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An updated list of Israeli demands from Mahmoud Abbas

By Nir Baram

The following is an updated list of Israeli demands from Mahmoud Abbas:

Don’t resign. Fight terrorism. Speak about the Holocaust in a sad tone. Don’t speak about the Nakba. Don’t speak about 1948. Don’t support one state and “the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State.” Recognize Israel. Recognize Israel as a Jewish State. Seek the two-state solution. Join negotiations that lead nowhere. Support the two-state solution. Don’t promote a Palestinian state. Don’t start an intifada. Don’t turn to the international community on behalf of the two-state solution. Fight terror. Denounce terror. Don’t get offended when we then call you a supporter of terror. Don’t mention the right of return. Don’t go to the UN. Don’t join international treaties. Don’t declare a state. Don’t leave your office. Don’t oppose settlement blocs. Don’t dismantle the Palestinian Authority. Don’t threaten us. And stop being so uptight. See? People meet, talk, exchange opinions. What’s your problem, exactly?


Nir Baram is an Israeli novelist. His latest book in Hebrew, World Shadow, was published last year by Am Oved.

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    1. Very sad, very wise, captures the situation nearly precisely.

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    2. Danny

      That about sums it up, sadly enough.

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    3. Good, but you omitted a few big ones (which is probably inevitable for a list like this):

      “Don’t reconcile with Hamas. Don’t form a unity government with them. But don’t blame Israel for the division, either.”

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    4. Nook

      This is gold!

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    5. Ken Kelso

      Amazing speech by a young ‘Palestinian’ woman named Christy.
      The speech was at a Swedish university by a brave young Palestinian woman. She speaks out against the ‘Palestinian Authority’ and the Palestinian society in general… And she says she supports the building of the security barrier, even when it created problems for her family. She explains how Palestinian children are taught to attack Israeli soldiers and die in battle.

      She takes the hypocrisy head on and explains how twisted parts of the Palestinian society is. Please take the time to watch this… An amazing 25-minute speech. This brave woman had to flee to England because of death threats from ‘Palestinians.’

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    6. Ken Kelso

      Having a conflict is a goldmine for the PA.

      The PA is getting billions in foreign aid.
      And as long as the Palestinians remain rejectionists”, naïve leftists like Nir Baram will feel sorry for these terrorists that murder Israeli civilians and will shower them with money and resources.
      Not a bad outcome for a fake cause.

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      • Eliza

        All the more reason to dismantle the PA. Its gotta happen one day.

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    7. Ken Kelso

      Satire speech by Abbas for 972mag

      PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas stunned the Fatah Revolutionary Council on Wednesday, telling the group that he is against armed resistance and has no intention to enforce the “right of return.” He also said that he is willing to share access to Jerusalem’s holy sites with the Jews and that he is against any sort of boycott of Israel. Furthermore, he hinted that he might be able to accept a compromise formula on accepting Israel as a Jewish state.

      As his audience gaped at him in horror, the leader strode briskly out of the room saying that he had another important meeting to attend.

      But when he arrived in the Ramallah hotel where Israeli liberals eagerly gathered to hear his words, Abbas struck a more hostile tone. He shouted that “Palestinian martyrs” were the heroes of his people and that Jerusalem has always been an Islamic city since the time of the Muslim King Solomon. He said that the Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1920s and 1930s was a shining example for all Palestinian Arabs and that the Holocaust that he helped engineer was exaggerated.

      Abbas then went on to describe his meeting a few years back with Samir Kuntar, the child killer who now lives in Lebanon, and how warm a man he is. He then said that he won’t rest until every Palestinian Arab goes back to their homes in Israel and that he would never, under any circumstances, accept Israel as a Jewish state. Abu Mazen, as he is known to Palestinians, then went on to say that Jews have no rights to live anywhere in Palestine except as second-class citizens under benevolent Muslim rule.

      The audience became more uncomfortable as Mahmoud Abbas started to speak about his admiration of famous terrorist Dalal Mughrabi and how the Jewish Temples were a myth. However, Gideon Levy, covering the event for Haaretz, couldn’t stop himself from cheering throughout the speech, often shouting “You GO, Mahmoud!”

