

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