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'Anonymous decision maker' advocating war with Iran is Ehud Barak

The top stories in all Israeli dailies this weekend discuss a coming strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Thirty-seven percent of Israelis think President Obama would stop Iran from developing a bomb, while only 29 percent doubt it.

The front page headlines in all major daily papers in Israel deal with the increased likelihood of a war with Iran.

Yedioth Aharonoth has an important expose: the paper’s diplomatic correspondents, Nahum Barnea and Shimon Shiffer, report that Defense Minister Ehud Barak has gathered senior army generals twice (the latest meeting took place at Mossad headquarters) in order to obtain their support for a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. He met fierce opposition on both occasions; the army is very reluctant to carry out the attack in the absence of American support, it seems. “Not a single security chief supports the attack,” Barnea and Shiffer write. Yedioth’s headline declares: “Barak and Natanyahu are determined to strike Iran in the autumn.”

The pro-Netanyahu tabloid Israel Hayom claims that “Iran has speed up its effort to gain a bomb.”

Maariv has a poll according to which 37 percent of the public think that an Iranian bomb would mean “a second Holocaust.” Forty percent of the Jewish public – that’s 33 percent of the population – believes that Israel should strike the Iranian nuclear facilities on its own. Forty-one percent think that Israeli should leave the mission of stopping Iran to the United States and the international community.

More Israelis (37 percent) believe that president Obama will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb than those who think he won’t keep his promise (29 percent).

Haaretz cites a senior Israeli official speaking in favor of an Israeli attack on Iran (“Iran nuclear threat bigger than one Israel faced before Six Day War”). It’s not hard to figure out that the official is Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Ari Shavit offers a few hints to the identity of his interlocutor. (The source is “known for his sharp analytical skills”; has a piano in his living room; was at the center of decision making twice; and more.) It is also widely known that Shavit has very good relationship with Barak; and this is not the first time he has citied the same “senior source” (including a hit job on Tzipi Livni before the last elections). Even Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On wrote on her Facebook page explicitly that the source in Shavit’s article is Ehud Barak.

The daily media roundup by the 7th Eye (a media watchdog site) also states that “Shavit’s source is Barak.”

In the interview, Defense Minister Barak responds to arguments made by those opposing the attack. He tells Shavit that Israel will be able to cause considerable damage to Iran’s nuclear program, delaying it for a few years – possibly until the Iranian regime falls; he expects no American guarantee to attack the nuclear facilities next year, and he insists that Israel must attack soon and not hand the problem over to the Americans. (According to reports in the Israeli media, the IAF would not be able to cause significant damage to the Iranian nuclear program unless the attack is carried out in the coming months.) Barak says:

“Israel is a strong nation… we have good capabilities. The number of dead to be expected on the home front in the event of war with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas is less than the number of casualties in the Fourth Battalion of the Harel Brigade in 1948. But in 1948 it was clear to all that there was no choice. And that gave us national strength and resilience. If it turns out that now, too, there is no choice, we will also need that national strength. Remember that in any dimension – including in terms of preserving human life – dealing with a nuclear Iran will be much more complicated than dealing with preventing a nuclear Iran,” the official said.

The full interview is available in Hebrew here.

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    1. Philos

      Ari Shavit has become the war monger in-chief over the last half year. His latest op-ed on Syria reveals that he has succumbed to group-think, and Barak’s ideology of the villa in the jungle. I think it’s high time we point out that the only people that own villas in any jungles around the world are Colombian and Mexican drug lords…

      Reply to Comment
    2. Jack

      Finkelstein put it well awhile ago on BBC.
      ‘Hmm who should we attack today? Lebanon? Gaza? Iran? Syria’?


      We all know of course if the named states above talked so casually and openly about attacking Israel as Israel contantly does, how much outrage from EU and US they would get, apparently US nor EU have any balls to stop israeli warmongering nor wars.

      Reply to Comment
    3. weindeb

      It’s really incredible how this very tiny nation, one in daily contravention of international law, can threaten world peace and would love it if its patron/client, the United States, would blast Iran for the sake of Auld Lang Syne, or something. After all, it was the U.S. and Britain back in ’53 that destroyed a burgeoning Iranian democracy in the name of Great God Oil. So is it too much if stalwart little democratic Israel should ask its foolish big pal for such a favor?

      Reply to Comment
    4. Danny

      Barak is perhaps the most dangerous man in the world today. An ex-general who in the last few years profited mightily from his connections and whose political career is nearing its pathetic end. How fitting it would be for him to exit the stage on this “high” note. A real tour de force, if we use the musical parlance of which he is no doubt enamored. In the last few years he has shown himself to be a completely corrupt and irresponsible man who only thinks of himself and whatever remains of his career, and who would have no problem sacrificing an entire country for his own personal betterment. He has to be removed from office at all cost!

      Reply to Comment
    5. Laurent Szyster

      WTF ?

      Larry the analyst just told us that, after all, there will be not war against Iran !

      Get yourself together, guys …

      Reply to Comment
    6. ginger

      Israel loves playing the game on the other man’s turf with the other man’s money, men, and lives
      What needs to happen is for Israel to be FORBIDDEN by the international community to illegally attack Iran and for the international community to PROTECT Iran from Israel, just as it needs to protect the Palestinians from Israel
      Enough of this Israeli hoax that the Palestinians are terrorists and that’s why we had to ethnically cleanse them and set up Apartheid, enough of this ridiculous game of getting the world to attack Iran for Israel to prevent Israel from having a CIVILIAN nuclear program.
      Enough of this Israeli impunity to take bite after bite at the apple, ratcheting the US up to war one lie at a time, with no one with the intelligence or cojones to STOP them and stop them cold
      Israel is the monster and Israel is what needs to be stopped – not Palestine or Iran
      Enough of this Israeli stood-on-it’s-head setting the framework for all discussion and all frames of reference
      The Global War on Terror was the Israeli Lobbyists/Israeli-coordinated capitalizatoin on the BLOWBACK from decades of our Israeli-centric and Israeli Lobby-created US foreign policy in the Middle East. American got 911 for our insane and dangerous Pro-Israel policies (including allowing and protecting Israel while she ethnically cleansed Palestine and set up her ridiculous Apartheid carbon copy of South Africa)
      Iraq was the war we were lied into by the American Neocons (with lusty cheering on by Sharon – see his CBS news quotes) and the rest of the Israeli Lobby, including at least Mossad agent Michael Ledeen if not a Mossad operation itself (the Niger Uranium Fraud – aka the ‘Smoking Laptop of Iraq’)

      Now Israel and her Lobbyists working on the inside in the US are trying to hoax the US into a war against Iran (and even pin it on the US, with Mossad posing as CIA with Jundallah)

      Enough, enough, enough!
      It’s time to take the fight to the Israelis and clamp a NO FLY ZONE out of Israel so it CANNOT destroy the American economy with a warcrime against Iran, because I don’t TRUST Bibi enough to ‘leave it up to this neurotransmitter flux of the moment’
      Bibi is an unstable messianic, an insane historical figure the likes of which will ONLY be remembered if he successfully does what he is ranting on doing – causing a regional conflagration if not WWIII
      Your 15 minutes is UP, Bibi – good riddance. You too, Tonto

      Reply to Comment
    7. PAUL J

      Let us see if the social protest movement shifts gear with an anti “lets bomb Iran” demo…
      The streets are worryingly silent on this…
      There was an odd – albeit small – “Free Pussy Riot” demo on Rothschild on Saturday, complete with drag dress…
      Looking bleak in every sense..

      Reply to Comment