      Twenty minutes into his speech, the 79-year old Abbas looked up from his prepared text and paused. He slowly took off his glasses, cleaned them, put them back on, peered around the room and turned slightly pale. The PLO leader then quietly folded up the paper he was reading from, retrieved a different sheet of paper from another pocket, and then read the words that he had spoken earlier in the day at the Fatah Revolutionary Council meeting.

      When Abbas was done talking about his love for peace and compromise, Israeli liberals like Nir Baram broke out in wild applause, giving him a standing ovation for his wisdom and moderation

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    8. shachalnur

      Additional demands:

      Denounce your status as Occupied and Humiliated and upgrade your status to Slave like the rest of the Israeli population.

      In order to qualify for Full Eugenics Slavedom you have to:

      1. Submit all dark-skinned children to experimental bombardment of their brains with up to 25.000 times the legal limit of X-rays,paid for by the US Army.(Ringworm affair)

      2. Hundreds of your dark-skinned children will be taken away from you ,and put up for adoption benefitting sterile rich Jews,and the rest will be shipped to the US to disappear in nuclear experiments for the US Army.(Missing Yemeni children)

      3. Your dark-skinned women will be forcibly administered Depo Proveera,as a birth-control measure,to avoid you (ever ) having children again.(Ethiopean Oliem)

      4. Your children will receive more vaccines than any people on the planet.(Hisunim.com)

      5. Fluoride will be added to your drinkingwater.

      6. Your young man and women will be submitted and maimed by vaccine experiments paid for by the US Army,deemed unnecessary and damaging by the Israeli High Court.
      (700 young Israeli soldiers)

      In return you will receive free entry to the Rockefeller-museum situated,of all places on the globe, 600 meter north of the Temple Mount,constructed by,and named after the most fanatical supporter and sponsor of Adolf Hitler,trusted friend and supporter of Israel and world wide leader of the massmurdering Eugenics Control Grid.

      Since these are events most,mostly poor, new Jewish citizens of State of Shame have gone through,it would be unfair not to demand this of the Palestinians.

      Palestinians prefer their current status,I guess,and they might be right,as a longterm survival strategy.

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    9. Ken Kelso

      Shachalnur probably wants Israelis to celebrate Haj Amin Al Husseini and promote Abbas 1980s Holocaust denying book.

      Hitler’s pet dog and Palestinian NAZI leader, Hajj Amin al-Husseini

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      • shachalnur

        Hi Ken,

        I’m not too interested in Palestinians,they can and will take care of themselves.

        What 1897 Zionist Jews did and are still doing to other Jews is my issue.

        Are any of the above mentioned facts incorrect or untrue?

        If so,why don’t you debunk them with arguments and sources?

        I’m able to give you at least 3 Jewish sources for any of my claims,since these facts are undeniable,and have not been contradicted by any serious Jewish source I know of.

        There’s just deafening silence on all of them,since they neither support 1897 Zionism nor anti-Semites.

        The fact you are unaware of them, or at least you act as if,shows your ignorance ,and not my supposed sympathy for Palestinians or Hitler.

        Reply to Comment
    10. Samuel

      “If so,why don’t you debunk them with arguments and sources?”

      Are you kidding? You are asking Ken to debunk YOUR crazy assertions? You have not produced a single link to your own sources even though I have been asking you many times for such links.

      I suspect the reason why YOU are so shy about it is because your sources are from Arab, Nazi or extreme leftist propaganda sites. AND your sources don’t produce a shred of evidence to support THEIR ASSERTIONS.

      Reply to Comment
      • shachalnur


        I’ve been commenting on this site for a month or two,and I’ve given all the sources of these claims various times.

        So if you really failed to read them why not search”Ringworm affair”,”Missing Yemeni children”,”Depo Proveera for Ethiopian Jewish women”,”Fluoride in Israeli tapwater”,700 Israeli soldiers vaccine experiment”.

        You can read all about it in various Israeli newspapers and publications,and further down the search you’ll find several Jewish sources documenting these events..

        About vaccines in Israel and ,you can read the Israeli site hisunim.com.

        About Rockefeller’s connection to Eugenics and Hitler’s Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology,Human Heredity and Eugenics ,which is well documented and even Wiki has to admit it,,you can read Anton Chaitkin”Rockefeller and massmurder”

        And that the Rockefeller museum in Israel situated 600 meters north of the Temple Mount?You’re just gonna have to take my word on that one.

