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Bombing in Jerusalem, civilians killed in Gaza, rockets on Israeli south

Is the relative calm of recent months over? 31 people were hurt when a bomb exploded near the Jerusalem Convention Center. In Gaza, Israeli attacks in recent days claimed the life of several Palestinians, while dozens rockets were launched at southern Israeli towns.

20:30 Netanyahu spoke ahead of leaving on a state visit abroad, with which he will proceed on schedule. He praised the relative quiet of the recent years, and promised to act “assertively and responsibly” to prevent further attack. This does not sound like a declaration of war, but go figure what Netanyahu sees as “responsible.”

17:41 One of the passers-by struck by the bombing in Jerusalem, a woman of 61, died of her wounds. Channel 10 reported the bomb weighed 2kg. Meanwhile, five mortar shells  struck open fields on the Israeli side of the Gaza border.  

16:30 Ynet reports on the attack in Jerusalem:

At least 25 people were hurt Wednesday afternoon after an explosive device was detonated in a phone booth near the Jerusalem Convention Center. One person sustained grave wounds in the explosion and three others were seriously hurt. Five other victims were moderately wounded and the rest sustained light injuries.
Earlier today, three rockets fired from Gaza landed in the southern city of Beersheba. One man was lightly injured. One rocket was fired on Tuesday night to Ashdod. Earlier yesterday, eight Palestinians, including two teens aged 11 and 16 and two more family member, were killed from Israeli artillery fire and air strikes. IDF later claimed that the fire was targeted at Palestinian rocket launchers, and expressed regret that Palestinians were killed.

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