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"Anybody, if they want to buy a ticket, should be allowed to do so"

Following my proposal for artists playing in Israel to insist on Palestinian attendance at their gigs, one of the reader posted this video clip, showing Dusty Springfield’s 1964 refusal to perform in front of segregated audiences in South Africa. According to her Wikipedia page, Springfield ended up being expelled from the country. She did, however, outlive Apartheid.

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    1. Dani Levi

      Like Joseph Dana’s comparison to Jewish history in Portugal , I have a problem following the argument here. Israeli Palestinians can go to any concert and/or gigs can be held in Muslim towns and villages in Israel. Also, gigs can be held in the WB, why not? why is this an issue? The head line is misleading, since anybody can buy a ticket. So the comparison to SA is misleading. This gives the impression that there are “Jew” only gigs in Israel, which does not happen.

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    2. Dimi

      Dan, the point is that West Bank and Gaza Palestinians cannot attend gigs in Jewish cities. The Palestinian minority in Israel is the exception – not the rule.

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