        Cognitive Dissonance must be real bummer.

        Reply to Comment
    11. Samuel

      You dropped names and you made assertions. You never posted any links.

      Put up or shut up Shakhalnur.

      Reply to Comment
      • Samuel

        Don’t get me wrong, Shakchalnur, using google, I found plenty of sites making the allegations that you make but they are all extremist anti Israel propaganda hate sites (Nazis, Arabs or radical leftists). Those sites just make assertions as you do and produce no shred of proof.

        So, I want you to give it your best shot. Give me a link to a site from which you draw your nonsense. I am prepared to debunk the story on that/those sites. But there is no point for me to debunk sites that I google based on your crazy assertions because you will just turn around and say that those sites are not your sources.

        So Shakhalnur. Links please, put up or shut up.

        Reply to Comment
    12. Samuel

      You see Shakhalnur, I don’t object to your claims such as mass vaccinations, flouridation of water, birth control etc …

      Such things happened for better or for worse all over the world. One can argue for or against them and there is plenty of controversy about it not just in Israel but all in many other places too.

      But you go a step further. You allege that there are sinister forces behind it and that all of Israel and all Zionists and all Ashkenazi Jews are paid up members of such sinister conspiracies designed to harm unsuspecting poor sephardi, Ethiopian and Yemeni victims. And you say more than that. You claim that Zionists helped Nazis rise to power and were responsible for the extermination of millions of Jews in Europe.

      I want you to give links to sites that you use to make those allegations. You do know what links are, don’t you Shakhalnur?

      Links, please, put up or shut up!

      Reply to Comment
      • shachalnur

        I thought you didn’t get it,and you not mentioning the Ringworm affair,the Missng Yemeni babies,Depo Proveera and the vaccine experiment on 700 young soldiers,is predictable,that’s Eugenics in Israel perpetrated by Jews on Jews.

        Your story is correct,besides the fact that Israeli’s “are paid up” to participate,they are slaves.

        Read Times of Israel yesterday “Povery on the rise among Holocaust survivors”.

        50.000 out of 193.000 live under the povery line.
        86% that requested assistance make less than $ 1400,60% of those under $ 830.

        Most of the Wiedergutmachung from Germany has been intercepted and stolen by the Israeli govt.

        Jews that survived the camps in WW2 were called “saboniem”(soaps) upon arrival in Israel.

        Sites run by Jews that can tell you more about my allegations are tetrahedron(Dr.Len Horowitz),Barry Chamish,Ruben Schossen(Roitov),Henry Makow(Save the males),Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and many others.

        Through these sites you will be linked to dozens of Jewish writers,scientists and investigaters.

        Good luck.

        Reply to Comment
        • shachalnur

          I forgot a dozen Orthodox sites like True Torah Jews,that can educate you on every wonderfull action of 1897 Zionists over the last century.

          Are they Nazi’s and Arabs as well?

          Reply to Comment
    13. Samuel

      Which bit of L-I-N-K-S don’t you understand Shakhalnur?

      I want you to present one or more links to prove that there is/was the type of conspiracy which you allege.

      What you are doing is using the scatter gun approach. All countries have and had all types of scandals from time to time. Israel is no exception and is not unique on that score. Mentioning them in isolation proves nothing.

      You alleged a very specific charge regarding Zionism, Hitler, Ashkenazi Jews, which I won’t repeat again, you know what I am talking about. Prove it or shut up! All you have to do is present specific links which prove or attempt to prove your allegations. The fact that you refuse to do so proves to anyone who is not a half wit that you have something to hide and that you are standing on very weak grounds.

      Put up or shut up.

      Reply to Comment
      • Samuel

        “Your story is correct,besides the fact that Israeli’s “are paid up” to participate,they are slaves”

        Hold on there. It isn’t MY story. It is YOUR story, remember? A story for which you refuse to offer a linked source to prove your allegation.

        Tell me Shakhalnur, are you confused? Or are you intent on trying to confuse others?

        Reply to Comment
        • Samuel

          I’ll say it again. No point for me to google and respond to the two dozen or so key words that you presented. Because if I would, you would just say that’s not the site that You really meant. I saw you doing exactly that to Tzutzik. You sent him on a wild goose chase.

          Give me links to the site/s that you feel prove your overall conspiracy allegations. Rather than just isolated scandals perpetrated by rogue bureaucrats.

          Remember: L-I-N-K/-S! You do know how to present links, don’t you? Of course you do. Everybody knows. Only you seem reluctant. Why?

          Reply to Comment
          • shachalnur

            I already told you I don’t know how to link,and I don’t want to know how to download,link,paste, copy,floppy and ploppy.

            Untill 3 years ago I never touched a computer,all my knowledge was from books,personal experience and first hand accounts of witness and actors.

            Besides that there are people who are and do things differently than most others,and if you can’t respect that ,that’s a problem.

            I give you sites,names of authors,names of articles,sources etc.

            If you can’t find it,that’s your problem,most people can.

            Reply to Comment
          • Samuel

            “I give you sites,names of authors,names of articles,sources etc.”

            Nonsense my man. Someone could show you how to post links it isn’t rocket science but you prefer it this way, the scatter gun approach and innuendoes.

            I’ll tell you what, you live in the Netherlands, I can do to the Netherlands what you do to Israel.

            Have you heard of the Nazi connection and Euthanasia in the Netherlands?

            What about Eugenics and mercy killings in the Netherlands?

            What about the Lockheed bribery scandals?

            What about the worldbank in the Netherlands ?

            Vaccination corruption scandal at the WHO.

            I could go on and drop more such little hintlets, dozens and dozens more. Get the drift? I could make the Dutch and the Netherlands sound positively like Dante’s inferno to those already predisposed to believe the worst about them or to other assorted idiots. Anyway, I’ll stop here with my apologies to Netherlands. I have nothing against them.

            As for you, Shakhalnur, come back when you can really substantiate your stupid conspiracy theories with concrete evidence which people can look at and verify for thenselves. Not just by innuendoes, hints and malicious rumours from dubious sources. All out of context.

            Reply to Comment
          • shachalnur

            The British and Dutch Royals are way up the pyramid.

            Right now there’s an operation going on in Holland with the help of Robert Rubinstein and Jack Abramoff,blackmailing the Dutch Government out of a few billion Dollars through “The Rusty nail”.

            The Dutch Elite is positioned just under the London Bankers,and are great executioners for the Bankers that hyjacked and enslaved Judaism and created 1897 Zionism and the State of Israel.

            I grew up right in the middle of this Elite,so I know them and know how they think..

            Roth,Rock, Warburg,Dutch and British Royals own you.

            Anybody that knows something about reality understands some of the examples you give and,so that wasn’t very impressive.

            You’re right ,it’s all rubbish,delusions and chatter.

            In case you think this site doesn’t carefully check what’s written here,you’re wrong.

            If I claim anything “weird” that is not supported by an acceptable source,it is moderated on this site,and I respect that and agree.

            But you knew that already,didn’t you.

            Maybe the people that run this site are a bit more knowledgeable than you.

            This is stuff you don’t want to know about, better look elsewhere,so you won’t notice when it hits..

            Reply to Comment
          • Samuel

            Wow, what have I started here? You better get out of the Netherlands quick smart.

            Here is an idea for you. Find a nice cozy desert island where you will live out the rest of your life before the bogey man gets you.

            Wow! You wouldn’t by any chance be suffering from a touch of paranoia, would you?

            Reply to Comment
          • shachalnur

            And The Rusty Nail is exposing a nasty pedofile network,going through several (ex)politicians all the way up to the Royal House.

            It’s mainstream news and you never heard of it.

            You haven’t got a clue,it’s almost funny.

            Reply to Comment
          • Samuel

            I heard of lots of it. Like I said scandals happen everywhere all the time.

            I just don’t interpret the various scandals like you do. To me, they are caused by individuals or isolated syndicates. Not by an all encompassing, all knowing, omnipotent international conspiracy. Do you understand the difference Shakhalnur?

            Reply to Comment
          • shachalnur

            This is not a scandal ,nor a conspiracy.

            This is bussiness as usual.

            Reply to Comment
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